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What is the meaning of poultry equipment?

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Poultry equipment are materials used in the poultry to raise poultry birds such as wheel barrow,egg trays,drinkers, feeders,egg incubator,ventilation systerm etc. We will go through their various types and uses. Poultry production in a simple term means rearing of domesticated birds, like ducks, broilers, pullets, quails, turkeys etc. and its production for human consumption. Since poultry meat is very nutritious and supplies the required protein and the birds very easy to manage, many people see it as a worthwhile business to venture into.

Also, there is high demand for animal source of protein in human diet and since this could be easily derived from poultry meat and eggs, there will be no loss of energy in seeking for knowledge on its rearing and management even if it is at small scale.


The following equipment, instruments and utensils are necessary in the day to day operation of a poultry farm:

• Wheel barrow

• Egg Trays



• De-beaking Machine


• Automatic syringe

Battery cage

ventilation system


• Broader guard

Laying Nest


Wheel Barrow: This is the conventional load carrying equipment used mainly in carrying feed materials and other moderately heavy objects from one place to the other in poultry farm.


Egg Tray: This is used to carry table eggs in poultry. It could Le paper, plastic or disposable type. If it is plastic type wash frequently with disinfectant to avoid it being a contaminant.


Feeders: Feeders are always in two categories chick feeder, one is meant to be used for chicks between the day old through four to five weeks of age ,on the other category we have hanging feeder, troughs etc. used for older birds. To avoid feed wastage, a feed trough should never be more than 1/3 full.

Build lips around the feeders to catch Split feed. Apart from chicks feeder/tray which is very important at the prime age, when your birds are growing old, you can build your own feeder trough with normal planks or bamboo stem and where you are using feeder,your feeder should not be hanged above the shoulder so as to allow them easy access to the feed. Also there is automated feeding system.In case of automatic feeder the feed is supplied to the entire length of the poultry house by specially designed feed troughs with auger type or chain type devices to move the feed from the feed bins to the other end.

These are operated with electricity and the height of the feeder can be adjusted depending upon the age of the birds.Maintenance: Clean Feeder daily and turn out stale feed before serving another one.

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Drinkers: We have chick’s drinker for young birds, water trough for older birds and automated drinking system in large poultry farm where birds drink through the beak contact with nipples on the water line. Always provide cool clean water for your birds to improve their productivity.Make sure your water line is free of any dirt that could block it and contaminate your water and or promote growth of algae.


De-beaking Machine:  This machine is used to cut and cauterize outgrown beak of birds especially when vice, habits like cannibalism, egg pecking and feather pulling is noticed amongst your stock. If you have to debeak, do this either early in the morning or late in the evening. It is advisable to consult a professional animal health technologist to do this for you.

Incubator: This is important equipment in the hatchery section of a poultry farm. Inside this machine, hatchable eggs are set in for a period of twenty one days when chicks are produced. The internal environment of an incubator is automated and is thereby regulated to provide all necessary conditions favorable for successful development of the embryo to chicks. Incubator are in sizes depending on the desired target of the owner, this ranges from a few hundred capacity incubator to hundreds of thousands egg holding incubator.Incubator and hatchery should be handled by a professional to avoid damages and malfunctioning, there should be ready supply of electricity i.e. power surge should be avoided as much as possible, the hatchery and the incubator environment should be  Well sanitized and possibly fumigated before setting and after hatch.

Automatic Syringe: Automatic syringe is used to vaccinate and or inject drugs into birds especially when the number is enormous. Using this instrument is faster and accurate than the normal disposable syringe and needle.

Battery Cage: Cage houses birds and there are different types i.e. we have 2 tier, 3 tier cage system. Their comparative advantage over deep litter system is in control of disease outbreak.

Ventilation system:

Modern chicken farms are increasingly pursuing scientific, large-scale, and entrepreneurialization. The owner of the chicken farm will put the input and output benefits of chicken farming in the first place. The ventilation of the chicken farm is a very important thing for the chicken farm, especially The ventilation chicken farms in modern intensive farms is a big problem, and the fans of chicken farms are a powerful tool for ventilation of chicken farms. At this time, the importance of the fan is highlighted in the many equipment of the chicken farm. The choice of the installation location of the ventilation fan equipment in the chicken farm is very important. If the installation location is selected correctly, it can ensure that the fan can maximize the ventilation and cooling efficiency

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Brooder/Hover: This device is very important in the brooder house during the brooding period. It is mainly the source of heat supply to the chicks in the first few weeks of life.Avoid or change any naked wire, wipe clean after each period of use and keep in a clean dry place.

Brooder Guard: These are thin sheets of metal, hard board, or bamboo mat of 1 to 1.5 feet height and varying in is used to guard and confine the chicks within a specific area during the brooding period so they may be easily directed to the feeders and drinkers and also towards the range of the heat supplied by the that the chicks will be kept closer to the brooders and prevent them from chilling.We have to provide brooder guard with a diameter of 5 feet, height of the brooder should not exceed 1.5 feet.For this purpose, we can use materials like cardboard sheet, GI sheet, wire mesh, and mat etc. depending upon the season of brooding.During summer season, brooding is done for 5-6 days. In winter season it is 2-3 weeks.

Laying Nest:Laying hens need an safe and secluded place to lay their eggs. Many chicken breeds like to sleep up high. This instinct helps protect them from predators, and it makes them less prone to diseases than if they were to sleep on the floor with their litter and dirty is important to accommodate them with enough nest boxes. These chicken nesting boxes encourage your hens to lay in designated places, making it easier for you to collect your eggs in the morning. 


Providing enough nesting boxes for your flock is important—a general rule is to have one box per five hens, but you should keep an eye on the flock to make sure everyone has enough room. Overcrowding and squabbling can lead to issues with laying, which means fewer healthy eggs and an unhappy flock.Once again, you want to keep the roosting bars clean. It’s also a good idea to smooth the top of the bars so that your chickens have a more comfortable spot to rest.


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