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The development trend of feeding equipment for pig industry

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The majority of livestock and poultry breeding countries in my country is mainly manifested in the number of output of the number of livestock and poultry breedingand meat, eggs, and milk increased year by year; The problem of severe environmental pollution and the quality of livestock products has emerged endlessly. While the breeding industry meets people's needs for the animal protein, it is also accompanied by a threat to human health and living environment, so that the further development of animal husbandry has shifted from resource consumption and quantity to resource conservation, environmental friendliness and benefits.


The pig farming industry is an important industry in my country's agriculture and the leading industry of animal husbandry. It has an important role in supplying meat food. The development of the pig industry is very important, which not only plays an important role in the social economy, but also is closely related to the lives of the people. As the main food on the table of ordinary people, any change of the price of pork will affect the price of other foods and even commodities, which is related to the country and people's livelihood.

In recent years, the production of large -scale pig farming equipment in the world has developed rapidly, and the development of pig farming equipment has prompted pig farmers to complete the transformation from the family sideline to scale to factory social types, making pig farming industry an independent industry A part of the production chain. In pursuit of greater interests, there are many large and medium -sized pig farms in various places adopting modern pig farming equipment, which is of positive significance for promoting the progress of the pig industry and the development of productive forces.

With the development of technology and the improvement of the economic level, the development level of the productivity of animal husbandry will gradually increase. The use of animal husbandry production equipment will become a choice. All intelligent farming equipment will begin to modernize pig farms and present the development trend.


1. The production of animal husbandry facilities and equipment will gradually break away from the chaos of separate governance and different standards, and realize the standardization, modularizaion and matching production of feeding and feeding equipment. Finally, the technological monopoly of enterprises will be broken to form a characteristic animal husbandry equipment production enterprise.

2. The combination of feeding equipment and animal welfare

The production performance and use efficiency of breeding and feeding equipment depend to a large extent on whether the design of the breeding and feeding equipment meets the characteristics of animal growth and development and whether it can meet the needs of animal lifestyle. Pay more attention to the "use experience". At present, most of the large -scale pig farms stay at the level of simultaneously pursuing sow production, and rarely consider animal welfare problems. This not only excessively extracts the productivity of pigs, shortens the production life of pigs, and makes them eliminated prematurely; it also affects the muscle health of growing and finishing pigs, and ultimately affects the quality of pork. If we can take advantage of the characteristics of the combination of breeding and feeding equipment and animal welfare, in the process of promoting the scale of the breeding industry, through the use of breeding and feeding management equipmentto spread the concept of animal welfare, and then change the concept of farming enterprises, the pig industry will be in line with animal welfare. direction of welfare.

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3. Energy saving and environmental protection feeding equipment

Rapid economic development is also burdened with high energy consumption and environmental pollution pressure, which is serious in the livestock industry, because large-scale pig production consumes large amounts of electricity resources and water  , and animal waste also threatens the surrounding environment. In order to save water, the design process of using water flushing feces should be reduced inbreeding equipment, and artificial feces cleaning or blistering or a combination of the two methods should be used instead. In order to save energy, the economical and practical local temperature control technology should be studied to change the traditional cooling or the heating way of pig houses, so as to realize the low energy consumption of pig farms. In order to reduce the feed residue in pig manure and reduce the waste of feed, the intelligent feeding equipment in the future should not only reduce energy consumption, but also improve the feeding rate of pigs from the point of view of pig feeding, so as to improve the utilization rate and conversion rate of feed, and finally the sustainable development of animal breeding industry by means of breeding machinery and equipment engineering technology. At present, our country rural economic development, labor force transfer, traditional type individually farmers raising pigs continuously reduce, large-scale pig farms will have a larger development space. 


With the improvement of people's living standards, the market demand for pork increases steadily, and the demand for large-scale pig breeding and feeding equipment will increase. Pig intelligent equipment and feeding technology can directly improve the efficiency of sows feeding, reduce the number of sows feeding, increase the benefits of breeding enterprises, quantity of pork supply, maintain the stability of the pork market, but also reduce the pig industry on feed resources demand pressure, reduce the damage to land, water resources and the environment. With the improvement of the level of pig industry management , intelligent pig feeding equipmentwill have a good prospect.


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