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Introduction to the installation height and quantity of drinking bowls for pigs

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Pig drinking water bowls are indispensable for pig farms. Modern pig farms need a lot of drinking water, and pigs can drink enough clean water at any time. A growing pig needs to drink 812L of water a day and night, 1418L for pregnant sows, 1822L for lactating sows; the daily water requirement per kg body weight of one-week-old piglets is about 180240g, and the water requirement per kg body weight of four-week-old piglets is 190255g.

The drinking bowl for pigs is composed of a water cup and a spring valve mechanism. When the pigs drink water, the pressing plate is arched, and the pressing plate pushes the water outlet valve, and the water flows into the water cup from the water pipe for the pigs to drink. The drinking water bowl for pigs has good sealing performance, the pressure decreases when the water flows out, and the flow rate is low, which meets the drinking water requirements of pigs


Drinking bowl for pigs: the sow water bowl is made of cast iron and stainless steel spout, and the piglet water bowl is made of plastic and stainless steel spout, which is easy to use, saves water and is not easy to waste.

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Advantages of drinking bowls for pigs

1. It is mainly suitable for nursery beds,farrowing beds, and fattening pigs. It can save water, avoid polluting feed, and keep pig houses clean.

2. Made of 304 stainless steel, fixed with 2 holes to avoid water overflow

3. It can effectively prevent the metal drinking fountain from scratching the pig's mouth and avoid the trauma infection.

4. The drinking water bowl for pigsobviously saves more than 30% of water, which is beneficial to reduce the sewage discharge of the farm.

5. You can put some medicine in the drinking water to achieve the effect of saving medicine.


The water bowl can automatically adjust the water output. The position of the water spout is lower, and the pig can discharge water by arching the spout. Generally, compared with ordinary drinker bowls, the water level line is lower than the height of the edge of the water bowl. When drinking to a certain level, you will go to the water mouth again, otherwise the water will flood the pig's nose, making the pig unable to breathe. The price of stainless steel environmental protection water bowls is higher than other drinking fountains, and it is mainly installed according to the age of pigs.


Instructions for using drinking bowls with pigs in different periods:


Drinking bowls with a diameter of 155mm are mainly used for nursery pigs; drinking bowls with a diameter of 180mm are mainly used for fattening pigs; drinking bowls with a diameter of 215mm are mainly used for fattening pigs and sows; drinking bowls with a diameter of 260mm are mainly used for sows and breeding pigs weighing more than 300 catties Use; the installation quantity and height of stainless steel drinking bowls for pigs directly affect the effect of using. When many pig farmers use stainless steel drinking bowls for the first time, they are confused about how many pigs can use a water bowl and how high the installation should be. Let's just briefly introduce it in this article.


1. Number of drinking bowls installed

Sufficient drinking water can improve the feed conversion rate and improve the breeding efficiency of pig farms. Insufficient drinking water will lead to a decrease in the feed intake and various intestinal diseases. The number of water bowls installed should be determined by  the number of pigs. Generally, when pigs are raised in large pens,  drinking bowl needs to be installed for every 8-10 pigs. If the number of pigs is more than 10, it is recommended installing 2 automatic drinking fountains. And the installation height is appropriate.


2. Installation height of drinking water bowl

The height of the drinking bowl from the ground is not the best size, because the height of the pigs is not the same, the fattening pen can set up two water bowls with different heights, and the piglets that have just entered the pen should use the shorter one. It is recommended that the mouth of the bowl should be 20 -25 cm, the installation height of the big pig is 30-35 cm from the ground, and the water bowl of the sow is 40-60 cm from the ground. The above data are for reference only, and the farmer can determine it according to the specific conditions of the pig house.


3. Advantages of drinking bowls

Compared with other drinkers, the stainless steel drinking water bowl for pigs is more water-saving, which can satisfy the pigs to drink enough water and reduce the amount of sewage in the pig house. The drinking water bowl for pigs has a large water storage capacity, and the pigs can clearly see the water to ensure sufficient drinking water; relevant tests have proved , compared with ordinary drinker bowls, it can save more than 80% of water, reducing the pressure of sewage discharge and sewage treatment.


Kind tips

Pig house drinking fountains should not be installed in the corner of the pen. Because pigs like to defecate in the corner of the pen, if the drinking fountain is also installed here, it will speed up the spoilage of the feces. The ideal installation location should be close to the trough. The location of two drinking fountains in the same pen should not be too far apart. If it is too far away, one of the drinkers will be out of service for a long time, and the sanitation will be poor, which will pose a threat to the health of the pig herd.

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