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Brief introduction of pig farm equipment

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The five major pig raising equipment commonly used in modern pig farms are feeding equipment, manure equipment, environmental control equipment, hardware equipment, etc. What supporting equipment are these equipment composed of?

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01. Feeding equipment

Feeding equipment mainly includes feeding towers, feeding line pipes, dry-wet separation troughs, sow feeding troughs, sow feeding stations, etc.

02. Manure equipment

Manure equipment mainly includes blister manure, sewage valve, manure scraper, manure separation equipment and fermentation equipment.

03. Environmental control equipment

Environmental control equipment mainly includes water curtains, fans, heating equipment, disinfection equipment, ventilation equipment, etc.

04. Other equipment

Other equipment mainly includes: positioning pens, fattening pens, farrowing pens, nursery pens, drinking water equipment, leaking manure boards, dry and wet feeders, intelligent feeders, etc.

Of course, the pig farm will also be equipped with breeding pig testing stations, breeding tools, pregnancy testing tools, B-ultrasound machines, ear tags, monitoring systems, etc.


Due to the advanced pig raising equipment, the pig farms carry out solid-liquid separation-anaerobic treatment-biogas system treatment on the sewage, the sewage is almost zero discharge, and there are no breeding conditions for mosquitoes and flies. The pig house does not have the unpleasant smell of ordinary pig farms. , without the sight of swarms of flies.

The pig farm is equipped with advanced pig raising equipment such as elevated delivery bed, positioning bar, slatted floor, automatic trough, automatic drinking fountain, online nursery facilities, and advanced insulation and ventilation facilities.

Design principles of pig raising equipment:

The key to raising pigs is to avoid biting each other in the early stage of group living. According to the biological characteristics of pigs, the methods that can be used are:

1. Keep the weak but not the strong: keep the weaker pigs in the original pen and move the stronger pigs out.

2. Removing too many pigs, not too few: keep the pigs with fewer pigs in the original pen, and merge the pigs with more pigs into the pigs with fewer pigs.

3. Differences between day and night: spray the same medicine on pigs living in groups in captivity, so that the smells of each other are not easy to distinguish, and pigs living in groups at night.

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4. Synchronize the new pigsty: the number of pigs in the two groups is the same, and the strength is equal. When the two groups are merged, they will be synchronized to a new pigsty.

5. Mature first and then merge: the pig raising equipment factory locks two groups of pigs together in a larger playground, and then merges after 3 to 7 days.

6. Combination of hunger and fullness: Pigs leave the group when they are hungry, and feed immediately after joining the group, so that the pigs can sleep peacefully after eating and drinking, and do not invade each other. Strengthen management. Before returning to the group, clean and strictly disinfect the pig equipment factory. In the first few days after living in groups, feeding management and training should be strengthened. If you find a fight, you must stop it immediately and protect the bitten pigs until they live in harmony.

Basic description of sow farrowing bed

The sow farrowing bed is also called the high farrowing pen, which is mainly composed of a sow positioning frame, a piglet fence, a piglet incubator, a floor for leaking manure, a sow trough and a piglet trough. The role of the sow positioning frame is to control the free movement area and lying position of the sow. There is a baffle between the farrowing bed frame of the sow to prevent the piglet from being crushed, trampled to death and crushed. The length of the positioning frame is generally 2.1-2.3 meters, the width is 0.6 meters, and the height is 1.0 meters. The lowermost railing of the limit frame is welded with an arc-shaped column to protect the piglets from affecting their feed intake. The sow trough and water are in front of the spacer.

Double-Side Automatic Pig Feeding Trough

The piglet fence is to provide a space for the piglets to move around and prevent them from running out. There are two types of fencing: railing and clapboard. The grid pattern is conducive to ventilation and observation, but not conducive to epidemic prevention. The clapboard type is conducive to epidemic prevention, but the cost is high. The length of the piglet fence is 2.0-2.3 meters, the width is 1.7-1.8 meters, and the height is 0.5-0.6 meters. They are all installed at the tail of the pigsty so that the manure will wander in the tail defecation area. The pig farrowing bed floor is composed of plastic floor and cast iron floor.

Correct use of farrowing beds for sows

1. First, you need to open the back door of the limit frame.

2. Adjust the position of the limit frame according to the size of the sow to ensure that the sow has a certain room for movement in the limit frame and will not crush the back door.

3. When the piglets are weaned, first open the front door to release the sows, then transfer to the empty sow pen, and then transfer the weaned piglets to the nursery pen.

4. The free sow farrowing bed should be cleaned and disinfected, and the pigs can only be entered after a week.

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