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Why should the poultry farming industry be intelligent?

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As a part of large-scale and standardized chicken farming, modern chicken farms are firstly conducive to realizing factoryization, standardization, standardized management and environmental automation control, and obtaining economies of scale. Practice has proved that modern chicken farming can save land and labor resources due to its high degree of automation. At the same time, according to the production requirements of laying hens, according to the growth and development rules of laying hens, good environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, light, ventilation) can be provided for laying hens to ensure the healthy growth of chickens.

What is the secret of the fully automatic intelligent farm?

In recent years, the total amount of poultry farming in my country has ranked among the top in the world, and it is in a critical period of transition from traditional farming to modern farming as a whole. my country's livestock and poultry breeding has also ushered in a new stage of development. It has gradually begun to pay attention to the health and welfare of livestock and poultry. Develop and popularize the new technology system and supporting facilities and equipment for free-range breeding of livestock and poultry.

What new technologies may be involved in a highly intelligent and automated farm?

1. Automatic farming equipment

chicken farm equipment (23)

The successful research of nipple drinkers in the production of modern farming equipment has effectively solved the problem of cross-infection caused by drinking water from tanks for large-scale chicken farming, and also solved the problem of reducing water consumption and sewage discharge, reducing the spread of germs, and maintaining Drying chicken manure in the house and maintaining a good air quality environment in the house play a vital role. The automatic drinking water system composed of nipple drinkers and its accessories is suitable for both flat raising and cage raising. The height of stacked cages can reach 8 layers, and can meet the drinking water needs of chickens at different ages from chicks to adults. The most advanced water supply method for chicken coops at home and abroad.

The automatic feeding system is generally composed of a control device, a driving device, a feeding device, and a lifting suspension system device. The height of the feeding tray of the automatic feeding system can be adjusted according to the feed intake of different ages and varieties of poultry, which can meet the feeding requirements of poultry from 1 day old to the finished product. The feeding systemruns smoothly, which reduces the labor of manual feeding. Labor costs are reduced, and cross-infection and the spread of mobile viruses caused by artificial feeding are avoided.In addition, automatic feeding systems, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic egg collection equipment, egg production boxes, etc. are also widely used in farms of various sizes.

2. Environmental control technology

In terms of environmental control technology, we have developed wet curtain cooling technology, large fan and longitudinal ventilation equipment.

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The wet curtain cooling system economically and effectively solves the technical problems of large-scale chicken farming in hot summer areas in my country. The wet curtain cooling and longitudinal ventilation airflow organization mode generally solve the problems of high temperature reduction in summer and increased death rate.

The application of low-pressure and high-flow fans not only ensures the effective supply of a large amount of fresh air required for high-density farming, but also saves 20% to 30% of the ventilation energy consumption of chicken houses.

3. Welfare and healthy breeding technology

The EU countries have completely banned the raising of egg (broiler) chickens in cages, and several alternative models for caged layer chickens have been researched and developed. Most of these models use perches or multi-layer grids instead of cages.

In our country, this breeding mode may be difficult to realize on a large scale in recent years, but most breeding enterprises have started to develop animal welfare breeding technology. The new breeding technology and equipment will be more in line with the behavioral needs of poultry, which will help improve their health.

"All equipment constitutes an intelligent breeding production system. Workers only need to 'one-key start', and work such as feeding, water supply, temperature control, and ventilation starts to run automatically." In the traditional breeding mode, workers frequently enter and leave the chicken farm , Not to mention affecting the growth and egg production of laying hens, it may also bring in pathogens. The automated and intelligent chicken house reduces the risk of personnel entering and leaving, and the problem is solved.

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Here is a brief summary of the points:

1. The automatic breeding equipment realizes automatic feeding: the whole system adopts the automatic feeding device of storage tower + automatic feeding + automatic identification, which realizes complete automatic feeding.

2. The automatic breeding equipment realizes automatic management: through the setting of the central control computer system, the automatic management of estrus identification, temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting, and roller blinds in the house is realized.

3. The automatic breeding equipment realizes automatic data transmission: all production data can be transmitted in real time and displayed on the personal mobile phone of the farmer.

4. Automatic breeding equipment realizes automatic alarm: the field is equipped with an automatic alarm system controlled by a computer, and the computer will automatically alarm if any problem occurs.

5. The work of management personnel is very easy: the average time for management personnel to enter the field is no more than 1 hour per day, and the work after entering the field is mainly to perform operations such as breeding, group transfer, observation, and treatment that must be completed by humans.

The use of intelligent chicken raising equipment has effectively improved production efficiency and enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises.

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