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Which poultry farming is most profitable?

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Chicken farming is one of the most successful industries today, thanks to the rising demand for poultry products. It is regarded as the agriculture sector's fastest-growing section. Even when the entire country was affected by Covid 19, the impact on this industry was minimal. As a result, beginning a chicken farm might be a wise move. If you're not sure whether to start with profitable for farmer layers or broilers, read this article to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of raising each type of chicken.


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Poultry Farming for Layers:

Laying hens refer to chickens that are raised to lay eggs to supply eggs. Unlike broiler chickens, the main issue of people raising laying hens is to improve egg quality and maintain or increase egg production, not to improve chicken quality. Eggs are the main source of income for laying hens.

Layer breeds should choose local chickens with strong physique, strong disease resistance, strong foraging ability, good egg quality, high egg production rate, rough feeding, and adapt to the local environment.

It is the domestication of chickens for the production of eggs. These birds have genes that cause them to produce eggs often. Layers do not seem to accumulate a lot of weight.


Farming Broiler Poultry:

Broilers are birds that are raised purely to produce meat. Their DNA causes them to develop more quickly than native chickens and layers. Broilers can reach their maximum commercial weight in 6-8 weeks.

The feed conversion ratio of broilers is the highest in the farming industry, and the general feed-to-weight ratio is about 2:1. Because the cost of feed accounts for about 65%-70% of the total cost, it is necessary to rationally arrange the production and slaughter of broilers according to the law of feed conversion and comprehensively consider factors such as market conditions and feed prices at that time, so as to maximize economic benefits.


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What type of poultry farm should you start?

Your choice of Poultry Farm will be heavily influenced by your abilities, beginning capital, and marketing plans.



If you want to start a broiler farm, you need to know who will buy it, how much they will pay, what will affect the market, and how you will leverage the market. Broilers are difficult to market since the hens continue to devour the feed. This implies you'll have to continue paying money on their feed even after they reach market weight. As a result, the longer the broilers remain unsold, the more money you will lose. Layers, on the other hand, are simple to market since the hens' eggs can be kept without spoiling. It indicates you'll only sell the eggs when you're ready.


Vaccination Against Infections and Diseases:

Layers will stay with you longer, and the money you will spend on their treatment and immunization will be more than with broilers. Some medications used to treat or prevent chicken illnesses, particularly coccidiosis, affect egg production. Before you begin, you will need to learn a lot about illnesses and treatment choices for layers.


The initial startup cost is:

A broiler farm requires less capital than a layer farm. Broilers require light, clean water, room, a few immunizations, and food within eight weeks. Layers, on the other hand, require all of the above, plus additional immunizations, debeaking, and increased feeding costs for months before the birds begin laying.


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In conclusion:

In the long term, layer farming on a big scale will be more profitable and generate more money than broiler farming since the birds may be sold as meat after producing eggs, albeit at a lower price than broilers. The sale of aged layers will create additional cash in addition to the revenue provided by the sale of the eggs they had been generating. Broilers can only bring in additional money if there is currently a high market demand for them.


As a result, your selection should be based on careful planning and knowledge of marketing methods. Both broiler and layer poultry farms are good, and which one to choose relies on the considerations listed above.

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