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Automated laying hen breeding equipment

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Phoenix Automated chicken raising equipment is an automated chicken raising equipment manufacturer. It mainly manufactures cage systems, automated egg collection systems, automated manure cleaning systems, automated feeding equipment, automated lighting systems, and environmental control system devices. When designing equipment It adopts automated control and is relatively simple to operate. It is suitable for intensive breeding of different scales of broilers, broilers and laying hens. Nowadays, many chicken farmers are gradually feeling that traditional chicken raising equipment cannot meet their needs, and are gradually moving from traditional artificial breeding equipment to automated breeding, and the breeding industry is developing towards intensification, planning, and standardization.

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1. Automated chicken raising equipment can improve production efficiency, greatly increase production capacity, and have significant economic benefits.


The automated chicken raising equipment has extremely high breeding density per unit space and large breeding output, which can achieve a reasonable doubling of benefits. If chickens are raised flat or in a shed, they will take up more space. If automated cages are used, the density will be higher. It can be said that a chicken house with the same building area will raise more chickens.


Use automated breeding equipment, professional manure cleaning and feeding equipment, so that the feces in the chicken house can be cleaned out in a timely manner, while also ensuring that the chicken house environment is clean and pollution-free, and providing a good living environment for the chickens. , using an automatic feeding system to feed chickens can ensure uniform feeding, which can improve the uniformity of chicken growth, and the laying hens can increase their egg production rate.


In a normal open chicken house, each laying hen can produce 15-16 kilograms of eggs per year, the feed-to-egg ratio is 2.6-2.8, and the death rate is 20-30%; in a closed chicken house, it can reach Each laying hen has an annual output of 19 kilograms, a feed-to-egg ratio of 2.20, and a death rate of 6%. This means that the automated equipment provides a very comfortable condition for the chickens, so the egg production performance and growth performance are very good.


2. Reduce manpower and significantly reduce production costs.


Using automated chicken raising equipment to raise chickens, all equipment can automatically work instead of manual labor, which can save farmers the use of labor costs and reduce the cost of hiring labor for farmers. The use of automated equipment makes mechanized operations easier and can improve labor productivity to a great extent, which means it greatly reduces labor costs.


Data show that the main body of laying hen farmers in China is still small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 10,000 eggs, accounting for about 63% of the country's total laying hen stock and the country's total egg output value. In the past, it might take more than a dozen people to raise 50,000 chickens manually, but it only takes one person to raise 50,000 chickens with fully automatic chicken raising equipment, which can save a lot of manpower.


3. Easy to manage and reduce breeding risks


The use of automated breeding equipment can ensure the environment of the chicken house. For example, the manure cleaner can automatically clean the manure at regular intervals and clean out the feces produced by the chickens in a timely manner, reducing the chance of bacteria and ammonia in the chicken house. The environment of the chicken house is good. It's also good if the group grows naturally. In particular, the vertical ventilation of stacked cage houses is large, the temperature, humidity and wind speed of the air flow on the horizontal manure belt are stable, and the chicken manure is naturally air-dried. The chicken manure on the manure belt is loose, non-sticky and has little odor, which greatly improves the air environment in the house.


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Automated equipment can automatically adjust the air inlet, oxygen content and humidity through the automatic ventilation system to ensure the healthy growth of chickens and the safety and high quality of eggs. It also realizes the uniform distribution of temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and fans in the house. Automated management of wet curtains, etc.


In short, automated chicken raising equipment is an important part of modern breeding industry. It can improve breeding efficiency and economic benefits, and can also improve the breeding environment and chicken production performance. It is the key to the modern, intelligent and sustainable development of the breeding industry. important direction.


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