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Pig farming requires those common equipment

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With the rise and fall of meat prices, more and more medium and large-scale farms have tasted the advantages of large-scale farming. When expanding the scale of farming, they usually choose intelligent pig farms that are easy to adjust the management mode and breeding plan. Minimize personnel expenditure, refine breeding, and realize a new breeding model of digital management.

Pig farm construction

At present, the common necessary breeding equipment for pig farms includes pig houses, pig feeding systems, defecation cleaning equipment, environmental control systems and drinking water systems.


1. Pig House equipment

Pig pens, which are divided into positioning pens, fattening pens, farrowing pens, etc. according to their functions, pig manure board, main features raw material, double load-bearing structure on the back, anti-fall and durable; pig manure board space size design of the composite board for leaking is reasonable, the corners of the holes are arc-shaped, which will not hurt the pig's trotters, and the holes are elliptical up and down, and the manure leakage effect is good; The use of pig manure board composite board allows sufficient ventilation throughout the year, reduces the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms in summer, and has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and penetration resistance. The space size design of the leaky manure board composite board is reasonable. The corners of the holes are arc-shaped, which does not hurt pig trotters. The holes are elliptical up and down. , and more importantly, to reduce the burden of handling feces. It is convenient and quick to leak manure, it is not easy to store dirt, and the friction force is improved, thereby preventing pigs from falling and being injured. Plastic has the advantage of a small temperature difference between day and night.

2. Feeding system

Feed tower, feed line, group feeder, sow feeding station and other feeding equipment. Usually, a feed storage box is installed on the top of the trough, and the feed is added every time interval, which can reduce the feeding workload. It can be fed regularly and quantitatively according to different stages of pig growth, which can save the feed to a certain extent and avoid stress reactions in pigs.

3. Defecation equipment

Blisters manure, sewage valve, manure scraper, manure dry and wet separation equipment, fermentation equipment.

4. Environmental control system

Water curtain, ventilation fan, boiler heating, roller shutter, cooling system, disinfection channel, etc.

5.Drinking water system

drinking-bowlThe working principle of the drinking bowl for pigs When the pigs drink water, the pressure plate is arched, and the pressure plate pushes the water outlet valve, and the water flows into the water cup from the water pipe for the pigs to drink. The benefit of using drinking bowls for pigs is the pig drinking bowls can make the water level obvious. Pigs can clearly see the water and can drink as much as they want. The pig drinking bowl saves water: experiments have shown that it can save more than 30% of water, reducing the pressure of sewage discharge and sewage treatment. The pig drinking bowl can effectively prevent the drinking fountain from scratching the pigs and avoid trauma to the piglets.

6. Food troughs and water troughs

When raising pigs, food troughs and water troughs are equipment that must be installed. Before each pigpen, food troughs and water troughs need to be installed to provide food and drinking water to the pigs. The trough can choose a ring feeding device, which can recycle the food left by the pigs to avoid waste. When installing the sink, you can choose a duckbill drinker or a cup drinker.

7. Warming equipment

When raising pigs, it is also necessary to install thermal insulation facilities above the pig house. A heater or a hot air stove can be installed to keep the temperature of the pig house constant. Local heating equipment can also be installed in the pig house, and infrared heat preservation lamps can be installed where heating is desired.

8. Ventilation equipment

When raising pigs, it is also necessary to install ventilation equipment on the top of the pig house, which can ventilate the pig house and avoid high concentrations of harmful gases in the air.

9. Disinfection equipment

The commonly used on-site cleaning and disinfection equipment in pig farms are high-pressure cleaners, flame disinfection and knapsack sprayers. The best effect is achieved when the flame sterilizer is used in conjunction with drug sterilization. After sterilizing with the drug first, then sterilizing with the flame sterilizer, the sterilization can reach more than 95%.

10. Cleaning equipment

In modern pig farms, manure leakage floors are generally laid on the manure and urine ditch. After the pigs defecate and urinate on the manure leakage floor, the urine flows into the manure ditch with the gap, and the manure falls on the manure leakage floor. After being stepped on, it automatically falls into the manure below. To avoid contact between pigs and feces, it is beneficial to prevent and reduce the occurrence of epidemic diseases.

11. Other equipment

Breeding pig measuring station, breeding tools, pregnancy detection tools, B-ultrasound, laboratory equipment, pig marking devices, pig farm management software.

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