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What are the advantages of broiler chicken farming?

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Is it profitable to raise broiler chickens? Broiler chickens have the characteristics of high feed remuneration, fast turnover and high profits. 

As my country's economy continues to grow rapidly, the consumer demand for chickens will continue to increase. Chickens are rich in nutrients, 

unique in flavor, cheap and good in quality. Consumption will continue to increase, and the prospects for the domestic broiler industry are relatively bright. 

So what are the costs and profits of raising broiler chickens?

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Broiler chicken breeding prospects

With the development of the global economy and the acceleration of the integration process, global chicken consumption will 

continue to grow in the future. We can foresee that broiler products will become the largest meat consumer product in most 

countries in the near future. With the rapid development of our country's economy and the continuous improvement of people's 

living standards, our country's total national demand for chicken is also gradually increasing. At present, the per capita chicken 

consumption in the United States is 44.03 kilograms, and the per capita consumption in the European Union is 19.40 kilograms. 

These are far higher than my country's per capita consumption of 9.38 kilograms. my country's broiler chicken industry still has a lot

 of room for development.

Judging from the domestic situation, because broiler chickens have the characteristics of high feed remuneration, fast turnover,

 and high profits, and with the continued rapid growth of my country's economy, the consumer demand for chicken will continue 

to increase, and chicken meat is rich in nutrients and has a unique flavor. With low price and high quality, the consumption of 

chicken will continue to increase, and the prospects of the domestic broiler industry are relatively bright.

What are the advantages of broiler chicken farming?

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1. Broiler chickens grow very fast in the early stage. Generally, the weight of hatched chicks is 40 grams. After feeding for 56 days, 

the weight is close to 2000 grams, which is 50 times the hatching weight. Some people liken the early growth rate of broiler chickens 

to a "100-meter race". Feeding and management techniques must be appropriate, otherwise it will be difficult to make up for it.

2. Short production cycle and fast turnover. Domestic broiler chickens usually reach market standards at the age of 8 weeks and weigh 

more than 1.5 kilograms. Each batch should be cleaned, disinfected and fumigated within 10-14 days after sale. It takes about 10 weeks 

to raise a batch. If the chicks are supplied in time, 5 batches can be produced in a year.

3. High feed utilization efficiency. The domestic level of feed conversion rate of broiler chickens is 2.5-2.8:1, and many countries in the 

world are close to the 2:1 level. Broiler chickens shorten the development period by increasing the early growth rate and are put on the

 market at 7 weeks of age, which can further improve the feed conversion rate.

4. High density and high utilization rate of the chicken house. Compared with laying hens, broiler chickens are quiet and inactive. Apart

from eating food and drinking water, they rarely peck. Especially in the late fattening period, due to rapid weight gain, the amount of activity 

is greatly reduced. Although the density increases as the chickens grow, because the air inside the house is less polluted, the breeding density 

can be increased as long as there are suitable ventilation conditions. Generally, the breeding density of light chicken cages is 24-32 birds/㎡, 

and that of medium-sized chickens is 20-24 birds/㎡.

5. Suitable for mechanical feeding, saving labor. Broiler chickens are raised in cages with high density. The chickens are in the cage, and it is 

convenient to feed, pick eggs, clean manure, and prevent epidemics. The use of automated production lines can improve labor efficiency.

What are the costs and profits of raising broiler chickens?


Broiler chicken breeding costs

The cost of introducing chicks: the annual average cost is about 3.5 yuan per chick.

Feed cost: Calculated based on 42 days of feeding, each animal requires approximately 5 kilograms of feed, and the feed-to-weight ratio is 

1.85:1. The total feed cost is approximately 11.4 yuan.

Other costs: The full medication cost for each chicken is 0.7 yuan, the water and electricity cost is 0.2 yuan, the coal cost is 0.1 yuan, and the

 labor cost is 0.4 yuan, which is approximately 1.4 yuan.

The total cost of all the above is approximately 16.3 yuan per bird, and the cost of 10,000 broiler chickens is 163,000 yuan.

Profit from raising broiler chickens

If a broiler chicken grows to 42 days and weighs 2.7 kilograms, the annual average per kilogram of broiler chickens is 8.0 yuan, and the sales

 revenue is 21.6 yuan per chicken. The sales revenue of 10,000 broiler chickens is 216,000 yuan.

The raising cost of each broiler chicken is 16.3 yuan, the sales revenue is 21.6 yuan, and the profit is 5.3 yuan. The profit of 10,000 broiler 

chickens is 53,000 yuan.

To recover the construction cost, 1.5 batches of broiler chickens need to be raised. If 5 to 7 batches are raised every year, with an average of 

6 batches, the construction investment can be recovered in that year, with a profit of 238,000 yuan.

Is it profitable to raise broiler chickens? From the above cost and profit analysis of raising broiler chickens, we can see that the profits of raising 

broiler chickens are still very considerable, so choosing to raise broiler chickens is still a very good project.

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