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Mess Free Elbow Chicken Feeder

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Chickens make a mess with their feed. This easy to make Chicken Feeder will prevent waste going on the ground, feed getting pooped on, feed getting wet and rodents getting into it.

chicken feeder kit 2)

A large container with lid.  Note: I like the clear containers, so I can easily see when it needs a refill. However, the clear plastic will dry rot in the sun faster than other containers, so be sure to keep the feeder in 100% shade so it lasts longer.



Simply fill with mash, crumble, or cracked grains and the Elbow Feeder is ready for your hens.

Reduces waste! Hens can’t drag or scratch feed out of the feeder.

Less spilled feed = less invitation to rats, mice, squirrels and wild birds.

Encourages consumption of “fines”. Elbow design reduces hens ability to sort, resulting in better utilization of the whole feed bag.


Feeding hole prevents rain and snow from spoiling feed. Leaves, dirt, droppings and other debris stay out.Can also be used to supply oyster shell or grit.


chicken feeder port (4)

Trace elbows on 4 equally spaced sides of the bucket about 2 to 3 inches from bottom of the bucket. Ensure that the elbow (with elbow pointed down) will not touch the bottom of the inside bucket, if it does move your positioning up. Cut holes with hole saw or jig saw (drill a pilot hole first for jigsaw).



Position the elbows pointed down inside the bucket. (If used a holesaw, you may have to use a heat gun to heat up around the hole to push the elbows through) Leave about 1/2 inch to 1 inch of the elbow extending out of the bucket. With all the elbows positioned and pointed down, apply caulk against where the elbow meets the inside wall of the bucket. (Don't apply it to the outside of the bucket and elbow as the chickens will peck it and pull it off)


To train birds to the feeder, first remove all other sources of food. Chickens are creatures of habit and will always choose the option they are accustomed to.


Set the bucket on wood or cement blocks. The base of the feeder should be at chest height of the shortest hen (approx. 8"). Chickens cannot bend their bodies to access the feeder if it’s on the ground.


For the first feeding, add extra food into the feeding port. Chickens will more readily learn how to use the feeder if they can access the feed without having to crane their necks.


Do NOT allow feeder to run empty, otherwise hens will fight for space during refill.

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