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What are the basic requirements for a poultry house?

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Larger-scale commercial production as a more intensive chicken raising is different from backyard chicken raising. Therefore, to create a good environment for chickens, it is necessary to reasonably design and build a chicken house that is conducive to the growth of chickens. Chickens have no sweat glands and mainly rely on breathing to dissipate heat, its heat resistance is worse than its cold resistance. It likes a warm, cool, dry, fresh air, and quiet environment. For this reason, the chicken house should be built on higher terrain, with good ventilation, sufficient water, power, and convenient transportation. Dry noise, no pollution, easy to disinfect and isolate the place. 


The area and capacity of the chicken house depend on the degree of mechanization and the management level of the breeders. The chicken house built by the farmer can be determined according to the specific conditions of the site. The span of the open chicken house should not be too large, otherwise, it will be unfavorable for the ventilation and lighting of the chicken house. The span of the chicken house is generally 6-9m. The span of the chicken house with mechanical ventilation can reach 9-12m. The length of the chicken house can be adjusted according to local conditions. Small-scale chicken houses raising 2800-5000 laying hens in chicken cages can be designed to be 7-8m wide and 33-53m long. Large and medium-sized chicken houses keeping 5000-10000 layers can be designed to be 10-12m wide, and 40-65m long.  

cooling pad

The height of the chicken house should be determined according to the feeding method, manure removal method, span, and climatic conditions. Generally, the distance between the top layer of the chicken cage and the roof is 1.5m.

The wall of the chicken house has good thermal insulation, a simple structure, is easy to clean and disinfect, strong and anti-vibration. In cold climate areas, the wall should be appropriately thickened. In mild climate areas, the walls may be slightly thinner. The outside of the wall is plastered with cement, and the interior wall is covered with cement or white lime.

The floor of the chicken house should be waterproof, solid, smooth but not slippery, corrosion-resistant, have a certain thermal insulation performance, moisture-proof, have no water accumulation, and be easy to clean and disinfect. Generally, it should be 20-30cm above the ground in the field to create a high and dry environment. To facilitate drainage and avoid the accumulation of sewage, the ground in the house should have a slope of 2%--3% towards the direction of the drainage ditch.Installing plastic coprolite flooring is a good option,

Breeding equipment:Managing a poultry farm  is not an easy thing. You have to make sure that the broilers have enough food and water 

This feeding system is based on ground design and includes two systems for feeding and drinking, or a single system design.

Feeding system


The broiler farming automatic feeding system is composed of silo.driving, feed tube,feed line etc. The closed design and automatic feeding system improves management efficiency of the management and reduce the cross infection. realizes high standard automation of the entire farm. 

Chicken disk type automatic feeding system consists of a driving device.a hopper ,a conveying pipe,an auger,trays,a suspension lifting device,an anti-perching device and a material level sensor.

The main function of the system is to convey feed from the hopper into each tray to ensure the eating of the meat chickens and automatically control the conveying opening/closing of the motor by the material level sensor to achieve the aim of automatic feeding.


 Drinking system

This main function is to deliver certain pressure water to drinking pipe,the water will flow out when automatically broilers touch the nipple,so as to meet the function of drinking water automatically.

Ventilation:Ventilation is an important factor in housing. A building with open sides is ideal, otherwise cross-ventilation at bird-level should be allowed for in the form of floor level inlets, open in a direction to allow the prevailing wind to blow across the width of the building. An air mass between the side walls of a poultry house resists being moved, even across an open-sided building. The wider the building, the more the resistant it is to air movement. Buildings over 8 m (26 ft) wide have a significantly greater problem because of this inherent property of air to resist movement. It is recommended that buildings relying on natural airflow for ventilation should not exceed 8 m in width.

Heat stress is a significant constraint to successful production and can lead to death. Although birds can withstand several degrees below freezing, they do not toleDoors, windows, and vent doors are generally located on the south side of the south-facing chicken house. The size of the door should consider so that all facilities and working vehicles can enter and exit smoothly. Generally, a single door is 2m high and 1m wide, two doors are 2m high and 1.6m wide. The windows of the chicken house should consider the lighting and ventilation. It can be set on the front and rear walls, and the front window should be wide. It can be lower from the ground to facilitate lighting. The rear window should be small, about 2/3 of the front window, and can be slightly higher from the ground to facilitate ventilation in summer. Under the premise of basically satisfying the light and ventilation in summer, the number of windows should be as small as possible for chicken houses in cold areas. Although the closed chicken house does not need windows to provide light and ventilation, some emergency windows should also be set to prevent the urgent need in the event of power outages and other accidents. 

 chicken farm equipment (53)

Light: duration and intensity


A well-lit house is essential. A dark house leads to lethargic, inactive, unproductive birds. Light is important for feeding, as poultry identify food by sight. This is especially important for intensively managed day-old chicks, which need very bright 24-hour lighting for their first week of life.


Light is also an important factor in sexual maturity. An increasing light proportion in the day, as naturally occurs from mid-winter to mid-summer, will accelerate sexual maturity in growing pullets, bringing them to lay sooner. If hens are already laying, the increasing light proportion will increase egg production. The opposite effect is also true: as the light proportion of the day decreases (as naturally occurs from mid-summer to mid-winter), then sexual maturity is slowed in growing stock, and egg production is reduced in laying hens. These effects are somewhat reduced towards the equator, as the difference in the daylight proportion of a day changes less and less.


The roof of the chicken house should be insulated, waterproof, firm, and light in weight. The main forms of the roof of the chicken house are flat-top, single-slope, double-slope, bell tower, half bell tower, and vault. The chicken house should be equipped with a ceiling as much as possible so that a roof room is formed between the roof and the ceiling to enhance the heat insulation capacity of the chicken house.


Choosing the Reliable Equipment

Large or small poultry houses need reliable poultry farming equipment in order to keep their business on. Therefore, you have to buy your equipment from the right company, making sure that it provides quality tools, so you can keep the broilers healthy and well fed.

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