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Selecting the Optimal Feeding System for Breeders

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In the many feeding equipment on the market today, which one is the most effective for breeders? Simply mention a few - chain type, oval feeder, disc, manual feeder, Jiaolong feeder, rotary feeder and manual feeder.

The question should not be which system is more effective, but which system works better in a particular company. Most of the equipment can achieve good results if managed correctly. Generally, one-stop companies are willing to install the latest technology to improve the breeding effect. In fact, simple technology is as effective as it is done correctly.

Of course, some equipment requires more labor, so choosing a feeding system becomes a decision to see which can maximize efficiency and achieve the desired results.

There is not a fully automated feeding system. There are systems that can be set up to work a certain way, but still require human oversight to make them work effectively. In terms of raising chickens, there is no "automatic cruise" function. As managers, we often default to operating conditions without actually checking how well the farming procedures are being performed in the house.

In a closed animal feeding facility, what is the purpose of the feeding system? A feeding system allows many animals to eat in a short amount of time so that they all get their day's worth of feed. The goal is to give each bird the same opportunity to eat the same amount of feed at the same time. This is the concept of any feeding system.

automatic feeding line

Flock uniformity over the breeding cycle is critical to the maximum flowering potential of any breed of chicken. The higher the uniformity of a flock, the more stable the breeding performance will be as a result. The more stable the farming performance, the more repeatable and effective the farming program will be.

Flock uniformity starts with how much feed the chickens eat each day. Let's start by defaulting to nutrient levels and feed quality being up to scratch. The next step is how to distribute these nutrients evenly to each chicken.

Unreasonable feeding space and uneven feed distribution are the two main reasons for the poor uniformity of the flock. Good uniformity during rearing shows that 70-80% of birds are within +/- 10% of average body weight. If the uniformity is lower than 70%, the breeding effect is not good, which will affect the performance of the laying period; the flocks with more than 80% uniformity generally perform better.

Back to the original question: what is the most efficient feeding system? Again, most systems are very efficient if managed well, but no system is perfect. In an ideal world, we might feed each chicken individually - but that's not realistic. This is when we need management of equipment and people.

chicken farm equipment (5)

As flock managers, we have to decide in the coop what is better for our breeders. These decisions are based on our observation of the equipment in the house and the reactions of the flock.

We can see fluctuations in uniformity on paper, but how is our feeding system performing on a day-to-day basis? Is the feed being transported and distributed evenly each day? Is each bird finding its level on the feed line? Do chicken coop workers know the breeding procedures? Does he/she know how to make adjustments to the feeding system or who to call if there is a problem?

How long it takes to clear, pans are too high or too low, there is equipment damage, there are feed leaks...the list of problems is long, but none of them can be fixed with just a weekly report.

Farming poultry requires a hands-on approach. We make decisions through data, but we cannot abandon human contact. We had to confirm that the data was correct by walking around the coop. The best feeding system is one that is well managed.

Points to consider:

      Reasonable feeding space:

      Chain or trough = 15 cm > more than 12 weeks

      Round pan = 10-12 chickens/pan > over 12 weeks

      Oval pan = 14 chickens/pan > over 12 weeks

      Rotating pan = 10 lux minimum, good pellets and litter dry

      Progressive feeding space <12 weeks

Reasonable tray/line height

Feeding males and females separately when mixing groups

Feed form - powder, crushed or pellets

Chickens evenly distributed

Fast feed transport - chain feed in less than 3 minutes

The choice of equipment depends on:

     Is the labor sufficient?

     Animal Welfare Regulatory Requirements

     Effective feeding space compared to floor area

     Closed or open coop

     Brooding program and stall design

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