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Commonly Used Automatic Husbandry Breeding Equipment In Chicken Farms

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1. Automatic Feeding System Equipment

According to the different feed intake of caged chickens of different ages, the automatic feeding system equipment is designed to adjust the feeding size, and the uniform feeding device is adopted to spread the feed to the trough to realize automatic and uniform feeding. The automatic feeding system equipment avoids the scattering caused by artificial feeding, saving feed and labor.

feeder pan

This feeder can be used for flat breeding. It consists of a hopper, a feeding pipe, a auger, a feeding tray, a lifting device, a motor, and a sensor. The conveying switch of the motor achieves the purpose of automatic feeding, the main features of broiler feeding pan; feeding system for free range chickens

1. The material door switch can adjust the discharge amount, and the adjustment method is convenient, fast and accurate;

2. The V-shaped corrugated pan bottom can reduce the stock of materials at the bottom of the pan, which is convenient for chickens to eat fresh;

3. The edge of the feeding pan is inclined to the center of the pan, so as not to spill the feed and cause waste;

4. Smooth the inwardly inclined outer edge to prevent the broiler from being injured and to eat safely and comfortably.

The chicken feeding line feeder can avoid the dust in the chicken house, which will cause great pollution to the chicken house. Causes feed dust to contaminate chickens

2. Automatic Drinking water temperature control equipment

drinking line

Drinking water and temperature control equipment are also very important in chicken breeding.If chickens want to grow normally, they have certain requirements for temperature, especially chicks, which is more sensitive to temperature. This means that when raising chickens, there must be heating systemand cooling & ventilation equipment in the chicken farm. Secondly, the survival of chickens is inseparable from water, and drinking equipment is also essential. The common automatic drinking system equipment is a sink or a hanging tray with nipple drinker. If conditions permit,  automatic nipple drinkers can also be used.

It consists of a waterline front-end; drinking nipple drinkers with cups;Pressure regulator; dosing device ;water winch,and other related products,to achieve the purpose of automatic drinking.

3. Manure cleaning equipment


In the process of chicken breeding, it is also necessary to pay special attention to the management of the breeding environment, and the manure produced by chickens is one of them. For family breeding, the number of feeding is small, and it can be done manually by using a manure shovel, but for small-scale breeding For farms and professional farmers, the use of manual labor will waste time and the labor intensity is too large, so it is necessary to configure a corresponding manure scraper.

The above is the automatic chicken breeding equipment that farmers need when breeding chickens. For the selection of breeding equipment, chicken farmers should make reasonable choices according to the chicken species they breed and the size of the farm, so as to better breed chickens and bring about higher breeding benefits.


Then, with the continuous development of industrialization and the continuous innovation and updating of equipment, automatic breeding system equipment has also been applied in the farm, and chicken drinking fountains are one of them. Because of the advantages of automatic equipment, it is used in the vast number of farms, so what are the advantages of automatic chicken breeding equipment?

1. High production efficiency

(1) The work efficiency of managers is high

(2) The work of the managers is very easy: the average time for the managers to enter the field is no more than 1 hour per day.


2. Realize a high degree of automation control of the entire production process

(1) Automatic feeding equipment realizes automatic feeding: the whole system adopts automatic feeding device of storage tower + automatic feeding+ automatic identification, which realizes complete automatic feeding.

(2) Automatic management of automatic chicken breeding equipment: through the central control of the computer system settings, the automatic management of temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting, roller shutters, etc. In the house is realized.

(3) The automatic breeding equipment realizes automatic alarm: the farm is equipped with an automatic alarm system controlled by a computer, and the computer will automatically alarm if there is any problem.

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