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Why is it important to ventilate the automatic chicken shed?

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Mature chickens need the ideal indoor air temperature of 20 to 27 degrees Celsius, which is the most comfortable temperature range they feel. In the commercial and poultry breeding industry, the minimum acceptable ventilation standard is air circulation at least 4 cubic meters per kilogram of living weight per hour.

During the summer high temperature, the temperature in the field is high, and poor ventilation can easily cause poultry heat stroke. Because poultry has the characteristics of high body temperature and vigorous metabolism, and the poultry itself does not have a sweat gland, and continuous high temperature will increase the temperature in the body in the body. Because the hair is thicker, it is not easy to heat the heat, so the heat prevention ability is poor. If you don't pay attention to heatstroke prevention in summer, poultry will have accelerated breathing, increased drinking water, and decreased appetite, which will affect the growth rate and egg production rate. In severe cases, heat stroke will also die, resulting in poor breeding profits. You need to ventilate the chicken house to discharge heat, carbon dioxide, water, and ammonia, and let fresh air enter. The chickens grow well in the cold environment, but if they live in a humid and non-ventilated environment, they will soon get sick or even die. At this time, we need to take the following measures to reduce the economic losses that may bring in the high-temperature period.

ventilation system

1. Maintain wind speed  

To ventilate the house, should keep the temperature inside the house between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius during the summer.

When the temperature is higher than 25 degrees Celsius, turn on half of the fans for ventilation.

When the temperature is higher than 32 degrees Celsius, turn on all fans, and ensure that the fans and shutters are clean. If the belt of the fan is found to be seriously worn, it should be replaced in time.

ventilation system (2)

2. Use cooling pads

You can use wet curtains for the ventilation of the chicken house, but the premise is that the temperature still cannot decrease after turning on the wind machine. At this time, you can open the wet curtain. Use the wind to blow the wind with humidity to the inside of the chicken house to reach the effect of cooling and ventilation. Pay attention to the wet curtain. It is best to use it after 9 o'clock every day and close it after 5 pm.

3. Column breeding

In the process of breeding, chickens will gather in a lower temperature environment, resulting in a decline in ventilation, so it is during colonization, we need to take column measures to use a well-permeable iron wire meal cage breeding chicken to avoid the phenomenon of gathering piles and affect the ventilation effect.

4. Do a good job of a power outage emergency plan: Generally, there is more electricity use at high-temperature periods. Be sure to make high-speed-power emergency preparations in advance. Conditional farms can bring their own generators to prevent sudden power outages and cause major economic losses.

5. Ensure that drinking water is sufficient: keep the water in the water tank or drinking the water heater sufficient, appropriately increase the number of drinking water and amount of drinking water, and pay attention to maintenance and avoid water from the water heater.

6. Scientific feeding: Reasonably adjust the feeding time, cool time poultry to eat more, and try to use the cool time in the morning and evening. Adjust the formula of dietary food in time, appropriately increase the proportion of protein feed such as soybean meal, reduce the concentration of energy feed, and appropriately add green and juicy feed such as fruits, vegetables, and forage. At the same time, regular inspections of feed and feed raw materials should be performed to avoid mold mildew.

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