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What are the precautions when using the incubator?

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The egg incubator refers to the equipment for artificially incubating poultry eggs.An incubator, in microbiology, is an insulated and enclosed device that provides an optimal condition of temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions required for the growth of organisms.

It is a machine that artificially simulates the motherhood of oviparous animals to turn the eggs under temperature and humidity conditions. After a certain period of time, the fertilized eggs will develop into life machines.

The size and type of incubator selected depends on the needs and future plans of each producer. Many different models are available. For continuous settings, separate incubator and hatcher units are recommended. If all eggs in the unit are at the same stage of incubation, a single unit can be used.



Locate the incubator and hatcher units indoors to protect them from major weather changes. It is essential that the room has a good ventilation system to supply plenty of fresh air. Keeping the units indoors makes it easier to maintain uniform temperature and humidity.


There are basically two types of incubators available, forced-air and still-air incubators. Forced-air incubators have fans that provide internal air circulation. The capacity of these units may be very large. The still-air incubators are usually small without fans for air circulation. Air exchange is attained by the rise and escape of warm, stale air and the entry of cooler fresh air near the base of the incubator. Recommended temperatures vary between the two incubators, so follow the manufacturer's recommendation that accompany the units.


So what are the precautions when using the incubator? The following six points tell you.


1. The incubator should be installed on the concrete floor, and the ground should be kept flat. When installing, the incubator should be slightly tilted forward (some models are backward) to facilitate the discharge of sewage during cleaning. Leave 2 to 3 meters in front of the machine door.


2. What temperature should incubator be set at? The temperature of the incubator should be kept at 20-27°C. When the temperature is higher than 27°C or lower than 20°C, consider installing air-conditioning equipment or take other measures. The humidity in the hatching room should be kept at about 50%. The room must have good ventilation conditions, and the exhaust gas from the incubator (especially the hatcher) should be led to the outside with pipes. The hatch room should be cleaned, flushed, painted and disinfected frequently.


3. After the whole egg incubator machine is installed, it is necessary to power on the test machine, check whether the temperature and humidity adjustment system is normal, and adjust the temperature according to the requirements.


It is also necessary to check whether the over-temperature and low-temperature alarm system is faulty, whether the active timing egg turning system is normal, etc. Wait for the whole egg  incubator  machine to run for 1 to 2 days, and then formally hatch after everything is normal.


4. Pay attention to observe the temperature displayed by the thermometer on the door of the egg incubator machine at any time, and check the temperature control system in time if there is any abnormality to eliminate the fault.

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5. As the age of the embryo increases, the air inlet and exhaust port should be properly opened, and all of them should be opened in the later stage to ensure the normal development of the embryo for oxygen, but should not be opened too much in the early stage, so as to avoid slow heating and waste electrical energy.


6. Pay attention to whether the egg turning angle meets the requirements and whether the timing is accurate. It is best to make all the incubators turn eggs in the same direction for easy management. Make a record every time you turn the eggs.


The above are the points that need to be paid attention to when using the egg incubator in the farm. In addition to these things, it is necessary to check whether the machine function is normal, troubleshoot, avoid leakage, and clean and disinfect the equipment after each batch of hatching.

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