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Classification and advantages and disadvantages of feed towers used in modern pig farms

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With the continuous rise of large-scale pig farms, feed towers have become an indispensable equipment for pig farms. Common feed towers are divided into galvanized sheet feed towers and fiberglass feed towers. The effects of the two materials are also different. Let’s understand together!


Galvanized sheet tower:

1. The wall plate of the galvanized sheet tower can prolong the service life after electroplating treatment, and it will also have a certain anti-corrosion effect when exposed to the external environment;

2. The screws are high-strength hot-dip galvanized bolts, sealed with cement, which can effectively prevent the entry of external water vapor and pollutants;

3. The bottom of the material tower is a funnel design, and the installation of a diverter can avoid feed blockage;

4. The side ladder will be welded on the outside of the material tower, so that personnel can go to the top to observe the feed, or maintain the situation;


feeder tower

FRP material tower

1. The material tower is made of fiberglass, which has good windproof and waterproof effects;

2. It is opaque, which can avoid direct sunlight from the outside and maintain a constant temperature inside the material tower;

3. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, durable;

4. The inner wall is smooth without residue;

5. The disadvantage is that the cost is too high.

feeder tower1


When choosing a material tower, you need to check the perspective window. If there is no or too small perspective window, it is impossible to judge the stocking situation in the material tower; and you must also be able to see the feeding situation of the material tower at any time, especially the daily and weekly feed. Let the farmers know the progress of the feed.


There are also requirements for the material of the feed tower. The material is not easy to rust, and at the same time, rainwater cannot enter to avoid waste of feed deterioration. Our material tower is a material storage management system. Users can freely arrange the purchase quantity and placement of intelligent material towers according to the actual situation of their company (product category, daily output, number of production lines, etc.). Intelligent material tower is a material tower intelligent weighing system tailored for large-scale farming.


Pain points of traditional farming

1. There are many links of feed waste and large blind spots (feed accounts for 70% of the cost of breeding)

2. Large-scale farming lacks feed data support for a long time (nutrition, food, feed-to-meat ratio)

3. The operation cost of traditional weighing equipment is high (the cost of manual weight calibration on site)

4. The stability of traditional equipment decreases over time (lack of calibration, accuracy decreases). The feed circulation process of large farms is complicated, and many business needs cannot be supported by equipment.

5. Blind spots in communication between farms and feed mills, poor business coordination (low efficiency, many errors and omissions)


What traditional farming pain points are solved by the feed tower function:

1. Weighing: high precision, long-term stability, no calibration cost

2. Intelligent algorithm: balancing algorithm, filtering algorithm, tracking algorithm, temperature compensation algorithm, calibration algorithm, detection algorithm

3. Data analysis: feeding and discharging identification, safe inventory warning, data monitoring, automatic feeding, feed utilization analysis

4. Feed circulation: complex feed circulation business management for large farms and self-feeding farms

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