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How to choose a negative pressure fan?

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How to choose a negative pressure fan: A good negative pressure fan has a large air volume, is relatively stable in energy saving, and can be used for 20 years 

without any problems.

Faced with a wide variety of negative pressure fans, look at the following aspects:


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1. Distinguish from the outer frame material: FRP fiberglass (glass fiber reinforced plastic), galvanized sheet, plastic steel;

Galvanized sheet negative pressure fans are made of galvanized iron sheets (commonly known as tinplate) and are the most common negative pressure fans on the market. 

Because they are affordable, many manufacturers choose negative pressure fans made of this material; but this negative pressure The fan has a short service life;

Negative pressure fan made of plastic steel: currently rarely used on the market;

FRP fiberglass negative pressure fan: FRP is fiber reinforced plastic


FRP characteristics: (1) Lightweight and high strength. (2) Good corrosion resistance. It has good resistance to the atmosphere, water, general concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, 

and a variety of oils and solvents. (3) Good electrical performance. Excellent insulating material, used to make insulators. Good dielectric properties can still be protected at high 

frequencies. Microwave permeability is good. (4) Good thermal performance. FRP has low thermal conductivity, is not easy to deform, and is resistant to fire.

Due to the above characteristics of FRP, the negative pressure fan made of FRP is resistant to high temperatures, acid and alkali, is light and stable, and has a longer service life;

2. Transmission mode: The transmission mode of negative pressure fan is divided into direct type and belt type.

From the perspective of this transmission method, the transmission method affects the air volume, noise, and maintenance of the fan; direct type is better;

1. The blades of the direct negative pressure fan are directly installed on the motor, which reduces the power loss caused by transmission. For fans with the same power, the air 

volume of the direct negative pressure fan is about 10% greater than that of the belt type; the belt type negative pressure fan The compressor belt will loosen after being used 

for a long time, and the air volume of the fan will decrease significantly after loosening.

2. The direct type has no noise caused by belt friction; the belt type requires maintenance. Generally, the fan belt can be used for two years (imported), and a small amount can 

only be used for one year, especially when replacing the negative pressure fan installed at high altitude. It’s also more difficult.

3. Motor: The motor is the heart of the negative pressure fan. Belt-type motors are generally ordinary motors (except for some manufacturers that match special motors, Litong 

Ventilation has its own special motor for negative pressure fans); while direct motors are 12-pole dedicated to negative pressure fans with a dustproof and waterproof rating of 

IP55 or above. Aluminum shell motor;

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4. Fan blades: The fan blades of negative pressure fans are divided into: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy sand casting, aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, nylon 

plus iron, etc. The different materials of the fan blades depend on the place where they are used. Commonly used fan blades are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy 

sand foundry blades. The fan blades formed by aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting are resistant to high temperatures and are relatively stable and difficult to deform and break

due to the characteristics of the material; nylon-iron fan blades are used in acid and alkali places, and are usually corrosive in electroplating plants.

Routine maintenance and troubleshooting of negative pressure fans: No matter it is any product, it needs care and maintenance during use, so that the service life of the product 

can be extended and it is not prone to failure. Of course, Litong Ventilation's negative pressure fan is no exception. Although the quality of Litong ventilation fans comes first, good

 things must be used properly and taken care of in order to achieve the best results. Litong ventilation fans are certainly no exception.

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