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Selection, use and maintenance of fans in chicken farms

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Modern chicken farms are increasingly pursuing scientific, large-scale, and entrepreneurialization. The owner of the chicken farm will put the input and output benefits of chicken farming in the first place. The ventilation of the chicken farm is a very important thing for the chicken farm, especially The ventilation chicken farms in modern intensive farms is a big problem, and the fans of chicken farms are a powerful tool for ventilation of chicken farms. At this time, the importance of the fan is highlighted in the many equipment of the chicken farm. The choice of the installation location of the ventilation fan equipment in the chicken farm is very important. If the installation location is selected correctly, it can ensure that the fan can maximize the ventilation and cooling efficiency. If the choice is wrong, it will have no effect and waste money. Farm chickens have chicken plague and slow growth. Here I will tell you about the selection, use and maintenance of fan equipment in chicken farms.


1. Selection of fan

When selecting fan equipment, it is necessary to focus on the key components that affect the performance of the fan, such as: casing, air inlet hood, motor, fan blade, rotating assembly, and automatic opening device shutters. The choice of the fan casing mainly depends on the thickness of the coating of the cold galvanized sheet. Thin and easy to rust, should not be used; the fan inlet hood is made of galvanized steel and glass, and galvanized steel is the best choice; the matching motor power is 750 watts and 1100 watts, and the 1100-watt motor is selected as Good; there are many types of fans, and the materials are stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, and color steel. In terms of performance, stainless steel fan blades should be selected. The fan blades have a variety of shapes, and the shape and processing technology of good performance are complex; the rotating assembly has two types of die-casting aluminum and cast iron. In contrast, the performance of die-casting aluminum is better; the automatic shutter opening device includes centrifugal hammer type and gravity hammer. and wind blowing. From experience, the centrifugal hammer type is more stable, the gravity hammer type is easily affected by dust accumulation, and the opening and closing are easy to fail. The wind blowing type is mainly used for 36-inch fans. Blinds mainly depend on whether their tightness is good.


The installation position of the negative pressure fan in the chicken farm usually has two modes: horizontal installation and vertical installation.



The first option: the negative pressure fan is installed horizontally for ventilation and cooling. When the length of the chicken house where the negative pressure fan is installed in the chicken farm is short and the span does not exceed 10 meters, horizontal ventilation should be used. The installation position of the compressor should be determined on a solid wall that is firmly fixed on one side of the house, and an air inlet should be opened at the corresponding part of the wall on the opposite side of the negative pressure fan. Outside the house. The design of the installation position of this negative pressure fan requires that the exhaust air volume is slightly larger than the intake air volume, so that the air pressure inside the house is slightly lower than the air pressure outside the house, which is conducive to the automatic flow of fresh air outside the house into the house under the influence of this negative pressure.


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The second option: the negative pressure fan is installed vertically for ventilation and cooling. When the length of the chicken house of the chicken farm is more than 80 meters and the span is more than 10 meters, the installation position of the negative pressure fan should be longitudinally installed. On the side gable wall of the chicken house of the chicken farm, set up air inlets on the opposite wall of the fan or on the walls on both sides of the opposite wall, so that the fresh air can pass through the longitudinal diameter of the chicken house and be discharged out of the house under the action of negative pressure. It can be understood that a negative pressure fan is installed on one wall of the chicken house, and air inlets can be opened on the other three walls.


 3. Fan structure and working principle

The exhaust fan is mainly composed of fan blades, shutters, window opening mechanisms, motors, pulleys, air inlet hoods, inner frames, casings, safety nets and other components. When the machine is turned on, the motor drives the fan blades to rotate, and the window opening mechanism opens the shutters to exhaust air. The shutters close automatically when stopped.

4. Use and maintenance of ventilation exhaust fans

(1) The  exhaust fan should be protected and packaged during long-distance transportation. The fan should be placed vertically to avoid heavy pressure and collision. The handling process should be handled with care to prevent damage to the ventilation exhaust fan.

(2) A comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the ventilation fan should be carried out before each batch of chickens is raised. The bearing should be lubricated to check whether the straight triangle tape of the window opening mechanism is properly tight, and the dust accumulation on the fan blades, shutters, motors and other components should be removed.

(3). Pay attention to the ventilation fan voltage. When the ventilation fan is used correctly, the power supply must meet the requirements of the fan nameplate, and the upper and lower voltage deviation should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage. When the ventilation fan is stopped, it is strictly forbidden to use external force to open the shutters to avoid damaging the tightness of the shutters.


(4) The "equipment inspection - test machine" procedure must be carried out before the ventilation fan is installed. Equipment inspection should firstly see whether the equipment is deformed or damaged during transportation, whether the connecting parts are firm, and the tightness of the shutters (whether the window opening mechanism is normal, and whether the safety net is in place). The ventilation fan test machine depends on whether the air volume, noise, vibration and energy consumption are qualified. If an unknown fault is found, it should be stopped immediately.

(5). If the ventilation fan is not used for a long time, it should be sealed in a dry environment to prevent damage to the motor insulation. Apply anti-rust grease to rust-prone metal parts to prevent rust.

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