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Root causes of chicken farm failure: "lazy" management, "disordered" immunity, and "biased" thinking!

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With the passage of time, many farmers have grown slack and deviated from scientific breeding, which has reduced the efficiency of breeding and increased the risk of breeding.

Management is "lazy"

1.1  Toned down the disinfection. Some farmers think that the disinfection effect cannot be seen, which is both troublesome and troublesome, so they omitted it. The reason why pathogenic microorganisms are called microorganisms is because of their small size. In order to avoid people’s attack on them, they become invisible to you. When you see grass growing in the ground, you know how to eradicate it. If it does not exist, if it is not effectively eliminated, it is a typical "deception and deception". Pathogenic microorganisms rely on the group strength, and when their number increases and breaks through the body's defense capabilities, it will cause outbreaks of diseases. Scientific disinfection can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms in the environment, reduce their number, and reduce the chance of disease.


1.2  Ignores savings. Chicken farming itself is a low-profit industry, and waste is one of the important factors affecting the efficiency of farming. It is reported that the trough setting and design is unreasonable, and the trough is usually too full (especially used to feed once a day). This alone wastes at least 2 catties of feed per chicken per year, so it is particularly important to choose a high-quality automatic watering& feeding line.  He will avoid waste of feed and water for you for a long time; usually do not prevent rodents and birds, mice consume 10-15 catties of feed every year, sparrows consume 2-3 catties of feed, not only that, they are also the media of various pathogenic microorganisms , which brings difficulties to the prevention and control of bird flu.

1.3  Management has been lax. The habit of often going into the chicken coop to listen at night was gone, and the disease was already very serious when I found out. Like Newcastle disease, laryngotracheitis, bronchitis, and bursal disease, as long as you pay attention to it, it is not difficult to detect it early; there is no record in the chicken farm, and the mistakes made are repeated, and there is no basis for prevention and treatment. ; If you use nipple drinker, you don’t need to disinfect them. Algae grows in the water line and become the carrier of pathogenic microorganisms, which will affect the health and immune effect of the flock; when the water flows down the neck of the chicken, the water drops shine under the refraction of the light, attracting other chickens to eat, and the neck feathers are stripped early; the nipple water drinker leaks, and the feed is mildewed, especially the chickens like to eat it. The things in the gaps, if the wet and moldy feed is not cleaned out in time, there will be zero deaths and high mortality in the flock.

Feeding is unscientific, even once a day, which not only causes waste, but also prone to metabolic diseases (we recommend that laying hens are fed at least 3 times a day. The feeding method of "two nets and one leftover" is adopted The first feeding is around 4:30-5:00 in the morning. The early chickens that are fed will lay eggs early. The so-called frequent chickens. The feed should be sufficient the night before, and the feed should be fed as soon as there is feed in the trough in the morning. It is "one leftover"; at noon and evening, the chickens should be fed half an hour after eating the feed, so that the chickens can eat powdered vitamins and other nutrients to avoid metabolic diseases and uneven egg sizes. As "two nets").

feeder pan

Immune to "mess"

There is no distinction between good and bad immunization procedures. It is a scientific immunization procedure that is suitable for your own chicken coop and can prevent and control the main infectious diseases that are currently prevalent. Many chicken farms, due to partial listening, blind imitation, or in order to save trouble, messed up the immunization procedures that was originally suitable for them, resulting in low levels of disease antibodies and repeated epidemics in chicken farms.

2.1  The basic immunity is unreasonable. The most important Newcastle disease is not effectively immunized, and frequently drinks a large amount of water for immunization (in some places, laying hens uses nearly 10 times the amount of four-line drinking water for immunization once every half a month or a month), and chicken flocks are affected due to immune tolerance and other problems. Chickens with low antibody levels appeared continuously and became the source of persistent Newcastle disease infection. The author believes that drinking water for immunity, especially using nipple drinkers to drink water for Newcastle disease, is to fool oneself. In Newcastle disease immunity, special attention should be paid to the immunity of oil vaccines. In recent years, in combination with the prevention and control of H9 avian influenza, laying hens has been immunized once about Newcastle disease + H9 about 3 months after laying, and the effect is good.

2.2   Excessive use of joint seedlings. The more vaccines are linked, the better. The result of immunization is to stimulate the body to produce immunoglobulins. The more linked, the less likely the body will produce high-quality and sufficient antibodies within a certain period of time; each immunization will affect the body it will cause certain damage, the more combination, the greater the damage to the body, and even exceed the defense ability of the body, resulting in post-immune onset phenomenon; plus the interference between immunizations, so if time permits, it is best to use a single vaccine (not a combined vaccine) There is no benefit, it is still meaningful in saving time, effort, immunization time interval, etc.).

2.3 The use of vaccines is unreasonable. In order to save the trouble of chicken pox and Newcastle disease injection, chicken pox mixed with oil vaccine injection, larynx and tracheal drinking water, beak trimming and Newcastle disease I line was done together. I often do what I can to save trouble, so that immunity is not for producing good immunity, but for comforting my heart.

automatic drinking and feeding line

Thoughts are "biased"

3.1  The disorderly competition in the veterinary drug industry "engages" the farmers. Fierce and disorderly competition has caused professors and doctors, as well as service personnel in veterinary pharmaceutical factories, and local veterinarians to put down their airs and join the industry of villages, entering households, and entering chicken coops. Out of self-interest needs or self-righteous views, chicken farmers are confused, don't know who is good to listen to, and who is right. When an epidemic occurs, all kinds of so-called experts rely on a pair of scissors and a pair of eyes to determine the universe, ten people and ten opinions, the result was that the best time for treatment was delayed. So farmers should not forget that laboratory diagnosis is the most scientific.

3.2  The difference in the quality of veterinary drugs "scares" the farmers. The quality of veterinary drugs is uneven, and many manufacturers produce under-branded products in non-gmp workshops, so there are large differences in price and quality. In many cases, even if the disease is diagnosed correctly, the disease is often cured because of the quality of veterinary drugs. Over time, farmers do not believe in veterinary drugs or technologies, and fall into a confused situation. Therefore, it is the best policy to choose veterinary drugs from regular large-scale enterprises and be guided by experienced and qualified veterinarians.

3.3   The greedy heart "lures" the farmers. In order to compete, veterinary drug factories and feed factories continue to lure farmers with small favors and promotions, and farmers gradually lose their way. Under the temptation of prizes, inferior feed, veterinary drugs, and automatic equipment enter the chicken coop, which increases the risk of your farmers , the benefit is reduced. Here I can only tell the farmers that as long as you have a correct mindset, you will never be cheated if you don't take advantage of it.

Scientifically raising chickens is the first element of success, so continuous learning, improving the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and insisting on careful feeding and management of chicken flocks with scientific methods are the first homework that farmers should do at present.

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