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Problems And Solutions in The Use of Chicken Raising Equipment

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1. Chicken feeding equipment

chicken feeding and drinking line

(1) Existing problems: In actual production, some enterprises and farmers have no basis to follow when choosing chain-type, traveling-type, and auger-type feeding equipment. How should they choose? How does the automatic feeding system ensure uniform feeding? Will the feed stored in the feed tower deteriorate during the high temperature period in summer? Can bulk trucks be equipped with metering equipment?

(2) Solution: When selecting feeding equipment, it is necessary to comprehensively consider feeding uniformity, dust generation, failure rate and cost of accessories. For example, the chain feeding equipment feeds evenly and generates less dust, but the failure rate and the cost of accessories are relatively high, and these indicators need to be weighed. The traveling-type feeding equipment is economical, simple, and evenly feeding, which is suitable for China's national conditions; the chain-type feeding equipment is suitable for broiler breeding, and the auger-type feeding equipment has better control of feeding speed, flock stress, and feed waste. The noise of the driving feeding equipment is relatively small, the degree of feed crushing is low when used, and the dust generation is very small after the cover is added on it. Tests have confirmed that the use of the auger feeding system can save 5-10 grams of feed per chicken, and the idling of the auger can also stimulate the flock to eat.

In fact, some feeding systems are now equipped with automatic feeding devices, which can not only ensure uniform feeding, but also reduce the labor intensity of manual feeding, but the feeding device will also cause blockage when it encounters chicken feathers, which needs further improvement. . Now some bulk trucks are equipped with automatic metering devices, which can ensure the accuracy of ingredients. The storage time of feed in the feed tower should not be too long, and the feed will not deteriorate in a short time (2-3 days).

2. Chicken drinking water equipment


(1) Problems: What is the function of drinking nipples with drinking cups in brooding and brooding chickens? What is the function of the intermediate sink in the laying hen cage? The water supply system needs to be improved: chickens in large chicken houses cannot drink water at the same time, and the time difference is 1 hour or more. In addition, there are problems such as deformation of the drinking line and lack of water line recoil device.

(2) Solution: The nipple drinker is equipped with a drinking cup, which can prevent chickens from getting their feathers wet when drinking water. The drinking cup should be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria. The water tank in the middle of the chicken coop is mainly used for receiving water when replacing the nipple, and it should be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt. To solve the problem that chickens cannot drink water at the same time, the main pipe of the drinking water pipe can be thickened to increase the water pressure, or each layer can be supplied with water separately, and the lights can be turned off after a period of time, which can ensure that the chickens can drink water at the same time. At present, many chicken farms are accustomed to drinking water for administration, but the powder medicine will be blocked by the filter after being added, which will affect the administration effect. The filter needs to be flushed regularly, and the water line should be cleaned regularly, but strong acids and cannot be used. The waterline is easily deformed when it is used for a long time or when the season changes, which is related to the quality of the waterline. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the installation is in place.

3. Chicken cage equipment

chicken cage

(1) Problems: What are the advantages and disadvantages of stacked chicken cages? The depth of the chicken cage (600mm, 620mm, 750mm), the height (430mm, 450mm), the feeding capacity of a single cage (6, 8, 10), and the distance between the cages are appropriate? How to solve the problem of chickens running out of the cage and channeling the cage? What is the effect of using this cage to raise breeders?

(2) Solution: The layered cage of laying hens has the following advantages: saving land, reducing civil construction investment, and large feeding volume per unit area; high degree of mechanization, reducing labor intensity and labor costs; The environment of the chicken house can be controlled artificially, reducing the The impact of the external environment on chickens; chicken manure can be processed in time to reduce environmental pollution. It also has the following disadvantages: strong dependence on energy; relatively high energy consumption; high stocking density in a single building, increasing the risk of biosecurity

The cage layer spacing should be moderate, otherwise it will affect the growth of chickens. Running chickens and channeling chickens can be achieved by adjusting the height of the baffle. The appropriate size of the chicken cage is not only to consider the investment cost, but also to consider the convenience of the equipment.

4.Chicken lighting equipment

(1) Problems: Which type of lighting is suitable for the chicken coop? How to arrange more reasonable?

(2) Solution: Most chicken farms now use energy-saving lamps. One problem is that the service life of energy-saving lamps is not long. Adding a spherical cover to the lamp can play a role of waterproof and prolong the service life. For multi-layer caged laying hen houses, the lighting should be arranged in a staggered manner and not on the same horizontal line. At present, there are not many aquaculture enterprises dimming energy-saving lamps, and not dimming will shorten their service life. Using LED lights is easy to adjust the light intensity, and there are two methods of DC dimming and AC dimming, which are easy to operate.

5. Chicken environmental control equipment

ventilation system

(1) Existing problems: Environmental control equipment includes ventilation fans, transoms, water curtains and controllers, etc., and many problems will also be encountered in production, such as the problem of heating the chicken house in winter, the house is dry and dusty, how to control respiratory diseases and Dust problems, unbalanced environment in large chicken houses, and ventilation dead corners at the front end of the chicken house, etc.

(2) Solution: For the problem of drying and heating of the chicken house in winter, the air can be heated and humidified at the air inlet of the chicken house to prevent the air from drying out. It is more economical to use coal-fired boilers for heating in brooding houses, but it does not meet the requirements of environmental protection, the use of gas is expensive, and the air quality in the house is poor, so electric heating can be considered. The unbalanced environment in the chicken house and the existence of ventilation dead corners are related to the effective ventilation volume and the minimum ventilation volume. In order to effectively control the ventilation volume, some companies use variable frequency fans. The control of the air volume in actual application is not accurate. In production, it is necessary to use switch control. main.

6. Chicken Egg collection equipment

(1) The problem of storage: the egg conveyor belt is often dusty, which will stain the surface of the eggs; the egg collecting claws are easily broken, which is inconvenient to replace; how to avoid egg collision and reduce damage when picking eggs; Fecal leakage.

(2) Solution: The egg conveyor belt should be cleaned regularly. Some farms' equipment is equipped with an automatic cleaning device----a brush. If there is no brush, manual cleaning will be performed, but automatic cleaning can greatly reduce the feeding rate. labor intensity of employees. In addition to considering the convenience of replacement, the egg-collecting claws should be designed to use high-quality materials as much as possible; in order to avoid the collision of eggs, the transmission speed of the conveyor belt should be set reasonably, and a buffer device can also be considered.

7. Chicken manure and dead chicken treatment facilities

(1) Existing problems: Many chicken farms use manure scrapers to remove manure, which not only takes a long time (about 45 minutes each time), but also twists back and forth with the manure scraper, and the chicken manure becomes very thin, which is not easy to handle; dead chickens There is no unified standard for processing, and there is a lack of matching processing facilities.

(2) Solution: At present, some chicken farms make full use of the heat energy of the chicken house to dry the chicken manure to a certain extent and then clean it up, so that it will not cause environmental problems. Some enterprises are considering investing in biogas power generation equipment.pointed out that biogas power generation is not suitable for all enterprises, and everyone should do what they can. The electricity price is controlled by the state, which is not cost-effective in terms of economic benefits. In some countries such as Japan, chicken manure is generally processed by natural compost fermentation, which is simple and feasible. At present, most chicken farms deal with dead chickens by incineration or deep burial. If the measures are not in place, it will cause environmental pollution.

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