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Little knowledge necessary for raising chickens, what equipment should be needed for raising chickens?

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As we all know, good chicken equipment is very important for raising chickens and obtaining higher egg production rate. But there are a lot of equipment for raising chickens, we can't choose blindly. We should choose according to the unused feeding method and the degree of mechanization. So, how do we choose the right chicken raising equipment? Now follow the editor to learn.

First of all, a cage is essential. There are many common chicken coops. High-quality broiler breeds are usually housed in single cages when mating. The cage is a big metal cage which is very convenient. Then there are single-layer cages, which are generally mechanized operations, whether it is feeding or water supply, are all mechanized operations. But everyone knows that the investment cost of this kind of cage is very high. If the breeder's sense of responsibility is not strong, mechanical accidents are prone to occur, and it is not easy to find unhealthy chicken raising phenomena, so they are rarely used in production.

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The full ladder cage is the main cage type for raising chickens at present. All the cages are staggered, and the manure can fall directly into the manure pit or the ground, without the troublesome installation of manure boards. Generally speaking, the amount of chickens raised per unit area is not large, but the production effect is very good. There are also semi-stepped cages and integrated stepped cages. The semi-stepped cages can reduce the investment cost of chicken house construction, and the construction is more difficult.

However, the construction difficulty of the integral stepped cage is lower than that of the semi-stepped cage, and the air quality in the overlapping part of this area is very good. Of course, there are different cages at different stages of raising chickens, such as brooding cages, broiler cages, etc.

The third equipment is the feeding equipment. The feed bucket should be selected according to different cycles. The small size should be selected during the brooding period, and the large size should be selected during the growing period. The second is the automatic feeding system, which mainly includes chain ring feeding system, screw feeding system and plug plate feeding system. In addition, a lifting device can also be set to adjust the feed height, which can not only reduce feed waste, but also facilitate the cleaning of the chicken house, which is very convenient.

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The fourth type of equipment is drinking water equipment, which is also very important. Drinking water equipment has sink type drinking water equipment. The device has a simple structure and has been widely used in our country. But there is also a disadvantage, that is, the waste of water is too large, and the water is easily polluted. During installation, care should be taken to keep the water tank on the same level as possible to prevent overflow and other phenomena. In addition, there are vacuum water dispensers, tower water dispensers and cup water dispensers, which can be purchased according to the actual situation of the chicken farm.

The fifth type of equipment is feces cleaning equipment. There are two main ways to clean manure in chicken coops: decentralized and centralized. Scattered stools can be cleared 2 or 3 times a day, concentrated stools every other day or over several months. Of course, some cleaners can also be used for cleaning, mainly including scraper type manure cleaner, conveyor belt manure cleaner, high bed regular cleaning, etc.

Ventilation is essential to the healthy growth of chickens. Ventilation methods mainly include natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.

Natural ventilation is mainly based on the temperature difference between inside and outside the chicken house and natural wind for ventilation. However, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the chicken house in summer is very small, and closing the chicken house in winter has a certain impact on the ventilation effect. Mechanical ventilation is the use of fans for forced air supply and exhaust. Mechanical ventilation is mainly divided into positive pressure ventilation and negative pressure ventilation. Positive pressure ventilation is the creation of a positive pressure zone in the house to allow dirty air to escape. Negative pressure ventilation is to form a negative pressure zone in the chicken house, and the outside air enters the chicken house through the air inlet.


The equipment in the chicken house also needs lighting equipment and cleaning and disinfection facilities in the animal room, which are also essential. Artificial lighting systems must be installed in the chicken house, and the light sources in the chicken house should be evenly arranged. In order to ensure the health of chicken flocks, there must be complete cleaning and disinfection facilities, including personnel cleaning and disinfection facilities, vehicle cleaning and disinfection facilities Huge on-site cleaning and disinfection facilities. The coop also needs some heating to ensure the chickens are in the right temperature environment.

Well, this is what the editor introduced to you. Do you know what equipment is needed to raise chickens? If you have any suggestions or comments, you can leave them in the comments section below. I look forward to your comments and comments. Thanks for your support

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