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What Kind of Drinkers Is Used for Raising Chickens?

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Drinkers are widely used in breeder farms due to their many advantages such as hygiene, water saving and ability to reduce the humidity of the chicken house. However, many users still have many misunderstandings when considering the drinkers issues. we will introduce to you three common and easy-to-use drinkers and their characteristics. You can choose according to your own needs.

Vacuum drinker

This chicken drinker has a simple structure, is easy to use, and this chicken drinker is also easy to clean and disinfect. There are two types: sitting chicken drinker type and drinker pan with legs type. The materials of drinkers are generally plastic or metal. There are several types of water capacity, which can be selected according to needs. The sitting drinker pan type is suitable for chicks.

Vacuum drinker has the characteristics of simple equipment, low investment and fast effect ,drinker pan is easy to install .

However, the disadvantages are that it is easy to leak . Pay attention to cleaning, regular cleaning, and sedimentation of feed to ensure clean water quality.


Bell drinker  

Bell drinker is suitable for chicks, grown-up chickens or laying hens. It is a water-saving drinker with few faults.

Here are some of the key features of bell drinker:

High space utilization: Thebell drinker usually adopts a vertical design and can be hung above the chicken house, effectively utilizing the vertical space, and is especially suitable for situations where the chicken house space is limited.

Suitable for intensive breeding: The bell drinker can be hung on the top of the chicken house, reducing ground occupation. Bell drinker is suitable for high-density breeding scenarios and helps reduce the feeling of crowding inside the chicken house.

Prevent chickens from trampling: Since the drinker is hung above the chicken house and is relatively high, it can reduce the chance of chickens trampling on the drinker, reduce the degree of water pollution, and improve the stability of water quality.

Prevent chickens from pecking: The design of the bell drinker is generally relatively strong, which can effectively prevent chickens from pecking or damaging the water fountain and improve the durability of the equipment.

Automatic water supply: The bell drinker usually has an automatic water supply function. When the water level drops, The bell drinker can automatically add water to ensure that the chickens have sufficient drinking water at all times.

Save water: The design of the bell drinker helps reduce water splashing and waste, improve water efficiency and reduce feed costs.

Large capacity:  The bell drinker usually have a large capacity, which can meet the drinking needs of large-scale chicken flocks and reduce the number of frequent additions of water to the tank.

Easy to clean: The design of the bell drinker is relatively simple and relatively easy to clean, which helps to maintain the hygiene of the drinking fountain.

It should be noted that the bell drinker still needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly when in use to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the healthy drinking water of the chickens. When choosing a drinker, consider the actual conditions of the chicken house, the size of the chicken house, and the ease of cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.


nipple drinker

Nipple drinker consists of a threaded copper (steel) pipe and a valve needle switch, and can be installed directly on the water pipe. Nipple drinker uses gravity and capillary action to control water droplets, so that a drop of water is often hanging at the end of the valve needle. When the chicken needs to drink water, its beak touches the thimble, and the water flows out. After drinking, the valve needle blocks the water path and prevents it from flowing out. Therefore, drinking water is hygienic, water is saved, no need to clean, and the humidity in the house changes little. Cage laying hens are more commonly used nipple drinker.

However, because the axis of the thimble is very thin, nipple drinker is easily bent or damaged, causing blockage or leakage. Therefore, we are in the process of producing nipple drinkersthere are strict requirements on the processing quality and precision of drinker quality.You can use our nipple drinker with confidence.


Drinker cup

Drinker cup is composed of valve cap, tappet, trigger plate and cup body. When the drinker cup is connected to the water pipe, the valve cap is closed due to water pressure. When the chicken drinks water, it pecks the trigger plate to automatically fill in the water and maintain a certain water level in the cup. The water filling effect of the drinker cup depends on whether the water pressure is appropriate. When the water pressure is too high, the valve cap is difficult to push open; conversely, when the water pressure is too low, the valve cap is difficult to seal, causing overflow. Using this kind of drinker can reduce water pollution and save water. Not many drinker cup are used in laying hen production.

However, the water quality requirements are high and must be particularly clean. Debris cannot be mixed in to cause the tappet to get stuck, causing the valve cap to not close tightly. Therefore, when we are in the process of using drinker cups , be sure to pay attention to product quality. You should also install carefully according to the product instructions. There should be a certain distance between the drinker cup and the water pipe, otherwise it will malfunction during use. We can also offer install service.


Water is an indispensable substance for living things. It is very important to do a good job of drinking water for chickens when raising chickens. In addition to ensuring adequate drinking water, we must also maintain the hygiene of drinking water. In order to meet the drinking water needs of chickens, people have invented many inventions. The above is an introduction to the three commonly used chicken drinker. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, and drinkers applicable situations are also different. Drinkers are mostly used for large-scale chicken raising. Drinkers are much simpler if it is a small-scale breeding.

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