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A-type Manual Chicken Cage Equipment

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Most of the cages produced in my country are A-type Laryer Chicken Cage and H-type Battery Layer Chicken Cage.

The basic requirements of the cages for laying hens are that the appearance is flat without cracks, twists, and no welding and other material defects. When the cage frame  and chicken cages are assembled, they should be neat and beautiful. The structure is firm, not skewed, and does not shake. The chicken cage is made of cold-drawn steel wire spot welding, and the length of the cage is determined by the length of the chicken's gluttony.

The step-type breeding chicken cage is one of the primary breeding equipment for raising users. The matching chicken cages for the corresponding chicken breeds should be used to the chicken coop and the management method. The reasonable structure of the chicken cages should be selected to effectively and rationally use the breeding in the chicken coop. It can provide a comfortable and habitual growth environment for the chickens, ensure the healthy growth and egg production rate of the chickens, and improve the efficiency of the laying hen industry.

chicken cage (5)

Features of the stepped layer cage:

1. The mesh is smooth, preventing chicken feet from getting infected.

2. The separation net and bottom net are encrypted, which can effectively prevent feather pecking and anus pecking and laying hen fatigue syndrome.

3. The mesh is galvanized to improve the service life. (The current market for galvanizing is cold galvanized, hot-dip galvanized wire, and hot-dip galvanized)

4. High-density breeding saves land, is conducive to epidemic prevention and reduces the incidence of poultry diseases.

5. The special gate reinforcement design can effectively prevent the chickens from shaking their heads up and down when they eat, and waste feed. The cage door space is convenient for various operations on the chicken.

6. Scalability: It can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the site, and an automatic drinking water system can be installed.

7. The chicken manure conveyor belt is installed at the bottom, which effectively solves the pollution in the chicken house, and directly transfers the manure to the outside, reducing manual input.

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The advantages of A-type Laryer Chicken Cage are: no manure board is required at the bottom of the cage, and no manure cleaning system is required if it is a manure pit; the structure is simple; the ventilation and lighting surfaces of each layer of cage are large.

chicken cage (12)

Generally, chicken farms use shallow cages. The upper and lower cages of the stepped layer cages are staggered. The common ones are 3 to 4 layers. Each layer of layer cages has three layers of six or four layers. Five doors, four doors can be put into 16 chickens, five doors can be put into 15 chickens, the chicken coop is 187 cm long, 37 cm wide, 38 cm high at the front and 33 cm high at the back. The height of the equipment on the third floor is 150 cm and the width is 210 cm, and the height of the equipment on the fourth floor is 185 cm and the width is 220 cm.chicken cage (28)

The stepped layer cage has good feeding conditions and high egg production rate

Cage laying hens are raised indoors, and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, and air can be controlled artificially. At the same time, optimized high-protein feed can be formulated according to the nutrient requirements of laying hens, so that the egg production rate of the chickens throughout the laying period is high and stable.

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The stepped layer cage saves floor space and increases the stocking density

Chickens are raised instepped layer cage , and the cages can be arranged in a stepped or stacked type according to the needs, and the space of the chicken house can be fully utilized, thereby increasing the stocking density. Generally, 10 to 25 animals can be raised per square meter, which is 10 times higher than that of free-range breeding.

If the egg-breaking rate of the stepped layer cage is high, it may be that the chicken pecks the egg, the egg shell is thin, the egg-catching claws on the automatic egg collector are broken, and the eggs rolled from the cage net collide with the eggs on the egg belt, and the automatic The eggs from the egg collector collided with the eggs on the egg delivery line. You can use the electric shock wire, change the feed formula, find out the broken egg-catching claw and replace it, use the egg-stop wire, and adjust the height of the egg picker to make it buffer.

stepped layer cage facilitate disease prevention and control

The caged chickens are kept in isolation, which can effectively control the contact between chickens and the source of the epidemic. The chicken cages and chicken houses are also easy to disinfect, and chicken diseases can be detected in time through changes in chicken manure, chicken appetite, etc., and early measures can be taken to effectively control develop.

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The stepped layer cage saves feed and is conducive to the utilization of chicken manure

The feeding trough for caged chickens is fixed and isolated from the chickens. The feed is not easily wasted when the chickens eat, and it can save about 10% of the feed compared to the captive or free-range chickens. The manure of caged chickens is clean and easy to collect and use. It can be used as fertilizer, as well as for feeding pigs and raising fish.

If the stepped layer cage only drives the roller to rotate when cleaning the manure, and the manure conveying belt does not move, it may be stuck in the manure removal belt due to too much chicken manure. The manure conveying belt should be run regularly, and the expansion bolts at both ends of the drive roller should be tightened to remove foreign matter. If the chicken manure on the manure belt is thin, it may be that the drinking fountain is leaking, the connection of the sink is not well sealed, and the chicken is loose. To replace the drinking fountain in time, apply sealant to the connection and administer medicine for treatment.


If the feeding car does not go, the stepped layer cage may be due to the driving wheel rotating, the pulling rope not moving, the positioning plate on the driven wheel not in contact with the travel switch, the track wheel and the guide rail are jammed, and the motor is damaged. At this time, it is necessary to turn the ratchet wheel of the feeder, tighten the rope, adjust the position of the travel switch to make it contact, correct the guide rail to make it parallel, and replace the motor.

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During the operation of the stepped layer cage equipment, it is strictly forbidden to observe the operation status of the stepped layer cage equipment and open the relevant inspection openings for maintenance. During inspection, repair and maintenance, the staff must ensure that the main power switch is disconnected and blocked, otherwise it may cause serious injury accidents. There are two travel switches installed on the nose and tail of the machine, and the rail wheel of the feeder will stop running when any travel switch is encountered. It should be checked regularly whether the travel switch is sensitive, and if it fails, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it is easy to break the material truck, and even lead to serious consequences.

The stepped layer cage is easy to manage and reduce labor intensity

Using caged chickens to achieve centralized management, feeding, water feeding, egg collection, and manure cleaning are more convenient, thereby reducing labor intensity, saving labor time, and improving labor productivity.

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