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poultry farming methods

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Poultry Free-Range 

Stocking is a relatively primitive extensive feeding method, which still exists in some rural areas of our country.

Generally choose a relatively open gentle hillside or hilly land, build a simple poultry house, the chickens are free to forage during the day, feed artificially in the morning and evening, and rest in the poultry house at night. In areas with a warmer climate in the south, or in summer and autumn in the north, free-range chickens can eat some insects and grass seeds, which can save feed, and the taste of chicken and eggs is delicious, which is very popular among consumers and can be sold well. Sell good Price.

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The feeding efficiency of stocking is low, it is easy to pollute the water source, and it is not conducive to the control of diseases.

Half Barn Feeding

There are sports fields on the north and south sides or south sides of the poultry house, and the area of the sports field is generally twice the area of the poultry house.

Roosting racks should be installed in half-house feeding houses for chickens, and chickens rest on the racks at night. In winter, the ground in the house is covered with bedding materials such as straw and wheat bran, and in summer, sand can be used. The bedding should be cleaned in time to prevent moisture.

With the semi-house feeding method, the feed intake and egg production of poultry are carried out in the house, and feed troughs and laying nests are installed in the house. Poultry can freely come and go to the sports field, fully enjoy the natural light bath, which is conducive to group behavior and nursing behavior, healthy body, plump and beautiful feathers

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The stocking density of semi-house feeding is relatively low, so it can only be raised on the ground. Poultry and feces cannot be separated, and wild birds cannot be driven well, which is not conducive to the prevention of diseases.

Barn Feeding

Flat raising: ground free-range raising, online flat raising, mixed ground flat raising.

In a closed animal feeding facility, what is the purpose of the feeding system? A feeding system allows many animals to eat in a short amount of time so that they all get their day's worth of feed. The goal is to give each bird the same opportunity to eat the same amount of feed at the same time. This is the concept of any feeding system.

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Cage breeding (cage area cm2): white-shell layer > 380 medium-sized layer > 450 dwarf layer > 360

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Among these three breeding methods, cage breeding in house feeding is relatively more suitable for our "Cloud Layers", and it is more convenient in the management of laying hens and the collection of eggs. 

Moreover, cage raising improves the density of feeding and the utilization rate of the chicken house compared to flat raising on the ground. Cage breeding is convenient for mechanized management, expanding the scale of breeding to increase production, and at the same time reducing labor costs. Caged chickens are not in direct contact with feces, which reduces the chance of disease transmission and improves the utilization of feces.

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