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What are the equipment used in laying hen?

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Trying to get into poultry farming? Wondering what your options are for equipment?

Need to know what equipment in poultry production is eential, and what is optional? We answer these questions and more in today’s blog post.


Poultry farming is becoming more and more automated and efficient nowadays, even with cage-free farming posing extra logistical challenges. If you ever wanted to get into raising chickens on a large scale, now is a great time to do that.


Poultry farming businesses will use different types of Breeding equipment depending on the size and type of poultry house. Perches, feed containers, watering gadgets, heaters, foggers, baby chicken guards, laying houses, and brooding hover are important examples of chicken house equipment.


Let’s take a look at what your poultry equipment options are.

1. Incubator: Incubator is such a poultry equipment which is used for hatching the bird’s egg in artificial ways. Generally in natural condition, the poultry birds hatch the egg, but they can maintain and hatch a limited number of eggs.

One huge part of poultry farming is, of course, hatching chickens. Before you start buying egg machines on a large scale, ask yourself how many chickens you can keep, how many chickens you’d like to hatch, how much space you have for incubating, and how sophisticated you need your machinery to be.

mini egg incubator (4)

Incubators come in sizes for a dozen eggs for small egg farms to several thousand for large, industrial-sized farms. No matter what size your farm and how many eggs you plan to hatch, you’ll need to look into these pieces of eential equipment.



Compreed air system

Emergency standby electric plants

Hatchery automation equipments


Not all eggs are going to hatch, though. You’re going to want to send many of them to market, and that’s where the next equipment category comes in.

So, when it is necessary to hatch a large number of eggs then you must have to use an incubator. There are many types of egg incubators in the market.


2.  Egg Tray: This is an equipments used in setting the eggs. Just like the name, it is a tray-like equipment where the eggs are place for sampling.You will definitely be looking for a delicate way to handle the eggs you collect to sell. Start with these pieces of egg handling equipment for your new poultry farm.


Trays and transfer box come in all shapes and sizes, so figure out what combination of these works best for your farm.


3. Ventilation Fan:Modern chicken farms are increasingly pursuing scientific, large-scale, and entrepreneurialization. The owner of the chicken farm will put the input and output benefits of chicken farming in the first place. The  ventilation of the chicken farm is a very important thing for the chicken farm, especially The ventilation chicken farms in modern intensive farms is a big problem, and the fans of chicken farms are a powerful tool for ventilation of chicken farms. At this time, the importance of the fan is highlighted in the many equipment of the chicken farm. 


The choice of the installation location of the ventilation fan equipment in the chicken farm is very important. If the installation location is selected correctly, it can ensure that the fan can maximize the ventilation and cooling efficiency. If the choice is wrong, it will have no effect and waste money. Farm chickens have chicken plague and slow growth. Here I will tell you about the selection, use and maintenance of fan equipment in chicken farms.The ventilation fan is an equipments used for ensuring maximum ventilation in the poultry farm. It is also an equipments used in reducing the temperature of the poultry farm during a hot weather. 


4. Laying Nest: Laying nest is another equipment that help the birds for laying of eggs. One of the advantages of this equipment is that it increases the egg productivity of the poultry birds. It is very comfortable to put an egg mat in the laying nest.

044a0e9f9b95d8859bdf7f4df39cf76 chicken-nest

Laying hens need an safe and secluded place to lay their eggs. Many chicken breeds like to sleep up high. This instinct helps protect them from predators, and it makes them less prone to diseases than if they were to sleep on the floor with their litter and dirty is important to accommodate them with enough nest boxesThese chicken nesting boxes encourage your hens to lay in designated places, making it easier for you to collect your eggs in the morning.


5. Egg Washer: Egg washer is an equipment  that makes use of a powder called the egg washing powder. Water is added into the egg washer and then the egg washing powder is added also. It is used for washing the eggs before delivery.


6. Poultry Feeder: Feeder is such an equipment which is used for feeding the poultry birds. Generally some foods kept in the feeder and the poultry birds starts eating food from there. Plastic or metal feeders are used mostly to feed the chickens.

poultry feeder and drinker (2)


7. Poultry Drinker: How do you get your chickens the water they need to stay healthy and strong? As you shop for watering methods, consider how much space you have, how many birds you have, how much time you have to fill the water containers, and what your birds respond to best.


Some of these options dispense water, some of them are open to the air, and some of them require more work for the birds. Here are the most popular options:



Pan and Jar

Linear waterer/Channel waterers

Water basin made of plastic/wood/GI with grill

Bell type automatic waterer

Nipple drinker

Manual drinker


8. Heater: Heat management is very necessary for poultry farming. Bulb, heater or other heating equipment can be used to warm up the poultry cage.


9. Egg Handling Nest: Egg handling nest or cages are used for transporting eggs from one place to another places. It reduces the risk of damages of eggs while transporting for marketing purpose.


10. Heating Machines: Brooder machines provide warmth and lightning to the chicks.


In brief, In a Poultry Farm, We may categorize it under which these above equipments comes which are as follows-




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