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Poultry breeding automation is the future trend

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More and more large-scale farms have replaced small-scale rural farmers in the past and become the main force in the animal-derived food market. When we focus on these new modern, automated and intensive large-scale farms, farming equipment has become the top topic we have to talk about. What kind of equipment is suitable to choose? The scale of farming and the operation of capital investment are the first considerations for all investors.


When it comes to investing in chicken farms, there are two hottest words now, one is "scale" and the other is "sustainable". Large-scale farming is characterized by a large population, a high degree of automation of farming equipment, and the corporateization of farms. Here we emphasize "automation" rather than "mechanization" of farming equipment. At present, the poultry raising equipment of domestic large-scale farms can basically be mechanized, such as the use of driving feeders. Many farmers believe that the use of driving cars has freed people from the heavy labor of carrying feed bags and feeding chickens every day, but this feeding method cannot adapt to the needs of large chicken farms with tens of thousands of chickens. Production needs. "When to feed? How much to feed? How to feed uniformly?" are big questions. In other words, poultry farming equipment must be automated after being mechanized in order to match "scale" farms.

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The "sustainable" development of farming has been proposed as early as a few years ago, but it has been gradually recognized in the use of equipment in recent years that automated farming equipment can also contribute to sustainable development. The use of automated breeding equipment can greatly improve the breeding environment of the chicken coop. When the breeding environment is improved, the overall health of the chickens will be improved, the resistance to diseases will also be improved, and the use of drugs will be virtually reduced. And the establishment of the automated chicken house forms a relatively sealed small environment, which is conducive to the environmental control of the chicken farm. In addition, automated chicken coops save more breeding resources such as feed and fuel.

As we all know, manpower is relatively expensive in Western countries. Farming, a social activity that once required a lot of manpower, has now been replaced by machines and very few people. Therefore, chicken farms in western countries have a high degree of automation, and chicken farms are even unmanned on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In a chicken house with a very high stocking density, when to raise the temperature, when to ventilate, when to feed, when to control the light, etc. These daily house work is determined by the central control computer of the chicken house and Issue instructions to control other devices to complete. Due to precise control, the data of farms in developed countries is very good, with relatively high feed-to-meat ratio and feed-to-egg ratio.


How far is the poultry farming equipment to complete the transformation from "mechanization" to "automation"? we can seek breakthroughs from the following aspects:

automatic drinking and feeding line

The establishment of a new farming theory may bring about a revolution in farming equipment. For example, the establishment of the wet curtain cooling theory. The use of wet curtains is a great change in the ventilation system of poultry farming equipment. The use of this new technology has greatly improved the data of poultry farming in summer and hot areas. In the high temperature environment outside, the chickens in the house can also maintain a good survival rate, feed-to-meat ratio or feed-to-egg ratio. It is worth noting that the theoretical research on aquaculture equipment requires the joint efforts of multidisciplinary talents, which is caused by the special use environment of aquaculture equipment. Machinery, electronic computer technology, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine... The development of future technology may be integrated into more other disciplines, such as optics.


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The development of a new technology not only promotes the vigorous development of its own discipline, but also promotes the expansion of other fields to varying degrees. For example, touch-screen mobile phones and touch-screen tablet computers have become popular in recent years. Today's technology is changing with each passing day, and mobile phones have more and more functions. Is it true that one day the automatic control of the chicken coop can be realized by downloading an application software on the mobile phone? Maybe this will be what chicken coop managers do every day in the near future



China's poultry farming has its own characteristics different from western countries, such as epidemic prevention. China's regional epidemics and traditional farming methods and methods determine that many times of epidemic prevention must be done in poultry farming. The preparations and methods of each epidemic prevention are different. In small-scale breeding, epidemic prevention can be solved by manpower, but when the scale of breeding is expanded by hundreds of times or thousands of times, it is obviously unrealistic to solve this problem by manpower alone. This requires proper adjustment of breeding equipment, such as improving drinking water equipment, so that chickens can be immunized with the least amount of manpower.


Although this is not necessarily related to the automation of farming equipment, it can indeed greatly promote the development of the farming equipment industry. If the financing channels are more diverse and convenient, the establishment of large-scale farms will be easier to achieve. Fully automated farming equipment will surely become the first choice of investors. Where there is demand, there will be a market, and the market determines product orientation. The farming equipment industry will also take advantage of the wind of large-scale farms to develop better. The automation of poultry farming equipment is only a gap in time. This path of automation has already begun to take shape, and it will eventually go longer and longer in the near future.

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