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Pig Slat Floor

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In modern pig farm, in order to keep the sanitation in the pig farm pen, improve the environment, and reduce cleaning, it is generally used to lay slatted floor on the manure ditch. The slatted floor is the ground surface with gaps in the livestock and poultry house. The gap flows into the ditch below it, and the solid feces are stepped on by animals and fall into the ditch, and the feces in the ditch are transported away by mechanical scrapers, washed away by water or flow away by gravity.

The slatted floor facilitates the collection of feces, makes the pen relatively clean and dry, helps to control diseases and parasites, and improves the sanitation and epidemic prevention conditions in the house. It can also save manpower, and the excrement and urine leak to the bottom, no matter how thick it is, it will not affect the health of the pig body.

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The biggest advantage of the composite leaking manure floor is that it has strong pressure resistance, strong load-bearing capacity, long service life and low price.

First of all, the manure leakage effect of the composite manure leakage board is good, which greatly reduces the pressure of manual manure removal, improves the environment of the pig house, facilitates cleaning and disinfection, and can effectively improve the immunity of pigs. Large farms can be equipped, suitable for retail investors.

Secondly, the composite manure board has strong compressive and load-bearing capabilities, which can be said to meet all the load-bearing needs of pig raising.

The third composite leaking manure board is cheap and has a long service life. This is unmatched by other materials.

The fourth compound leaking manure board is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, corrosion-resistant, and low maintenance cost. Environmental protection and pollution-free are the biggest features of the  leaky manure board, and the leaky manure board has little damage to the pig's skin and will not cause allergies. Corrosion resistance and anti-aging are its other major advantages, and based on this, its service life can be guaranteed for 20 years. At the same time, the cement leaking manure board is easy to maintain, and the damage under abnormal use will not be replaced, but it is convenient for farmers to maintain by themselves, which can effectively reduce losses.

Fifth, the composite leaking manure board can effectively reduce the meat-to-feed ratio. We all know that feed accounts for 60%-80% of the cost of farming, and cement leaky dung boards can reduce feed by 2%-8%, which is equivalent to a reduction of about 5%. The cost of breeding is low. For each batch of pigs sold, farmers earn 5% more money, and the profit margin is huge.

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1. The use of dung panels in the pig house can provide good ventilation, especially in the hot summer, if the indoor ventilation is insufficient, the pig house is easy to breed bacteria and affect the health of the pigs.

2. The use of pig manure boards in pig houses can provide better stability for pigs, avoid slipping and falling, and affect the healthy growth of pigs.

3. The pig manure board has been worn for a long time during use, and there will be no burrs, etc., which can effectively avoid damage to pigs.

4. Use the pig manure draining board to clean the pig house easily and worry-free. Just wash with simple water to remove the dirt on it and keep the pig house clean and hygienic.

The slats used for pigs are generally trapezoidal with a small top and a big bottom, and the corners of the holes are arc-shaped, so the pig's feet will not be damaged.

Secondly, it also has a good effect on leaking manure. Basically no manual cleaning is required. Simply rinse with water to clean. It can not only save manpower and water resources of the farm, but also effectively reduce the cost of the farm.

In addition, when purchasing pig manure panels, you must make more comparisons, choose a manufacturer with guaranteed strength and relatively complete after-sales service, and don’t buy blindly because of the cheap price.

Then, when laying the slats for pigs, it is necessary to design the laying plan in advance according to the actual use situation, and pay attention to the details during the laying process to ensure that the slats for pigs are of good quality. Performance.

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When using cement slats, carefully check whether the edges of the slats are smooth, whether they will damage the trotters, and check whether the shape of the slats is conducive to the leakage of pig manure. It is not possible to buy cement leaking dung boards and use them directly, so as not to cause harm to pigs.

Many pig farms do not have enough personnel, so a lot of feces will remain on the cement slats of the pig house, which is difficult to clean after a long time, and it is easy to damage the cement slats, shortening their service life.

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