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Drinking water management Disease enters from the mouth, chicken raising must pay attention to drinking water system management

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Throughout the poultry farming process, enteric diseases such as coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis have been the main diseases affecting intestinal health and poultry performance. After poultry is infected with coccidia, the intestinal mucosa is damaged, which induces the adsorption and colonization of intestinal pathogenic microorganisms in the intestinal tract, thereby causing other diseases. Necrotizing enteritis is caused by Clostridium spp. in the intestinal tract, which produces strong toxicity. The toxin will spread throughout the body through the blood, and even cause systemic infection.


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It can be seen that the harm of these two intestinal diseases is so great. Once infected, even if the medication improves during the entire growth period, it is easy to relapse after a long time or the environment deteriorates, and permanent immunity cannot be formed. power, it is difficult to heal. It is well known that "diseases come from the mouth". In daily production, especially when the drinking water system is not well managed, biofilm will be formed on the inner wall of the water pipe and the litter will be wet, resulting in necrotic enteritis and other intestinal diseases in poultry. Therefore, in order to ensure the intestinal health of poultry, we must start from drinking water management.

01.Timed flushing water line

At present, the most widely used drinking water system is the nipple-type closed drinking water system. Although it can ensure thatdrinking water is not polluted by the environment, managers cannot directly check the cleanliness of drinking water, making it difficult to monitor water quality. When the bacteria in the drinking water adhere to the pipe wall of the drinking water system for a long time, a layer of biofilm will be formed. No matter how the drinking water is disinfected, it is difficult to remove all these bacteria. Once the bacteria attach to the tube wall, they secrete sticky substances to form a biofilm, and other pathogens will be attracted to colonize, making the biofilm a veritable culture medium for bacteria.

02.Reasonably adjust thewater pressure


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The water pressure in the nipple drinker should be evenly distributed so that the water is delivered without waste. If the water pressure is too low, the water consumption of the poultry will decrease by 20%. If the water pressure is too high, the water consumption of the poultry will not increase, but more water will be discharged from the nipple, resulting in wet litter. This will firstly produce ammonia gas, burn the poultry’s respiratory mucosa, and reduce the immune response. Secondly, the humidity of the litter is conducive to the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, especially the outbreak of coccidiosis, which will stimulate the proliferation of Clostridium in the intestinal mucosa and cause necrosis. Enteritis. Therefore, the water pressure should be adjusted regularly to ensure that the bedding is always in a fluffy state (the bedding is formed into a ball by hand, and it will break and disperse after landing), and the poultry house should be inspected regularly. Once leaking nipples are found, repair or replace them immediately.


03.Adjust the waterline height in time


As the poultry grows, the height of the waterline should be adjusted at any time. On the 1st to 2nd day of age, the height of the nipples should be at the same level as the eyes. During the brooding period, the neck of the poultry should be at a 45° angle to the waterline, and after the rearing, it should be at a 75° angle. In this way, the water from the nipples can basically flow into the poultry’s mouth instead of the water line. will leak on the litter. If the water line is too low, the birds shrink back to drink water, causing a lot of water to leak into the litter, causing bacterial diseases and coccidiosis. Conversely, if the water line is too high, many poultry will not be able to drink water, leading to dehydration, reduced feed intake, and substandard body weight. Therefore, poultry crops should be touched on time every day. When the feed in the crops is still stuck together, it means that the drinking water is insufficient, and the reason should be found out quickly.

04.Improve drinking water quality

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At a suitable temperature, the number of bacteria in drinking water can double every 20 minutes, which shows the rapid reproduction of bacteria. Generally, acidification is used to reduce the pH value of water, which can prevent digestive disorders and promote enzymatic absorption. Electrolytes can also be added to drinking water to help poultry maintain mineral balance and enhance the body's resistance and anti-stress energy. Practice has proved that without the use of antibiotics, strengthening the management of drinking water systems and maintaining comfortable and hygienic environmental conditions can promote poultry intestinal health and obtain better economic benefits.

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