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What is automated feeding system for poultry?

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With the increasing development of science and technology, the animal husbandry has quickly entered a modern, intensive, and automated aquaculture method. At present, domestic breeding can be roughly divided into two types, one is free-range breeding by small farmers, and the other is intensive and rapid breeding by enterprises. But no matter what kind of breeding method, modern farming equipment will inevitably be used to reduce the cost of farming and increase the income of farming.

For chicken farmers, the key to whether the benefits are good or not is whether the cost of raising chickens can be reduced and the number of chickens raised can be increased. In the process of raising chickens, the cost of feed is another issue that has to be considered. In recent years, some better feeding methods have appeared on the market. Because there are many types, which method is better and the benefit is higher is something that many chicken farmers are very fancy.

Feeding in poultry farming is a subject of great interest for producers as it constitutes the main axis and the most expensive input of the whole production. Therefore, both feeding and water are poultry needs that must be optimally supplied


The automatic chicken feeding line system is the preferred feeding system for modern large-scale chicken farms. There are many kinds of material line systems on the market, but their working principles and system equipment configurations are roughly the same. Of course, there are also great differences in the materials and prices of accessories due to material line systems. Because the automatic chicken feeding line system is a system composed of many parts that work together, good parts can be well coordinated, with few problems and good quality, and the operation and maintenance are relatively simple. The material is not good, the coordination is poor, etc., often cause problems, so it will bring great troubles to the farmers in the later maintenance and repair. At the same time, the automatic chicken feeding line system is suitable for many small chicken farms because of its simple structure, small use space, and relatively simple assembly.

The automatic feeding pan is mainly used for raising broilers and chicks. it is made of polyethylene material. The edge of the feeding pan inclines to the center to avoid the waste caused by the overflow of feeding. The feeding plate of each chicken can feed about 14-16 broilers and young chickens.

1. The working principle of the material line:

To put it simply, the working principle of the automatic chicken feed line system is to drive the screw to twist the feed tube to rotate through the transmission shaft of the drive system, and then transfer the feed evenly to the feeding pans of each chicken breeding place, and the end is controlled by the material level sensor. The system starts and closes, thereby realizing the automation and intensification of chicken feeding, which not only reduces the trouble of manual feeding, but also reduces the problem of slow growth of chickens caused by uneven manual feeding.


2. the equipment configuration of the material line:

Whether a system is good or not depends on the quality of internal coordination of the system. Similarly, the quality of the automated chicken feeding line system depends on the quality and coordination of the various accessories inside the system. At present, many feed line systems used in chicken farms will have two systems: the main feed line and the distribution line. The features and specifications of each are different in the two systems.

Main material line system: It is composed of material tower, material conveying pipe, winch, motor and material level sensor. Its main function is to transport the feed in the material tower to the hopper of the material distribution line, and there is a material level sensor to automatically control the delivery switch of the motor, so as to achieve automatic feeding.

Distributing line system: It is composed of hopper, feeding pipe, winch, feeding pan, suspension lifting device, motor and material level sensor, etc.

Its main function is to evenly transport the feed in the hopper to each tray to ensure that the chickens can eat, and the material level sensor automatically controls the delivery switch of the motor to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding.

Automatic drinking line (2)

Note: Due to various reasons in the market, the automatic chicken feeding line system will be partially different, and there are not necessarily two systems, the main feeding line and the sub-feeding line, so the configuration of the feeding line should be determined according to each situation. Therefore, the feed line system that is more suitable for the actual situation should be selected according to the scale of the chicken farm and the environmental and economic conditions.

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