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The advantages of fully automated feeding equipment in modern poultry farms

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Poultry farm fully automated feeding equipment is the general term of special machinery, tools and internal facilities used in the process of breeding production. Poultry rearing equipment includes: heating equipment, ventilation equipment water supply equipment, feeding equipment, egg gathering equipment, dung cleaning equipment, cages, lighting equipment and so on. Automated poultry feeding equipment has these advantages: Automatic feeding, automatic water, nightsoil, wet curtain cooling, concentrated tube principle, automatic control, saving energy consumption, to reduce the artificial raising capital, greatly improve the efficiency of the aquaculture farmers, many farmers now feel gradually cannot meet the needs of their traditional feeding equipment, is gradually from the traditional farming to the automation of breeding, Aquaculture to intensive, planning, standardization development.


1.Heating equipment

As long as the purpose of heating and insulation can be achieved, electric heating, water heating, coal stove and even ondol, ondol and other heating methods can be selected, but we must pay attention to safety.


2.   Ventilation equipment

The closed hen house must be mechanically ventilated, and ventilation fans can be installed. Ventilation fans can provide sufficient circulation air to meet the needs of the hen house for oxygen. Ventilation fan can also discharge dust and moisture in the hen house, can reduce the content of harmful gas in the hen house, prevent the harmful gas in the hen house too much affect the growth and development of chickens.


 3. Water supply equipment

From the point of view of saving water and preventing bacterial contamination, nipple drinker is the most ideal water supply equipment, the advantages of nipple drinker are as follows

chicken picture ph-08

(1)   Ensure that the water is clean

The pacifier drinker is directly drinkable without leakage, just like the original container drinker, which ensures that the chickens can get clean and fresh water, eliminating the chance of waterborne diseases


(2)   Save labor

The nipple drinker is connected to a PVC pipe or water container, and there is no need to constantly check the water condition, just make sure there is water in the container.


(3)   Poultry is easy to use

Bright red/yellow/orange design, Nipple drinker can attract birds or chickens, pacifier drinking machine when pecked a drop of water, 360 degrees around the valve stem every touch can water, so that the chicken farm drinking time, labor saving, efficient, safe.


At present, it has been basically popularized in foreign countries. Whether flat or cage raised, the nipple drinker is widely used in chickens, medium chickens and large chickens.


4.  Feeding equipment


Before the main use of aquaculture trough, but trough is too shallow, easy to cause more waste of feed. To solve this problem, modern poultry farming has adopted new fully automatic feeding equipment, disc feeders (Feeder pan) designed for the harshest conditions and applications. A variety of sizes and types of feeders pan make our feeder suitable for constant feeding of crushers and screens after the primary crushing stage.



The main characteristics of feeder pan


(1)   Convenient installation, disassembly and cleaning;

(2)   feeding plate full material toughness is good, durable;

(3)   Specially designed grill tray, the number of grill is moderate, suitable for chicks of different ages, feeding tray can save feed and even raise chicks. The spacing between grilles can be easily and accurately adjusted;


(4)   The reasonable structure design of feeding plate can minimize the loss of feed;

(5)   The feeding pan is brightly colored, so that the chickens can easily see the plate and eat the feed.


looking more video

5.     Fecal cleaning equipment

General chicken farms using manual regular cleaning, large scale chicken farms can use mechanical cleaning. Poultry farms can be paved with plastic poultry slat floors, which can assist the manure cleaner/scraping system to easily clean the chicken farm. 


Plastic poultry slat floors are commonly used for chickens, geese, ducks, quail, turkeys or other birds.

Advantages of plastic slatted flooring for poultry: 


(1)   Avoid damaging chicken feet and duck/goose flippers;

(2)   Hygiene, easy to high-pressure water cleaning, keep poultry living in a clean environment.

(3)   Easy to install, poultry plastic slat floor with overlapping faucet design. Customers can install flooring in a number of different ways.

6. basket


Brood can use net board, also can use three-dimensional multilayer brood device; In addition to the flat net rearing, most of the chickens are stacked or stepped coop, and most of the farmers take 60 to 70 days of age directly transferred to the laying hen cage. Laying hens are basically caged.


7 Lighting Equipment


Common light bulbs are widely used in domestic lighting, and the development trend is to use energy-saving lamps. Many chicken farm installation timing automatic control switch, replace manual switch, ensure accurate and reliable light time.


8 Incubation Equipment



Incubation equipment: refers to the general term of the items needed in the incubation process, it includes microcomputer automatic incubator, chick machine, hatching machine accessories, incubator room special items, heating equipment, humidification equipment, and each measurement system, and so on.


9. Disinfection equipment: agricultural sprayer, air pump dosing device, etc.


10. Immunization and treatment equipment: continuous syringes, needling needles, etc.


11. Beak-breaking equipment: electric beak-breaking device, electric soldering iron, etc.


12. Weighing equipment: spring scale, steelyard, electronic scale, etc.


To create a modern chicken farm, we should not only have modern chicken equipment, but also need modern breeding ideas. Modern breeding idea includes: establish good breed consciousness, raise young to raise become equally important, take peace time management seriously, strengthen disinfection, take feed quality seriously little medication and so on. 

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