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Comments on the advantages and disadvantages of drinking fountains commonly used in chicken farms and precautions

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Farmers know the importance of water in raising chickens. The water content of chicks is about 70%, and that of chicks less than 7 days old is as high as 85%. Therefore, chicks are prone to water shortage. Chicks have a high mortality rate after dehydration symptoms, and even after recovery, they are weak chicks.

Water also has a great impact on adult chickens. Chickens have a great impact on egg production when they are short of water. Resuming drinking water after 36 hours of water shortage will cause an irreversible sharp drop in egg production. In high temperature weather, chickens lack water A few hours will cause a lot of death.


Ensuring normal drinking water for chickens is an essential part of chicken farm feeding and management, so when it comes to drinking water, you will think of drinking water containers. Every household in the countryside raises a few chickens for their own food or for some pocket money. Because there are few chickens, most of the water containers for the chickens are broken pots, rotten pots, and most of them are cement sinks, which can easily solve the drinking water problem for the chickens. Putting it in a chicken farm is not so worry-free.

At present, there are five types of drinking fountains commonly used in chicken farms: trough drinking fountains, vacuum drinking fountains, Plasson drinking fountains, cup drinking fountains, and nipple drinking fountains. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these drinking fountains, and what are the precautions in use?

The Trough drinker

The trough drinking fountain can best see the shadow of the traditional drinking vessel. The trough drinking fountain has developed from the need for manual water supply at the beginning to the automatic water supply now.

The advantages of the trough drinker: the trough drinker is easy to install, not easy to damage, easy to move, no need for water pressure requirements, can be connected to a water pipe or a water tank, and can satisfy a large group of chickens drinking water at the same time (a trough drinker is equivalent to 10 plassons) water supply from drinking fountains).

chicken drinker1

Disadvantages of trough drinking fountains: the trough is exposed to the air, and feed, dust and other debris are easy to fall into the trough, causing drinking water pollution; sick chickens can easily transmit pathogens to healthy chickens through drinking water; exposed troughs will cause damp chicken coops ;Waste of water;Requires manual cleaning every day.

Trough drinking fountain installation requirements: Trough drinking fountains should be installed outside the fence or beside the wall to prevent chickens from stepping on and polluting the water source.

The length of the trough drinking fountain is mostly 2 meters, and can be connected to 6 PVC water pipes, 15mm hoses, 10mm hoses and other models. The trough drinking fountains can be connected in series to meet the drinking water requirements of large-scale farms. . At present, the price of trough drinking fountains is mostly in the range of 50-80 yuan. Because of the obvious disadvantages, they are being eliminated by farms.

The Vacuum drinking fountain

The vacuum waterer is also called the bell-shaped waterer. It is the most familiar chicken waterer. It is more common in small retail farming. It is what we often call the chicken waterer. Although it has natural defects, it has a huge user market and is enduring.

Tower drinker

Advantages of vacuum drinking fountains: low cost, a vacuum drinking fountain is as low as about 2 yuan, and the highest is only about 20 yuan. Wear-resistant and durable, it is often seen that there is a drinking pot in front of rural houses. After wind and rain, it can be used for washing and washing as usual, with almost zero failure.

Disadvantages of vacuum drinking fountains: manual cleaning is required 1-2 times a day, and water is added manually many times, which is time-consuming and laborious; water is easily polluted, especially for chicks (chickens are small and easy to step on).

The installation of the bell drinker is simple, consisting of only two parts: the tank body and the water tray. When in use, fill the tank with water, screw on the water tray, and put it upside down on the ground. It is simple and easy, and can be placed anytime and anywhere.

Note: In order to reduce splashing of drinking water, it is recommended to adjust the height of the mat according to the size of the chicken, or to lift it up. Generally, the height of the water tray should be equal to the back of the chicken.

The Plasson drinking fountain

Plasson drinking fountain is a kind of automatic drinking fountain, which is mostly used in small farms. There is another story to tell when mentioning Plasson. Does the name Plasson sound weird? It is not random. Plasone was originally developed by an Israeli company called Plasone. Later, when the product came to my country, it was quickly prevented by a large number of smart people in my country. Finally, Plasone began to be sold from China to the world.

plasson bell drinker4

Advantages of Plasson: automatic water supply, sturdy and durable.

Disadvantages of Plasson: manual cleaning is required 1-2 times a day, and tap water pressure cannot be directly used for water supply (water tower or water tank can be used for water supply).

Plasson needs to be used together with hoses and plastic water pipes. The price of a Plasone is around 20 yuan.

The nipple drinker

The nipple drinker is currently the mainstream waterer in chicken farms. It is very common in large-scale farms and is currently the most recognized automatic waterer.

Advantages of nipple drinkers: sealed, separated from the outside world, not easy to pollute, and can be effectively cleaned; not easy to leak; reliable water supply; water saving; automatic water addition; used for chickens of various reproductive ages.

Disadvantages of nipple drinkers: dosing to cause blockage, and it is not easy to remove; difficult to install; high cost; uneven quality; difficult to clean.


The nipple drinker is used in conjunction with more than 4 pipes and 6 pipes. The water pressure of chicks is controlled at 14.7-2405KPa, and the water pressure of adult chickens is controlled at 24.5-34.314.7-2405KPa.

Note: After installing the nipple, put water on it immediately, because chickens will peck it, and once there is no water, they will not peck it again. It is recommended not to use rubber seal rings for nipple drinkers that are prone to aging and water leakage, and Teflon seal rings can be selected.

The single price of nipple drinking fountains is as low as about 1 yuan, but because of the large quantity required, the relative input cost is high.

The cup drinker is used more than the nipple drinker, so I won’t go into details here.

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