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Poultry House Ventilation | Temperature, Seeing May Be Deceiving

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Let me share an experience. For rooms with the same room temperature, you may still feel hot in the room at that room temperature in summer, but you may still feel cold in the same room in winter.

This feeling is caused by the huge difference in the combined heat transfer of convection and radiation between the human body surface and the indoor environment between winter and summer.

The outside temperature is also 25°C. The radiation heat transfer in winter is five times that of summer, and the combined heat transfer of convection and radiation is three times that of summer.

Because more heat is lost in winter, you will feel cold in winter. In summer, you will feel hot because you cannot dissipate heat in time. You must also sweat through the skin to increase evaporative heat dissipation.

Look at this picture, the air is the same 25℃, but the body temperature is indeed a different 25℃.

chicken house

Thermal radiation is often difficult to detect, and it is not easy for us to measure it.

In a chicken house, even if there is no contact, the temperature of the surrounding environment, equipment, and walls will affect the body temperature of the chickens. This is also the reason why chickens in chicken houses that are not fully preheat in winter tend to be colder and require a higher target temperature. 

In summer, chicken houses with poor roof insulation performance tend to feel hotter inside the chicken house.Therefore, in addition to being airtight, the chicken house must have thermal insulation performance.

In addition to thermal radiation, most breeding practitioners also know to pay attention to the value of the chickens' felt temperature and understand that the displayed temperature cannot represent the feeling temperature of the chickens.

Other common factors that affect body sensation include:

Humidity (corresponding to the influence of evaporative heat dissipation), wind speed (corresponding to the influence of convection heat dissipation), feeding (corresponding to the increase in heat caused by body heating), density (corresponding to conduction and radiation heat dissipation, and may also affect the influence of convection and evaporative heat dissipation), etc. 

In addition to these, it is also necessary to consider whether the probe temperature can replace the temperature felt by the chickens. This involves the temperatures at different cage levels and locations, as well as the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cage.

chicken farm (4)

The difference between different cage layers is that hot air rises and cold air sinks.The temperature in the upper layer is often slightly higher than that in the lower layer, but when the chicken cage is raised in 4 layers, or the air layer in the upper part of the chicken cage is thinner, the top layer may also be lower.

There will also be situations where the temperatures on the 1st and 2nd floors are close and the temperatures on the 3rd and 4th floors are close to each other on the 4th floor.

Of course, this is different from the season, and the ventilation volume is also different. It is recommended testing it and have an idea. Although this difference is not big, it is often easy to adapt to the growth of the chickens.

Temperature differences at different locations, which may involve the effects of wind speed and tightness.

In practice, for chicken houses that are well-sealed and have high-quality fan performance, this difference is often not big. However, you may want to pay attention to summer. If the fan is not used enough, heat will accumulate in the middle and rear sections and affect the body weight.

There are often differences between the inside and outside of the cage. The chicken cage is a bit like a small house for chickens. Ventilation with the outside world often depends on the side, like a window.

chicken farm equipment (5)

The temperature inside the cage is often slightly higher than outside the cage, which is related to the density and size of the chickens. When the chickens produce less heat and the wind speed is higher, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cage is often smaller, and the probe temperature may more easily represent the temperature inside the cage.

In addition, the displayed temperature often only represents the temperature at the probe location, and whether it represents the average temperature of the entire group remains to be discussed.

Therefore, the temperature you see displayed on the thermometer or environmental controller is often significantly different from the actual temperature felt by the chickens.

The more you observe and the more comprehensive you consider it, the better you will understand the overall status of the chickens.

Understanding the true feelings of the chickens and scientifically interacting with the environmental control devices has always been the direction we chicken farmers are pursuing.

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