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What is the importance of poultry equipment?

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Poultry have been on the earth for over 150 million years, dating back to the original wild jungle fowl Now we include ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasants, pigeons, peafowl, guinea fowl and chickens in the list of species under the general term poultry.


Poultry provide humans with companionship, food and fiber in the form of eggs, meat and feathers. Many people love to raise and show chickens and other poultry species at fairs and other poultry shows. Others just love to raise them for backyard pets and for fresh eggs every day. There is a large commercial chicken industry that provides us with eggs and meat.


automatic drinking and feeding line

The interest in poultry and poultry products have grown tremendously in the last 20 years. Almost every country in the world has a poultry industry of some kind. Japan is steadily increasing their domestic production of both broilers and egg producing birds. Countries of the former Soviet Union have always been producing poultry and eggs and are continuing to increase their output to meet the new demand. China, the Middle East, and Africa are all areas where increasing demand for poultry has resulted in significant increases in the number of chickens being reared for meat and eggs.


Quality poultry equipment is necessary to raise healthy chickens and other poultry. Investing in poultry equipment is essential to running a successful poultry business that is capable of delivering a consistently high end product.


Breeding equipment:Managing a poultry farm  is not an easy thing. You have to make sure that the broilers have enough food and water .This feeding system is based on ground design and includes two systems for feeding and drinking, or a single system design.




Pan feeding systems are innovative systems that are worth their weight in gold when considering poultry feeder options and prices. When making use of pan feeding systems on your poultry farm you ensure:

The use of innovative design for better animal welfare

Excellent feed conversion

Easy access to feed from start to finish

Making use of a feeding systems that deliver clean, fresh feed in the right amounts is a priceless tool to have on a poultry farm.


chicken farm equipment (51)

The broiler farming automatic feeding system is composed of silo.driving, feed tube,feed line etc. The closed design and automatic feeding system improves management efficiency of the management and reduce the cross infection. realizes high standard automation of the entire farm. 

Chicken disk type automatic feeding system consists of a driving device.a hopper ,a conveying pipe,an auger,trays,a suspension lifting device,an anti-perching device and a material level sensor.

The main function of the system is to convey feed from the hopper into each tray to ensure the eating of the meat chickens and automatically control the conveying opening/closing of the motor by the material level sensor to achieve the aim of automatic feeding.




First one must decide if a Nipple or Bell poultry drinker will work best for you. Nipple poultry drinkers have the benefits of:

Heavier and healthier birds

Improved feed conversion

Reduced mortality of birds

Fewer condemnations

Drier floors in the poultry house

Significant labour saving and overall higher returns


chicken farm equipment (11)

This main function is to deliver certain pressure water to drinking pipe,the water will flow out when automatically broilers touch the nipple,so as to meet the function of drinking water automatically.


On the other hand Bell drinker systems are made from high-impact plastic which eliminate wear on the system and you can water flocks from day old chicks through to adult birds.


Ventilation:Ventilation is an important factor in housing. A building with open sides is ideal, otherwise cross-ventilation at bird-level should be allowed for in the form of floor level inlets, open in a direction to allow the prevailing wind to blow across the width of the building. An air mass between the side walls of a poultry house resists being moved, even across an open-sided building. The wider the building, the more the resistant it is to air movement. Buildings over 8 m (26 ft) wide have a significantly greater problem because of this inherent property of air to resist movement. It is recommended that buildings relying on natural airflow for ventilation should not exceed 8 m in width.

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In developed nations, poultry has a big role to play. Development is relatively low-cost and easilyavailable. Automation plays a significant role in all sectors nowadays. Automation provides thenearby artifacts and people with protection and comfort. Recent improvements in feeding with aview to improving animal welfare and development.

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