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What links are easily overlooked in the broiler breeding management process?

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Raising chickens is a delicate job, especially broiler chickens. They are ready for slaughter in just a few dozen days, so no mistakes are allowed during the entire breeding process. Even a single mistake in feeding management will have an impact on the final production performance, such as increased feed-to-meat ratio, substandard body weight, increased death rate, uncontrollable disease, and even being forced to slaughter in advance, etc., which will eventually lead to breeding failure directly. Affect economic benefits. Therefore, in the breeding process, it is necessary to constantly sum up experience and learn lessons. In actual operation, try to be as reasonable and accurate as possible to minimize the risk of breeding.

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How to carry out specific feeding and management? Here is a summary of some of the most easily overlooked details of raising chickens, so as to share with you.

1. Poor temperature control

There are two situations when the temperature control is not good, one is that the temperature is too low, the other is that the temperature is too high.

Under normal circumstances, it is rare for the temperature to be low, and most cases are for the temperature to be high. Many people think that it is easier to raise chickens with higher temperatures, so they raise the temperature in the brooding room to 35°C~36°C or even higher every time before entering the chickens. In fact, such a high temperature is not needed. After long-distance transportation, some chicks have shown slight dehydration symptoms. After entering the brooding room, they need a certain amount of time to adapt. It is a strong stress for the flock, which can easily cause dehydration of some chicks to become more serious. Therefore, it is recommended that before the chicks enter the brooding room, the temperature of the brooding room should be controlled at about 30°C. After all the chickens enter the house, the temperature should be gradually increased until the chickens are completely dispersed to adapt to the temperature in the brooding room. The temperature is then held constant at this level.

Of course, low temperature in the brooding room is not allowed, as it will cause severe omphalitis, white diarrhea, and poor or non-absorption of yolk in the chicks. In short, the brooding stage is very important, and poor management will affect the lifelong growth of the chickens.

2. Insufficient ventilation

Common symptoms of unreasonable ventilation include not daring to ventilate and ventilating indiscriminately. The most common thing is that the farms dare not ventilate, especially in the early stages of the breeding cycle. Many people think that the chickens are young and are afraid of catching cold, so they dare not ventilate. Or they think that the environment inside the chick house is acceptable and ventilation is not needed. But this will lay hidden dangers for later ventilation work. Don’t dare to ventilate in the early stage. If the chickens are more than 20 days old and feel that the air quality in the house is poor or the indoor temperature needs to be lowered to ventilate, if the ventilation is too large, the chickens will show discomfort, and severe colds will occur. The phenomenon. If the ventilation volume is too small and does not achieve the effect of improving air quality, the chickens will still have respiratory problems.

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There is also random ventilation, regardless of the state of the flock, just relying on one's own imagination and feeling, opening windows and turning on fans at will, such a management method is not advisable.

3. Poor humidity control

The problem of humidity is more difficult to control than ventilation. Since the current breeding equipment is more advanced, most of them are air supplied by hot air stoves. The temperature required during the brooding period is high, so the hot air stoves are constantly working, resulting in dryness and insufficient humidity in the house. This will affect the respiratory system of the chickens, especially the lungs, which are afraid of heat and dryness, so high temperature and dryness will damage the lungs, resulting in increased pneumonia and air sacculitis in the later stage. There are also some cases where the humidity is too high, especially in the winter when the chicken house is closed, the moisture cannot be discharged, and the walls and roof are covered with fine water droplets, which will cause enteritis, colibacillosis, arthritis, and staphylococcal disease in chickens. and many other diseases.

4. Over-reliance on equipment

Some farms have invested heavily and have advanced equipment, but the chickens are still poorly raised. The main reason is over-reliance on equipment and neglect of human factors. For example, ventilation, after adjusting the fans and vents, and setting the time control, I think it is in place, and I don’t often observe the status of the chickens. If the weather changes or the fans stop, it will cause the chicken coop to feel stuffy (especially It's the second half of the night) and there's a problem with the lack of air circulation. 

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Another example is feeding . Press the button and the automatic feeding machine starts slowly, which makes you feel relieved. Functional feed additives. If there is not enough to eat in some places, and there is not enough to eat in some places, it is necessary to artificially mix the material, otherwise the chickens will have different individual sizes, which will lead to the occurrence of glandular gastritis.

In addition to these two situations, there are actually many other situations, such as relying on a thermometer, relying on a negative pressure gauge, etc., which I will not go into details here. In short, while using advanced equipment, farms cannot rely entirely on equipment to be lazy. Instead, they must be more diligent to achieve foolproof feeding and management.

5. The use of medication is not reasonable enough

When it comes to medication, some people are reluctant to use it and find ways to buy cheaper medicines in order to reduce costs. Drugs can save lives if used properly, but can kill if used improperly. In breeding, we must use drugs rationally and not go to extremes. This requires reasonable arrangements based on the breeding environment, disease prevalence, the status of the chickens, and the pharmacological effects of the drugs.Instead, they must be more diligent to achieve foolproof feeding and management

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