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The perfect combination:Chicken feeder port+Hole saw+Lid

Views: 576     Author: Chicken drinker and feeder     Publish Time: 2022-08-19      Origin: Phoenix Breeding Equipment

Chicken feeder port:

chicken feeders

  • Gravity automatic chicken feeder, constant feed to be available

  • Compare with traditional chicken feeder, this chicken feeder will reduce the spillage and less mess

  • Rain-Proof: Each port has a hood as rain shield to keep rain from flowing inside the feeder.The chicken food stays dry and clean inside the bucket.

  • Durable: The kit material is stable and not easy to be damaged. It is safe and reliable to use, and one installation can be used for a long time without replacement.

  • Keep it clean & No Waste: You just place DIY chicken feeders anywhere on your farm or coop, fill it with feed and poultry feeders will be driven by gravity. Feed your chickens in an easy way, prevents spilling of feed and no waste. Chicken feeders can save you 15%~30% of feed and make your coop cleaner and more comfortable

  • Good airtightness: We provide the lid to keep the feed dry even in rainy days, while stopping other animals from entering the feed bucket, and also saving 5%-10% of the feed

  • High quality material & sturdy and durable: Chicken feeder set is made of strong and durable PP material. It is not easily damaged in complex environments such as farm chicken coops and can be reused. Because chickens love bright colors, our  design in red color makes it more attractive for chickens to adapt to the feeder

  • Easy to install: There is a 3.15 inch hole saw in the accessories. You only need to prepare a drill and a container, a few minutes to easily make an automatic chicken feeder ports, you can place the container 6-10 inches above the ground, so that chickens can easily eat the food inside

  • Wide application: Poultry feeder ports are suitable for containers such as buckets, boxes, bins and troughs. You only need to have an unused container, you can easily make automatic feeders. This is not only a waste reuse, but also adds a lot of fun to your life and work.

Hole saw:

Hole saw

  • Durable Structure: Made of high-quality HSS carbon steel and bimetal, high hardness, durable and rust-proof.

  • Professional Cutting: Hole saws can cut wood, gypsum board, plaster and thin metal, and cut smoothly and quickly.

  • Widely Used: Hole saw is an indispensable tool for home use, very suitable for chicken feeder bucket, the hole plate of corn, duct, speaker, etc.


chicken feeder lid

  • Chicken Feeders No Waste With Covers :New Upgrade chicken feeders are designed with lids that allow you to close the feeder window at night and completely deter rodents.

  • Highly Compatible & Value Option:Fit any container - buckets, barrels, bins, troughs, etc. Easy to DIY your feeder at a lower cost. A great value option!

Applicable scene:


Both square buckets and oval buckets can fit chicken feeder ports.

Comparison of traditional chicken feeding troughs and automatic chicken feeders:

1. The automatic chicken feeder can automatically control feeding; the traditional chicken feeding trough needs to be manually fed, and the rest cannot be reused.

2. Automatic chicken feeder can prevent rodents, birds and other animals from stealing and polluting; traditional chicken feeding troughs cannot.

3. There is a lid on the top of the automatic chicken feeder, and the feeding port also has a lid, which can prevent the rain from getting wet; while the traditional chicken feeding trough cannot.

4. The feeding port of the automatic chicken feeder can accommodate one chicken at a time. When the chicken is eating, it can prevent the feed from splashing out, while the traditional chicken feeding trough cannot.

5. The automatic chicken feeding bucket can reduce the stress response of chickens and allow chickens to eat freely.

Installation steps:

  • Cut a hole by hole saw

  • Plug in chicken feeder Port

  • Tighten the chicken feeder ports

  • Suitable for all containers


First you need chicken feeder port, chicken feeder bucket and hole saw. The first step is to drill a circular hole on the chicken feeder bucket with a hole saw; the second step is to install the chicken feeder port to the chicken feeder bucket; the third step is to put the chicken feeder bucket in the proper position and height.

When the chicken wants to eat, bend the neck of the chicken, put its head deep into the chicken feeder port, and then eat it. When the chicken eats, it may cause the feed to splash, and our chicken feeder port will prevent the feed from splashing, so as to achieve the purpose of saving feed. .

In addition, there is a protruding part on the outer surface of the chicken feeder port, which is used for waterproofing, so when it rains, there is no need to worry that the rainwater will soak the feed, and the feed can be well protected.

The function of the lid is similar to the prominent part of the chicken feeder port. The lid can be buckled on the chicken feeder port at night or when the chickens are not eating, so as to prevent rodents and birds from stealing food, and also prevent some unclean feeds from entering the feed. So that chickens will not get sick easily after eating, which can ensure the growth and egg production rate of chickens

Kind tips:

The chicken feeder port is suitable for free-range farming, but not for flat and cage farming. In the limited life of chickens, it can make chickens feel happy, reduce the stress response of chickens, and achieve the purpose of raising chickens in a healthy way, save feed, and improve the utilization rate of feed. Our chicken feeder bucket, chicken feeder port, hole saw and lid will be tested one-to-one before they are sent out, and they will be packaged and sent out after passing the test. Factory advantage. Please rest assured of us, and please buy with confidence! Thanks.

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