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Five points of attention for the use of cooling pads in chicken coops in summer!

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In the hot summer, the chicken house simply relies on the ventilation system, which can no longer meet the cooling needs. As an efficient and environmentally friendly cooling method, the wet curtain is widely used in livestock and poultry farming. However, in the use of wet curtains, many farmers and friends have some misunderstandings, and what preparations need to be made before the wet curtains are opened? How to use the cooling pads? These questions plague many chicken farmers. In this article, we will answer them in detail.

1. Common misunderstandings in the use of cooling pads

(1) The lower the water temperature, the more obvious the cooling effect

Many farmers think that the lower the water temperature of the cooling pads, the more obvious the cooling effect. This view is obviously wrong. The cooling principle of the wet curtain is "water evaporates and absorbs heat". The water flows from top to bottom under the action of gravity, forming a water film on the surface of the corrugated fiber of the wet curtain. When the fast-flowing air passes through the wet curtain, the water in the film Water will absorb the heat in the air and then evaporate. The evaporation of water will take away a lot of heat to reduce the temperature of the air passing through the wet curtain, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. The evaporation of water is directly related to the water temperature, so in fact, the higher the water temperature, the higher the temperature. Evaporation intensifies, and the water takes away more heat. Therefore, when the wet curtain cools down in summer, normal temperature water can achieve a good cooling effect.

cooling pad

(2) The wetter the wet curtain, the more obvious the cooling effect

When the cooling pad cools down, under the action of the water pump and gravity, the water forms a wrinkled water film on the corrugated fiber surface of the cooling pad from top to bottom with a total area equivalent to 10 times the appearance area of the cooling pad, which can ensure the air and water The largest contact area of the membrane can achieve the best cooling effect. Therefore, if the cooling pad is too wet, it will cause long running water to block the pores of the cooling pad, reducing the contact area between the cooling pad and air, resulting in a decrease in cooling effect.

(3) When the cooling pads is used with the ventilation window, the temperature is more uniform and stable

Under negative pressure ventilation, a "air pressure difference" will be formed in the chicken house, and the outdoor air will quickly detour through the cooling cooling curtain, collide with the cooling curtain water film, and quickly achieve the effect of cooling. If the ventilation window is opened and the "air pressure difference" does not meet the requirements, the effect of the water film colliding with the air will decrease, and the cooling effect of the wet curtain will decrease. Therefore, if the ventilation window and the wet curtain are used at the same time, it will easily lead to insufficient "air pressure difference" in the chicken house, which will affect the cooling effect.

(4) The faster the cooling pads cools down, the better??

Although the purpose of using the cooling pad is to cool down, the faster the cooling is not the better, the cooling of the cooling pad too fast will cause the temperature in the chicken house to drop sharply, and the chickens cannot adapt, especially the chickens near the cooling pad will catch a cold The probability of such symptoms is extremely high, resulting in cold stress, so when cooling the wet curtain, it should be done step by step and wetted step by step. With the traditional wet curtain cooling system, the house temperature drops rapidly after it is turned on, and the chickens have a high risk of catching a cold.

2. Preparation before using the cooling pads

(1) It must be rinsed before use. If the wet curtain is placed for a long time, sundries, dust, etc. will block the small holes of the wet curtain, resulting in uneven distribution of water flow in the wet curtain, wind cannot penetrate the wet curtain, and the cooling and ventilation effects will decrease. The effect of cooling cannot be achieved. So the wet curtain must be rinsed before use. If it is found during use that the negative pressure in the house increases abnormally and the wetted area of the wet curtain is uneven, it means that the wet curtain is blocked and needs to be cleaned in time.

cooling pad (2)

(2) Calculate whether the area of the cooling pads is reasonable, and judge whether the setting of the wet curtain is reasonable according to the temperature in the house, the temperature difference between front and back, the health status of the front-end flock, the production index of the flock, and the behavior of the rear-end flock, and adjust it in time. 

(3) The following conditions must be met when starting to cool down with the cooling pads

①After all the longitudinal fans are turned on, the temperature of the chicken house is still higher than 28°C, and the relative humidity is lower than 70%-85%; 

②The actual temperature of the chicken house is 5°C higher than the target temperature Above

③The age of the chickens is over 30 days

④The negative pressure in the house is high, and the surface wind speed is higher than 2.5m/s, the chickens still have asthma.

