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The misunderstanding of raising chickens to reduce costs

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As a novice, it is inevitable to often talk about reducing the cost of raising chickens, but do not go into misunderstandings to reduce costs. First of all, reducing the cost is in the survival rate, in management, and in the aspect of drug use, first reduce this cost, do not blindly spend your mind on reducing the cost of feed.

After reducing these costs, you will be more familiar with the chicken raising process, and then consider making a fuss about the feed. Because chickens also need nutrition, once they don’t understand, blindly reducing feed costs will lead to a decline in egg production and meat production, which will directly lead to lower economic benefits, which will put the cart before the horse.

If the technology is not sure, the formula of the feed should not be changed casually. The nutrition of the chicken itself must keep up to ensure the survival rate, so that the cost of raising chickens can be reduced.

At the same time, some ingredients are added to improve the quality of eggs, and at the same time, more attention will be paid to the egg production rate of native chickens. If the quality of eggs is good, the unit price can go up, but if the egg production rate does not go up, it is still not profitable.

In the final analysis, professional things still have to be done by professional people, so it makes sense for the feed factory to exist, because the feed factory specializes in the research of feed formula. Self-made ingredients or the promotion of whole grains can't solve the profit problem. Everything is based on improving the survival rate and maximizing profits.

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