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The most powerful large-scale farming: people raise equipment, equipment raises chickens, chickens raise people!

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With the continuous improvement of the scale of broiler farming around the world, relying on automatic equipment for breeding must be the development direction of the breeding industry.

Therefore, managers of large-scale farms should establish the concept of "people raise equipment, equipment raise chicken, and chickens (ducks) raise people". For example, chickens (ducks) cannot drink water due to  the water lines blocked, chickens (ducks) suffer from cold due to improper ventilation, and chickens (ducks) are overheated to death due to improper activation of cooling pads, etc.


When it comes to large-scale farming, equipment cannot be avoided, such as automatic water line, automatic feeding line, bulk silo, fan, fog line, cooling pads, the water pump for cooling pads, transformer, generator, the grid frame, dosatran, filter Devices, purifiers, vaccine sprayers, humidifiers, anemometers, negative pressure gauges, air quality measuring instruments, frequency conversion pumps, water meters, feeding counters, heaters, boilers, cleaning vehicles, disinfection vehicles, high-pressure spray guns, crematoriums , electric oven, wet and dry bulb thermometer, etc., Are all necessary in large-scale farming.

However, due to various reasons, we have many problems in the selection, purchase, use and maintenance of equipment, which affects the safety and effect of breeding.

Here, for the management details of the main breeding equipment in large-scale farms, this article is sorted out, hoping to be helpful to the management and rational use of equipment in the farm.

automatic drinking and feeding line

1. Management of drinking water system

(1) Daily monitoring of waterline

Drinking water for broilers must be available 24 hours a day. If the drinking water supply is insufficient, whether it is insufficient water quantity or insufficient number of drinking fountains, it will reduce the growth rate of broilers. In order to ensure that the chickens get enough drinking water, the ratio of feed intake to drinking water should be observed every day.

It is very important to monitor the water consumption of the flock by  water meter every day. The observation of water consumption can be used not only to monitor the condition of some systems (feeding and automatic drinking system), but also to monitor the health status of the flock and evaluate the production performance.

Adjust the pressure of the drinking water system according to the age of the chickens. Water pressure that is too high will result in water leaks and soggy litter, while water pressure that is too low will reduce the flock's water intake and thus feed intake. During the brooding period, it is advisable to show that the water pressure height of the tube is 8-12cm.

chicken farm equipment (3)

(2) Automatic waterline height adjustment

In the brooding stage, the nipple drinking water system should be set at a lower position, and the height should be 35~45° from the angle between the back of the chicken and the ground, that is, the height of the lower edge of the nipple should be equal to the eye of the chicken; as the chickens grow, the waterline gradually increases until the angle between the back of the chicken and the ground is 75-85°. At this time, the broiler needs to stretch slightly to drink water.

(3) The water line needs to be cleaned regularly

Large-scale broiler farms carry out drinking water, medication, vaccine drinking water immunization, etc., All through the water line. If it is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria and algaes are easy to breed on the pipe wall. On the one hand, it will cause drinking water pollution. Can cause nipple blockage. Therefore, the farm should regularly clean and maintain the waterline.

(4) Management of dosatron

Most chicken farm water lines are equipped with a dosatron, which is a common part of the water line and is used as a tool for injecting vaccines, medicines, and drinking system products, but it is also a weak link in thedrinking water system.Poultry farms often use large uncovered buckets as containers to prepare and hold concentrated solutions, and these buckets often become a potential source of contamination to the waterline. Containers with lids should be used to prevent foreign matter from entering the waterline.


2. Management of feeding system

The feeding tray of the automatic feeding line should be gradually increased with the increase of the age of the chicken, and the adjusted height should not affect the feed intake of the broiler chicken. Generally, the height is maintained after being adjusted to 24 days old. When the weight of the chicken is too large at the age of 30 days, and the plump breast muscles are not conducive to raising the head to eat, then the feed line is lowered. When the group feeds, carry out slight rushing to stimulate feeding.

Regularly check whether the level sensor is properly installed to prevent material leakage.


3. Ventilation system management


The requirements for ventilation management are: to discharge excess heat and harmful gases in the chicken house through ventilation, and to prevent cold air from blowing directly on the chickens to cause cold stress.

In order to effectively control the environment of the chicken house, it is very important to control the state of the air inlet above the side wall of the chicken house. The opening size, direction and quantity of the air inlet should be changed according to the number of fans which turned on. Generally, the negative pressure in the house is kept at 20~25, and the wind speed at the air inlet should reach 4-4.6m/s, so that the cold air can rush to the roof and mix with the hot air.

When the chicks are 1 day old, the oxygen delivered by the heating system can meet the oxygen needs of the chicks without additional ventilation.

automatic chicken house (2)

At the age of 2 days, open the ventilation window 2~3cm for natural ventilation. At the age of 3 days, start to turn on the most distal side fan, with a cycle of 3-5 minutes.

According to the principle of step-by-step, increase the ventilation time and ventilation volume every day. By about 10 days, when the grouping of chickens can reach half of the chicken house, it is generally required to turn on the fan for more than 120 seconds in each cycle to ensure thorough ventilation and uniform ventilation. When one fan reaches 75% of the ventilation capacity, add the second fan in time.


4. Cooling system management


Before the broiler is 26 days old, it is not advisable to take cooling measures with a cooling pad, which may easily cause the chicken to catch cold. Generally, when the longitudinal fans are all turned on and the wind speed reaches 1.7-2m/s, the cooling effect cannot be achieved before considering using water curtains to cool down.

The cooling system is best controlled by a humidistat. The opening and closing time of the water curtain must be determined by observing the cooling pad . If the cooling pad is completely dry before the cooling pads pump is turned on, the opening time should be increased and the closing time should be reduced; if the cooling pad is not dry or the color is not to make it shallower, you need to reduce the opening time and increase the closing time.

When the cooling pads start to dry and when it starts to get wet, the cooling pads the water pump is controlled to switch on and off. This kind of evaporation effect is the most effective, that is, it is wet when it is dry, and the water cannot flow for a long time.

When you first start using the cooling pads, it is recommended setting the water filling time at 8~15 seconds, the water temperature should be controlled at 29~30°c, and the interval time is 5~8 minutes, and the water curtain will be wet by 1/ 3 is appropriate. In the future, with the increase of temperature and age, gradually increase the watering time and reduce the residence time until the manual mode is adopted.


Pay attention to the following points when opening the cooling pads:

(1) When opening the cooling pads, the small window should be closed, and the cold air will enter from the wet curtain.

(2) The hottest part of the chicken coop is at 2/3, and the breeder should enter the shed in time to observe the degree of heating of the chickens.

(3) Ice cubes can also be used to cool down with cooling pads.

(4) Try not to load materials when using the cooling pads, and give sufficient drinking water.

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