3. cooling pads use skills

In the use of wet curtains, we need to master the following tips to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

① The cooperation between the wet curtain and the fan mainly depends on the external ambient temperature, the age of the chicken, the target temperature and the wind cooling effect, etc.;

②When the cooling pads is just opened and used, follow the principle of step-by-step and adapt to the process of chicken flocks. The cooling pads should always be in a state of gradually drying and wetting, so as to achieve the best effect of water vapor evaporating from the surface of the wet curtain paper;

③ When the cooling pads is turned on for the first time, some fans should be turned off first to reduce the wind speed of the wet curtain and the wind speed of the body surface, so as to avoid the stress of the chickens caused by the sudden drop in temperature;

④The cooling temperature of the wet curtain is set to be 0.5-1.5°C higher than the opening temperature of the last longitudinal fan;

⑤A wind deflector must be installed to prevent the wet and cold air from blowing directly to the chicken near the cooling pads;

⑥After using the wet curtain, it is best to maintain the range of negative pressure in the house at 1.27-2.54mm water column;

⑦ When using the cooling pads, you must pay attention to the external humidity. When the external humidity is above 80%, you need to stop using the wet curtain, increase the number of fans, etc., and increase the surface wind speed of the chickens in the house to avoid chicken heatstroke;

⑧The chicken coop maintains a good airtight performance;

⑨The circulating water storage tank should be covered and sealed, and the water should be replenished regularly and quantitatively every day to keep the water quality clean and fresh, free of weeds and small animal corpses, etc.;

⑩Pumps, wet curtains, etc. are regularly maintained, and a large number of spare water pumps, power generation diesel, etc. are prepared in advance. When the wet curtain is not in use, it is airtight, dry, clean and hygienic. Water is strictly prohibited to prevent chickens from getting cold.

chicken farm equipment (63)

In this case, it is not recommended to use water curtains:

  In rainy weather, the outside humidity reaches 100%, and the water curtain water evaporates slowly; for water vapor entering the chicken coop, the humidity in the chicken coop is too high. Heat stress index = 1.8 * temperature + 32 + relative humidity value to 155 is the critical value.

 160 Feed intake decreased, drinking water, production capacity decreased.

  More than 165, the cardiopulmonary and vascular system was damaged, and death occurred.

It can be seen from the publicity that in rainy weather, the relative humidity of the chicken house is the main factor of the heat stress index.

4. Operation steps of cooling pads opening

1. Calculate the number of fans to open the water curtain. When you first start using it, the purpose is to keep the temperature of the chicken house from rising, and remember not to drop more than 2 degrees.

2. Calculate the wind speed required to maintain the body temperature, the number of fans, and the negative pressure should not exceed 18. The general standard is that the number of fans activated should not exceed 70% of the total number. The difference between chickens in cages and cages and ground chickens is the wind speed. The maximum wind speed in the cage is 70% of the wind speed in the aisle.

3. Wet the water curtain by intermittently pumping water. For the first time, each pumping water should not exceed 1/3, and proceed to the next cycle when the evaporation is complete. The water pumping time is controlled from 1/3--1/2-- completely wet, the side window adjustment sequence is 0--1/2--completely closed, and the order of the water curtain angle is 30%--45%-- 75%--100% enter the longitudinal ventilation mode.

4. When the external humidity is high, the air can be cooled by means of water curtain and long flowing water. The cooling at this time is not evaporation and heat absorption, but the air temperature is reduced by heat conduction. The water temperature at this time should be lower. The effect is better good. This method must strictly observe the changes in the humidity of the chicken house.

chicken farm equipment (30)

5. Open the cooling pads and pay attention to several data

1. The cooling temperature of the temperature control is recommended to be lower than 28°C, and the fan is used to cool down. If it is higher than 28°C, the water curtain is used to cool down. The water evaporates very slowly, and it is generally believed that the cooling pads can lower the body temperature by 4-7 degrees.

According to your target temperature, decide how many fans to turn on. For example, 18,000 birds, 30-day-old target temperature 22, chicken house temperature 28.5, use cooling pads plan to reduce body feeling by 4 degrees, increase humidity by 1 degree, and consider wind speed to reduce by 3 degrees. Ensure that the body temperature does not change much. Therefore, in the case of a 30-day-old air-cooling coefficient of 3.5, a cross-sectional area of 50, and a fan speed of 0.194m/s, no less than 4 fans should be turned on.

2. Negative pressure: The negative pressure of the water curtain generally cannot be higher than 18. If the negative pressure is too high, high temperature dead angle will appear. Some people cannot distinguish the wind speed of the inlet wind from the wind speed of the chicken house. In a nutshell, the air inlet speed is determined by the exhaust air volume of the fan and the air inlet area, and the wind speed of the chicken house is determined by the exhaust air volume of the fan and the cross-sectional area of the chicken house. Many people think that the faster the wind speed, the higher the wind speed in the chicken house, which is not directly related.

cooling pad0

3. The wind speed of the 15cm water curtain should be between 1.78m/s and 2.2m/s. The cooling effect is not ideal if it is too small, and the evaporation is not complete if it is too fast, which will increase the humidity of the chicken house.

In short, the cooling and heatstroke prevention of chicken coops in summer is the top priority of all management. Wet curtains are more and more widely used in the management of modern chicken coops. Thinking, master the skills of using the wet curtain, to ensure nothing goes wrong.

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