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Can chickens be 2 eggs a day?

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Chicken can sometimes produce two eggs a day, and this situation does not often happen. It takes 24 hours in the chicken to form a brand new egg. But sometimes, a small accident may produce a second egg in this process.

To understand how this is possible, we need to know how the formation of eggs in the chicken is carried out.

Let us browse the wonders of nature quickly.

Egg Factory

It takes about 24 hours from ovulation to egg production. The chicken's body has a small factory that makes eggs, that is, the fallopian tube. Each egg experiences the same process one by one.

When the chicks are old, there are already 10,000 mini eggs in its body, called oval. Some of these mini eggs began to grow into egg yolk, one at a time. Each egg hen has multiple egg yolks, which can produce eggs at any time.


When egg yolk starts to form eggs, it will go through several stages:

1. Fighting department capture egg yolk and passes it to the bulging major

2. In the bulge, the formation of protein takes about 3 hours

3. In the gorge, the eggs form a protective film, which takes about an hour

4. Then in the uterus, the eggshell forms and changes color; it takes about 20 hours

There is no way to "accelerate" the process. Chicken without super genius can lay eggs at two times. So the problem still exists.

nesting box pads

How can a chicken be two eggs a day?

There are three possible ways to produce two eggs within 24 hours: there are three possible ways:

1. If a egg is stuck in the uterus until the next egg arrives

2. If the ovary releases two eggs at the same time

3. If the first egg takes longer to develop, and the second egg will "catch up"

There are things to say about these three situations.

Scene 1: The first egg is stuck in

In the first case, the first egg will go through the normal construction process, but it will be stuck in the uterus for several hours. This allows the second egg to build and catch up with the first egg.


It is not uncommon for hens to postpone egg production. Any stress may cause eggs.

Pressure may occur in many cases, such as:

When a chicken enters a new chicken group

When the rooster attacks the hens excessively

If predator attack occurs

When chickens do not have enough space

How do you know if this is in this situation? Because the first egg was stuck, the hen would not have eggs the day before the two eggs. Therefore, when you see your chicken suddenly two eggs every day, it is usually paused for a day. But what if the eggs do not have a rest day? What if she gave birth to an egg the day before? Then let's take a look at the second situation.

Scenario 2: The ovary releases two yolk at the same time

In the second case, the ovary releases two eggs at the same time. At the same time, the complete cycle of two egg yolks began. Usually, this will produce double yellow eggs. Two egg yolks are very common, especially for young hens who are not yet mature in reproductive systems. Their hormones have not fully balanced.

But in this case, the uterus will form two completely different shells around each yolk, thereby forming two eggs at the same time. This process takes about 20 hours, and I do n’t know how these eggs need to be completely separated without affecting each other. This is quite amazing.


This has left us the last possible situation.

Scene 3: The second egg catch up with the first egg

The formation of eggs requires about 24 hours. However, there are some differences in the schedule of each step in the process. This does not mean that the chicken has an internal stopwatch, and each egg is generated in a completely the same time. It's like driving in transportation. Sometimes you encounter a red light, and it takes longer to reach the destination. But sometimes, everything will be green, and things go smoothly. If the first egg is generated at a standard speed, the second egg yolk is quickly released and through the fallopian tube, just like the ninja warrior breaks all the records, it may catch up with the first egg for the first egg.

More and more people report that double yellow eggs and chickens produce two eggs a day. As early as 1976, the researchers reported that the double yellow eggs of Bailai Cocks increased. For decades, breeders have been selecting the best egg -making hens. The genetic tendency to release two egg yolks at the same time may be more favored than other chickens because they can produce more eggs. On the other hand, selective breeding also led to a reduction in abnormal eggs or egg production models. Due to the obvious commercial interests, the poultry industry is very interested in choosing hens who can give more than one more egg every day. At present, people still guess why more chickens can add two eggs a day. For researchers, investigations are also very difficult because double eggs are very rare.


egg tray

One chicken can produce two eggs a day. This is not common, and of course it does not happen every day. In most cases, a chicken only produces one egg or less every day. No super chicken or variety can optimize the egg production process. This is actually the result of some abnormalities in the manufacturing process. The most likely situation is:

The first egg was stuck in the uterus, causing the second egg to catch up. Eggs may be the result of stress. In this case, the day before was the egg suspension.

The ovary releases two eggs at the same time. What is produced in the uterus is not a large double yellow egg, but two separate eggs. Two egg yolks are common among young hens who are still mature in hormones.

Therefore, next time you find extra eggs, you may accidentally discover one of the quirks of nature. Just make sure your chicken is not in any pressure.

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