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There is always a drinking fountain suitable for your pig farm

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Water is the most important and most consumed nutrient for pigs, so the cleanliness of the water and the amount of water it drinks are directly related to the growth performance and health of the animals. Unreasonable drinking fountains will cause a waste of water, which will not only increase the cost of raising pigs, but also cause excessive humidity in the pig house, affecting the health of the animals. What kind of drinking fountain is more reasonable to choose? Here we introduce you to the different drinking fountains and their pros and cons.


Nipple drinker

The nipple drinker is one of the most common drinkers in my country. It is very easy to use, which is why many pig farms choose it. When pigs drink, their mouths are placed around the water and the metal contact in the middle of the water is moved through the mouth or tongue to allow water to flow into the mouth. But this kind of drinking fountain has a disadvantage, that is, a large amount of water does not enter the pig's mouth, but flows out from both sides of the pig's mouth. If the pig house has a cement floor, the humidity in the pig house will increase sharply; if it has a slatted floor, the waste water in the pig farm will increase significantly. Nipple drinkers are the most water-wasting of all drinkers. In addition, most drinking fountains in our country are single-headed, but as pigs grow, the height of the drinking fountain needs to be adjusted to adapt to the pig's body height. The drinking fountains in some European and American countries use double-head drinking fountains, as shown in the figure below, which can reduce the workload and be more friendly to pigs and staff.

Swingable drinking fountain

The working principle of this kind of drinking fountain is similar to that of nipple drinking fountain. But the difference is that the swingable drinking fountain can move with the swing of the pig's head and limit the angle at which the pig drinks. Like other drinking systems, they need to be adjusted throughout the animal's life cycle. Studies have shown that in winter trials, water wastage was reduced by 14% compared to nipple drinkers. In addition, since this drinking fountain can swing, it is very convenient to clean.

pig water drinker

Bowl type drinking fountain

Bowl drinkers are the simplest drinking vessels. When a pig drinks water, it touches the metal contact with its mouth or nose, and the water will flow into the bowl. Therefore, it saves more water. One study showed that bowl-type drinking fountains can reduce water consumption by 25% compared to swing-type drinking fountains. In conservation showed that compared with nipple drinkers, bowl drinkers can save 17-20% of water consumption. But it also needs to constantly adjust the height as the animal grows. In addition, the biggest problem with this kind of drinking fountain is the cleanliness of the water. Because it cannot swing, the water in the bowl is difficult to drain; it may be adulterated with feed or feces, and may cause mold or bacterial growth, becoming a potential source of contamination. Therefore, this type of drinking fountain requires breeders to pay more attention to cleaning.

Dry and wet trough

Wet and dry troughs are a great way to save water. When pigs eat feed, they drink water at the same time, thereby increasing feed intake and water drinking volume; saving the animals the extra nutrient consumption required to spend energy drinking water. Compared with nipple drinkers, it can save 30% of waste. But cleanliness is its biggest problem. And for newly weaned piglets, it is sometimes difficult to get food; so this type of waterer may be better for larger pigs.

Here are four types of drinking fountains, each with its own pros and cons. You can choose the appropriate drinking fountain according to the needs of your own pig farm. But in any case, we need to clarify the real needs: sufficient drinking water, clean drinking water, and appropriate humidity in the pig house.

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