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How to prevent diseases when raising chickens

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It is very important to spend some time every day to observe each animal. In this way, you can find early signs of diseases, malnutrition or other problems, and take necessary preventive measures. How to prevent diseases when raising chickens

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Knowing each hen will also help you choose eggs from the best hens to hatch so that the chicken can inherit her quality.

The sale or incubation eggs should be collected in the morning and then collected at night. In this way, when the hens are sitting on it, they will not stain or rupture, and the hens will not want to hatch the eggs as many eggs in the nest. Eggs should be stored in a cool and humid place until they are sold or brooded.

In order to prevent internal and external parasites, good hygiene is necessary. Therefore, you should clean the feeder and a water drink heater every day, and you must clean the feces and insects of the chicken house and the nest. Fresh straw or dried grass are placed in the nest every week. Adding a little gray on it may help prevent parasites.

Hen house disinfection

At least twice a year, and always disinfection of houses, habitats and nests by thorough cleaning and lime cleaning.

Can use alternative disinfection methods, such as smoking, but the effect is poor. If the problem still exists in a small wooden cage or a house, it should eventually be burned and built a new house, because the parasite may be hidden in the smallest crack

Poultry should always be dust removal in dry places. If they like somewhere, you can add a little sulfur or ashes to fight the parasite. You may encounter the problem of pecking each other, but it is mainly in high -density chicken groups, or if you leave local birds in the day. The wound caused by pecking should be treated immediately to avoid killing each other in the chicken group.

It is recommended to keep your production records. This will make it easy for you to see success and problems at the early stage.

Feed and water

With the increasing development of science and technology, the breeding industry has quickly entered the modern and automatic breeding method. Automated chicken breeding lines can allow farmers to observe the growth and change of chickens at any time. One -click control control feeding. According to the age of the chicken, easily controlling feeding will not cause waste of feed. Suitable for the entire growth stage of chickens, humanized management, allowing chickens to eat comfortably and grow up healthy.

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Chicken feeder line is a kind of automated chicken feeding equipment, which is mainly adapted to feeding of meat chickens, chicken, finished chicken, etc. It is suitable for chicken -breeding methods for flattening and freezing. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation and accuracy of feeding control, which can reduce the cost of breeding and increase breeding income. Its component is composed of tower, material plates, transmission tubes, twisted dragons, motors and material sensors. Each component plays a great role.

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1.The automated feeding structure of chicken farming line is simple, the venue is small, and the assembly is simple. Little investment, good results, low cost, and high profits. A variety of specifications are selected according to the breeding conditions, which is very suitable for the use of chicken farms. Chicken raising lines can adjust the height of the disk and meet the feeding needs at different stages. It is easy to clean, and it can be used as a dietary disk.

2. The feeding design of the 5th gear of the chicken feed plate can meet the amount of food for different Japanese chickens. The material door switch can be adjusted, which is convenient, fast, and accurate. V -shaped wave pattern bottom can reduce the amount of deposit on the bottom of the plate, which is convenient for chickens to eat fresh. The edge of the disk is tilted towards the center of the disk to prevent the feed from sprinkling, causing waste, smooth and introverted outer edges, preventing the meat and chicken sac from being injured, and safely in the tower of the ingredients in the cirtue box. The volume can be designed according to the number of chicken raising.

chicken farm equipment (4)

3. Automated chicken breeding lines control the start -up closure of the entire system through the automatic electrical control box, which greatly improves the accuracy of the influence, and can quickly send the feed to each plate and ensure sufficient feed. Then realize the automation and conservation of chicken feeding. The chicken feeding line reduces the trouble of manual feeding, and also reduces the problem of slow chicken growth due to unevenness. It can increase breeding income and reduce the cost of breeding.

Chicken raising lines are best used with chicken water line.


There are many forms of the pheasant water line, such as the suspended meat chicken water line to install the roof of the chicken house, and the tap water pipes are connected below. The height of the placement can be dimmed with the size of the chicken, so that the edge of the sink can be higher than the back of the chicken, about 2 cm. This kind of meat chicken water line has a spring piston. When the sink is full of water, due to the gravity assistance, the water heater sinks, the spring stands on the piston, and the flowing water is stopped; Ascend, the water flows into the water grenade again. There is also a nipple -type meat chicken water line equipment, which is a kind of sealing anti -bacterial meat chicken water line. It can be used to get out of water with only 7 grams of thrust. The thrust water flows out. This meat chicken water line is installed at a high place, allowing the chicken to look up and drink the height of the size of the chicken, which can be installed in the cage or outside the cage.


In addition, the brewed chicken water line cup, it is a trigger drinking water cup, the cup has trigger board, and the chicken mouth is touched.

The waterline pressure regulator is an indispensable equipment for chicken, chicken, chicken, chicks, and duck farming. Its characteristics are: 1. Automatic water supply of large flows, and the design of this pressure device design has a large flow regulation of the water inlet, which is 50%higher than the currently used regulator water out. You can rotate the combination valve to the washing file. The amount of water will double the rate of flow. The water in the water line will quickly reach the end of the water line to make poultry drink water in time; 3. Automatic control to achieve automatic control, reduce labor, and reduce labor. Strong, closed water supply, clean and hygienic, stable and reliable, simple installation, and convenient use.

Supplementary feed and clean water should be supplemented at least in the early morning and evening when the chicken returned to the chicken house for overnight.

It is important to keep the feeder and water drinking heater clean, so that the infection will not spread through dirty feed and water.

Young chickens should be fed separately from adult chickens. They usually have special eating habits, and it is best not to compete with adults. It is very important to get clean water for small chicks because they are easily dying due to dehydration.

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