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Layer Breeding Equipment

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1. Layer cage: multi-layer feeding, easy to manage.

2. Fecal cleaning equipment: the fecal cleaning machine can realize unmanned management, automatically clean feces at fixed time, set any time, operate simply and quickly, improve the environment in the house and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

3. Feeding equipment: large chicken farms will be equipped with automatic feeder equipment, which can realize automatic feeding.

4. Ventilation and cooling equipment: the fan and wet curtain equipment are two kinds of equipment used to ventilate and cool the chicken house. Reasonable ventilation can remove some harmful gases from the chicken house and provide a comfortable growth and production environment for the chickens.

5. Water supply equipment: there are many types of drinking water equipment, such as nozzle type and cup type. Considering water conservation and prevention of bacterial pollution, nozzle drinking is an ideal water supply equipment.

Phoenix Animal Husbandry Equipment Company specializes in the production of various poultry feeding and drinking equipment.

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