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Things Every Beginner Should Know About Poultry Equipment

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Poultry equipment are tools or instruments that are used for purposes like hatching, brooding, housing, feeding, cleaning, and maintaining good conditions in poultry farms. Basically, small farm owners require manual equipment that will effectively fulfil their purpose but at the commercial level of production, the huge amount of birds will require more sophisticated equipment and labour with technical-know how to power them. Depending on the level of your production, there is a variety of equipment to select from.

Battery Chicken Cage

Achicken cage or a battery cage is widely used for commercial chicken farms because it saves space and feed. Moreover, the chickens are separated from the manure, so cage raising reduces the spread of disease and the risk of infection.Cage types are features of models, capacity, and cage sizes.Two models are the H type battery layer cage and the A-type battery layer cage. These are commonly used for commercial or backyard chicken farms.Chicken capacity is divided into 48, 96, 120, 128, and 160 birds per set. Both the 3 tier and 4 tier chicken cages are popular because their installation height is less than 2m, making it easier for staff to manage.Cage sizes can be customized due to varying chickens’ weight and size in different countries. For example, our A45L layer cage (4 tier, 160 bird capacity) is more popular for the African market, while our A34 layer cage (3 tier, 96 bird capacity) is suitable for customers in the Philippines.Having a suitable cage size is also essential for providing enough comfortable room so chickens can eat happily.


To sum up, the correct cage type should ensure that farmers can fully use land space and raise chickens at economical max capacity.You can tell us how many chickens you have and the ideal chicken house dimensions, then we can custom make the best solution for you.

Automatic nipple drinking line system-broiler chicken farm new equipment
1).Front part of nipple drinking system:Adjust water supplying pressure and stabilizing drinking volume,this part is usually installed in control system.Consist of:filter, pressure regulator, water meter,water pipe.

Nipples with drip up:3m/12nipples,3m/15nipples are optional Nipple type:steel stainless nipple / double sealing nipple ,Drip cup: PP material
3)Lifting and suspension system:Correct height for drinking system is very important for chicken (both higher and lower can effect chicken bone’s distortion ,it’s bad for chicken growth, and also can have some water wasting),it’s very easy to adjust drinking system’s height if use this system.
4)Water display level pipe:Use high transparency & impact resistant material, it’s sturdy and durable, and convenient to watch water level.This device with advanced design, it’s very easy to take down and clean.
5)Pressure regulator:Regulating stability, high switching performance,water supply is sufficient& equality,recoil cleaning with good cleaning result and can save time and water.
6)Doser:Can add medicine into drinking system automatically.Don’t use power, it’s economic and reliable.
Accurate, after setting, it can adjust medicine volume according to water pressure change.
Its easy to control and maintain with good corrosion resistance.


Automatic pan feeding line system-broiler chicken farm new equipment
1).Vice hopper:hot-dip double layer 275g galvanized sheet(70kg, 90kg,120kg,150kg are optional).

2).Feed bolts:Interface diameter is 45mm, including galvanized grid

3).Feed pipe:double sided galvanized layer thickness of not less than 275g/m2,diameter 45mm, 3m/pc ( 3-hole; 4-hole option)

4).Feed pan:14/16 grill feed pan, ensure enough feeding space,from day old chicks to grow up chicken are reliable,Red PP material durable, easier to attract the birds feed.

5).Control pan:Including imported feed sensor, High sensitivity

6).Suspension system:Consist of steel wire rope, nylon rope, clips,winch,pulley,etc.

7).Driving motor:Power:0.75kw/1.1kw/1.5kw, Voltage:380V/220V, or as your requirement Frequency:50hz/60hzthree phase/single phase.Max length of feed line:160m

Main feeding line system-broiler chicken farm new equipment

(1).The main feeding line system is transmit from silo or manpower hopper to the hopper of feeding system inside, control system indicates delivery system to work automatically.
(2).Feed of poultry raising farm is stored in the silo, so as to save large amount of package, and also to ensure the health of feed. Different specifications of silos are alternative to choose according to the daily consumption and the size of silo.

Material of silo consist of galvanized sheet and glass fiber reinforced plastic.(3).If you don't use silo, you can us manpower
hopper.Usually,if you just build one or two farm,we suggest you use manpower hopper instead of silo.


Automatic ventilation system-broiler chicken farm new equipment
The main parts of ventilation system is the big fan and small fan. They are controlled by the control system. The fans to run was decided by the temperature of the poultry house. Some clients choose butterfly cone fan (tunnel ventilated fans) base on local climate.


Cooling pad system-broiler chicken farm new equipment
Evaporative cooling pad system works in the condition of negative pressure, the cooling pad is installed on
one side of the wall, fan installed other side. When air flow through cooling pads, the water evaporation
absorbs a lot amount of heat. The height of cooling pad is 1.5-2.2m, length about 3m, the area of cooling
pad in chicken house is about 6-8 times than the fans.

Poultry breeding equipment automatic Feed Sensor For Chicken Farm
Design idea for broiler chicken farm new equipment installed:
Modern automatic broiler poultry house is designed according to customer's demand. Our company is very professional in designing variety of poultry house base on how many livestock you have and what size of poultry shed you want as well as what weight of chicken you want to raise to. Our team willingly help you figure out what size of poultry shed could meet your demand, and further more supply your poultry business with sufficient Automatic poultry farm equipment so as to support enough chicken raising according to your demand and our equipment is designed according to the practical chicken raising request and apply high technique skill in livestock husbandry shed so that it's realized the human intelligent management in tunnel vent broiler poultry house.

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