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raising chickens in summer! Do these five points well to double your profit from raising chickens

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Hot summer is coming. As the weather and temperature continue to rise, most of the pathogens are killed, and the number of outbreaks in chickens is much less. However, due to the high temperature in summer, large-scale casualties of chickens are prone to occur, so farmers must pay attention to the following five aspects of prevention in daily feeding and management!

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1. Pay attention to the temperature of the chicken coop

Chickens are very sensitive to heat. If the temperature in the chicken house is too high, the chickens will have heat stress reactions such as opening their mouths to breathe, half-opening their wings, and loss of appetite, and even cause large-scale death of the chickens. Therefore, cooling the chicken coop in summer is one of the must-do measures for chicken farms. You can sprinkle water on the chicken coop for physical cooling; or add a fan to maintain good air circulation in the chicken coop. This can not only take away the heat in the chicken house in time, but also reduce the peculiar smell in the chicken house, and keep the air in the chicken house healthy, cool and clean.

2. Ensure adequate drinking water

Because chickens have no sweat glands and have thick feathers on their bodies. In summer, the breathing rate of the chicken will increase, and the water evaporation in the chicken body will be larger. In summer, chickens mainly rely on a large amount of drinking water to cool down, and a lack of water in chickens may cause a large number of casualties. Therefore, drinking water in time is very important for the normal physiological activities of chickens. Farms should ensure that there is enough water in the chicken coop to ensure that each chicken can drink enough water.


3. Reduce stocking density

In summer, according to the temperature rise, properly adjust the breeding density of the chicken coop. Generally in summer, 4-5 chickens are raised per square meter. Generally, the area required to raise a chicken in a cage is 0.4 square meters, and there are 3 chickens per cage; 3 to 5 chickens can be raised per square meter for free-range chickens on the ground; 200-300 chickens per group are suitable for large groups of chickens, and the difference between groups and groups It is best to separate the rooms to ensure the air circulation in the chicken house.

4. Reasonable feeding

In summer, the amount of feeding needs to be reduced appropriately. The feed fed to the chickens needs to be fed in a small amount and many times, so as not to cause pollution and cause chicken diseases. In the high temperature season, the lighting method of turning on the lights early and turning off the lights early should be adopted, that is, turn on the lights at 3:00 am to 4:00 am and turn off the lights at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. And increase the number of feeds or cremes before the temperature rises in the morning to give the birds a cooler time of day to eat. At the same time, try to reduce the activities of the chickens, and stop feeding from 1:00 to 3:00 in the hot day every day to reduce the feeding activities of the chickens.

5. Pay attention to maintaining the hygiene of the chicken coop

The humidity in summer is relatively high. In an environment with relatively high humidity, chickens will have feathers sticking, bacteria breeding, arthritis, etc., which are likely to induce the occurrence and spread of diseases. Therefore, farmers must ensure that chicken manure and other excreta are cleaned up in a timely manner, and the ground of the chicken house must also be kept dry and clean to avoid the breeding of bacteria and viruses, which will cause chickens to get sick and bring losses to farmers.

The high temperature in summer has a great impact on the growth of chickens. In order to effectively ensure the health of the flock, we must do a good job in all aspects of management. In daily breeding, we must pay more attention to the situation of the chicken farm and take preventive measures in time

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