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Modern Chicken Water Supply System

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Water issues are very important for chickens, especially mechanized chicken raising that must be equipped with reliable automatic drinking water equipment. The normal operation of drinking water equipment is inseparable from the water supply system, and it must be matched with a good water supply system to achieve satisfactory results. The water supply system consists of filters, pressure reducing devices and pipelines.


1. filter

The function of the filter is to filter out impurities in the water and improve the water quality. It requires a large water passing capacity and a certain filtration capacity, so that the pressure reducing device and the drinking fountain can work normally. The filter consists of a shell, a release valve, a sealing ring, an upper gasket tube, a lower gasket tube, a spring and a filter element. The filter housing is made of ABS plastic (or aluminum). The upper cover and the housing are connected by trapezoidal threads. A foam plastic filter element is installed in the center of the inner cavity. Both ends of the upper cover adopt tapered pipe threads with good sealing performance, and there is a release valve on the top for installation and release.

2. Pressure reducing device

The water source of chicken farms is generally tap water or water from water towers. The water pressure is about 49 to 392kPa, which is suitable for sink-type drinking water equipment. However, nipple-type, cup-type, gravity-flow (pendant-type), and bell-shaped drinking water equipment all require relatively large amounts of water. Low water pressure. Moreover, the pressure must be controlled within a certain range, which requires a pressure reducing device at the front end of the drinking water pipeline to achieve the technical requirements of automatic pressure reduction and pressure stabilization. Pressure reducing devices are divided into two types: water tank type and pressure reducing valve type.


The water tank type pressure reducing device is the simplest and most commonly used device, consisting of a box body, a tank cover, a float valve assembly, etc. The box body and lid are generally made of non-toxic plastic (fiberglass, steel plate and other materials can also be used). There are holes on both sides of the box. One side is the water inlet hole, and the float valve assembly is installed. The other side is the overflow port. The bottom of the box There is a water outlet. The characteristics of the water tank type pressure reducing device are: easy to use, small water level fluctuations, and stable pressure. Suitable for nipple-type, cup-type, and pendant-type (self-flowing) drinking water equipment. The advantage is that it can be equipped with a dosing system that slowly releases the medicinal solution, which not only functions to reduce and stabilize the pressure, but also has the function of dispensing the medicinal solution to facilitate the drinking of medicine, disease treatment and epidemic prevention of the breeder flocks.


The pressure reducing valve type pressure reducing device consists of a pressure reducing valve, a buffer, a union, a gate valve and a water pressure gauge. The main component is a pressure reducing valve. The pressure reducing valve consists of a valve body, a valve cover, a connecting seat, a spring sleeve, a valve cap, a piston, a bellows, a spring, etc. Its working principle is that when water with a certain pressure enters the pressure reducing valve, through the action of bellows, springs, pistons, etc., when the pressure is reduced to the required value, it flows out from the other port into the drinking fountain. When the chickens drink water, the flow of water in the pipeline increases and the water pressure decreases. The pressure reducing valve maintains stable pressure in the water supply pipe through the adjustment of springs and bellows.

The main parameters of the pressure reducing valve: pressure adjustment range 30~70kPa; applicable water pressure range, the pressure in front of the valve is 100~600kPa; pressure fluctuation range: when the pressure in front of the valve changes within 100~600kPa, the pressure setting behind the valve The variation range is ±25kPa.

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