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What is the most used equipment on a poultry farm?

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Many people are confused about how to start a poultry farm cos they don’t know what they will need to put in place to start this business.If you are starting a poultry business, there are different equipment that will be required to start your journey to becoming a successful poultry farmer. 


Depending on which type of poultry bird business you decide to venture into, most times, the equipment needed is the same across the board.So, what are the poultry farm equipment that you need on your farm?

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Poultry Farming Equipment

As a beginner in poultry farming, there is some equipment that is compulsory for you have regardless of the type of poultry and/or aspect of poultry you want to start.

In this article, I will be going through the different equipment for poultry farming.

1.Hatcher or Incubator

The first poultry farming equipment is a hatcher or an incubator. A hatcher is an instrument used to hatch fresh eggs laid by the birds. This type of hatchery is an unnatural way of hatching eggs and is mostly used in big farms that have lots of birds.

Most times, the birds should hatch their eggs themselves without any external support.


This equipment is not necessarily needed for all poultry farmers. Having an incubator is one way you can make money in the poultry business without going deep into raising the birds.

One thing you need to know is that the market is readily available. People are looking to buy hatched birds every now and then.            

You will only need an incubator or a hatcher if you will be hatching your eggs yourself and/or you want to make this another source of income on your farm


The next type of poultry farming equipment needed on a farm is the feeder. A feeder is where the birds (chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, etc) will feed on. You can decide to make a feeder by yourself or you can buy from the open market.

Circular: The next type of feeder is a circular feeder. Circular feeders are semi-automatic plastic-made feeders that can hold as much as 5 kilograms of feed. It can also be called a hanging feeder.

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Automatic Feeder: As the name implies, this type of feeder is being operated automatically with the help of electricity.Using the automatic feeder, the feed is supplied to the birds using a special feed trough with an auger-type device that moves the feeds from one end to another in the pen house. The height of the feeder can be adjusted to fit the size and age of the birds.

nipple drinker line


The third poultry farming equipment is a brooder or a heater. A brooder is an equipment that helps regulate the temperature of the pen, especially during the cold season. A heater or brooder is mostly used if you are raising your birds from day old or you will be hatching your eggs by yourself.


The fourth type of poultry farming equipment needed to start poultry farming is a drinker.

A drinker is what the birds will use to take water and other medications. A drinker comes in different types and sizes. The choice of the drinker you want to use depends on your farm settings and the amount you are ready to spend on the equipment.


  • Cup drinking fountain: Its advantage is that it can supply water according to the demand and save water. The disadvantage is that the water cup needs to be cleaned frequently, and it needs to be equipped with a filter and a water pressure adjustment device.

  • Bell Type: This type of drinker is a semi-automatic water drinker. The bell-type drinker is made of plastic in form of a bell. The drinker is hung up in the air with an adjustable valve that allows a continuous flow of water. This makes it possible for the constant availability of water in the coop 24.

  • poultry feeder and drinker (12)

  • Nipple Drinker: This type of drinker has a nipple-like shape that the birds can peck on whenever they want to take water.Nipple drinkers can be used if you are practicing the deep liter system or battery cage system type of poultry farming. You can use the drinker with a cup or without a cup.296440554_1298113740727681_5193668127198889750_n

5.Egg Tray

If you are doing egg production poultry farming, an egg tray is something you need to buy. An egg tray is an equipment that is used to settle the eggs.In simple terms, an egg tray is where you arrange the eggs that the birds have produced. This is necessary so that the eggs do not break.

6.Ventilation Fan

A ventilation fan is a piece of poultry equipment that helps cool the farm. It is useful during hot weather conditions to minimize heat so that the birds can perform better.Although this equipment can be quite expensive and might not be necessary especially if you are a small-scale poultry farmer.

7.poultry Laying Nest

Laying hens need an safe and secluded place to lay their eggs. Many chicken breeds like to sleep up high. This instinct helps protect them from predators, and it makes them less prone to diseases than if they were to sleep on the floor with their litter and dirty is important to accommodate them with enough nest boxes. These chicken nesting boxes encourage your hens to lay in designated places, making it easier for you to collect your eggs in the morning.308342250_1335319537007101_4236053432891873597_n



One of the limiting factors of poultry farming is that it is capital intensive. If you want to start a poultry farm, the equipment mentioned is something you need to get. Some of these pieces of equipment are very important and you can run a poultry farm without this equipment.

One thing you need to know is that you can start small with what you have and expand slowly. If you go through the list above, you will get the low-budget poultry farming equipment if you don’t have much money on you to start the business.

The slogan for success in any business is to Just Start. Start with what you have and with time and patience, you will surely get there.

Want to start a poultry business? Start your journey by reading the article How to choose Equipments for your First Chickens?

If you find this piece useful, do well to share around.

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