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Poultry Farming – Steps to Profit

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Do you ever wonder if there’s money to be made with chicken farming?  The answer to this question is absolutely yes.  Chicken farming is an extremely lucrative business if managed correctly and you do not require a lot of space.

If you decide to start farming with chickens start small you can still make large profits.

Meat prices are constantly increasing and chickens are one of the most used poultry in the world.  This opened a market for small-scale and commercial chicken farmer and money are to be made if you follow these simple procedures.


if you follow the guidelines given in this article you should be successful in making large profits. It is advisable to start small if you are  a first-time chicken farmer so that you can learn from your mistakes and grow your business better the next time.

We will discuss the fundamentals of Chicken Farming step by step

Preparing the chicken coop

Regardless if you are starting a  commercial chicken farm or a backyard farm for your chickens needs a proper chicken coop. A chicken coop is housing for chickens.  Make sure that your chickens are not crowded and  that they have enough space to move around freely.  There should be access to fresh water 24/7 and if you are farming with broilers they will need access to  feed the whole order to better raise broilers,Automatic water line and feed line can be installed in the chicken coop,broilers need a lot of feed to get them ready for the market in 6 weeks

.chicken cage (6)

Your chicken coop should be dry and warm.  make sure when you build your chicken coop that no unwanted winds or rain can penetrate the chicken Coop. A chicken coop should be disinfected before you place your chicks down.

Bedding for Chickens

Bedding is very important for day old chicks and growing chickens.  You need a soft bedding and wood shavings or sawdust works perfectly to absorb chicken waste.  When you are farming with broilers you do not have to clean the bedding in the six-week cycle but for layers you should clean the  chicken Coop by removing the floor at least every six months. Bedding can be bought from a local wood mill and is not expensive.

Raising chickens for meat or eggs

You can buy day-old chicks from local hatcheries for reasonable prices.  make sure that you choose the right specimen that is compatible with your area.  Your local Hatchery will advise you what type of chicken to use for layers or broilers.  Layers are chickens that produce eggs whereas broilers are chickens farmed for meat. Broilers are the fastest return on investment for the chicken farmer. Layers take longer as they need to grow into adults before they can start producing eggs.  This also means that you will wait longer for a return on your investment. 

Once again make sure that your chickens have fresh running water and enough feed to grow fast and produce  eggs or high quality meat. You will have to inspect your chickens every now and again to make sure that they are healthy and lice free.

chicken nipple drinker

If your chickens become sick you will have to remove them from the flock as chicken diseases are highly contagious. There are many types of chicken diseases and you will find a full article on them on our website. Make sure that you study them so that you know what to do should your chickens become ill.

Selling Chickens

There are many ways to sell your chickens and it is best for you to do your market research before you decide to farm with broilers or layers. There is a massive market for both chicken meat and eggs.  If you are a small-scale farmer you can sell at your local townships shops or supermarkets provided that your chickens has been slaughtered at the proper abattoir. Live chickens are easy to sell two  family and friends and in local townships as there is a high demand for live chickens.

 If you decide to farm with broiler chickens make sure that you have a market  ready as broiler chickens eat a lot and you don’t want to sit with stock that will eat your profits away.  A broiler chicken requires about 80 gram of feed per day and if you don’t sell them in time that will become very costly.

Some abattoirs will take the chickens and sell them for you but it won’t be as profitable as selling them yourself

chicken farm equipment (36)

Chicken farming is one of the most lucrative businesses in the farming industry. Chicken farming is easy and one does not require a lot of experience to start farming. To start farming with chickens you will meet a little space and you can do it in your backyard if your neighbours are ok with you doing so 

It is advisable for the Beginner farmer to start with layers so that he or she can make money with eggs.  This however takes longer than  farming with broilers which can give you a return  of investment in just six weeks. In this article we will discuss how to buy chicks housing and selling your chickens for the best profits possible.

First let’s take a deeper look at poultry farming and what exactly it is

The basic fundamentals of poultry farming is raising Birds like chickens or ostriches and ducks for meat and eggs. There is a large market for these type of birds and for those reasons a good opportunity for farmers to take a look at poultry farming. This article treats the principles and practices of poultry farming including how to make your own feed saving massive cost on your poultry business.

Commercial Production of Poultry Farming

chicken cage

Today poultry feed is a highly perfected science that ensure a maximum intake of energy for growth and fat production! Well balanced and high quality protein produce a maximum amount of muscle, Morgan, skin,  and feather growth. Chickens needs essential minerals to ensure that the bones  and eggs are strong and calcium rich.  Calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, potassium, sulfur, manganese, iron, copper, cobalt, magnesium, and zinc are all required. Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K and all of the B vitamins are also required.

Management Environment

Avoid crowding, chilling, overheating and frightening your chickens. Chickens do need space to  flourish and improve your production. There should be enough fresh water and  proper bedding for your chickens to scrub and walk around.

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