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Introduction to the feeding towers needed to install the pig farm feeding line

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The installation of the pig farm feed line needs to be used together with the feed tower, which is mainly used to store dry powder or granular compound feed for feeding in the house. Nowadays, in large-scale farming, a storage tower is generally built at one end or one side of each pig house or chicken house. It can be said that the storage tower is an indispensable breeding equipment for the development of modern farming.

The galvanized storage tower is also called the feed storage tower and the feed tower. It is composed of the main body of the silo, the flip cover, the ladder, the column and other parts. It is a kind of storage equipment suitable for large-scale and medium-sized farms. The feeding port is equipped with feeding equipment, which can deliver feed to the house at regular intervals. It is made of galvanized iron sheet, most of which are round, and the lower part is conical or conical.


There is a charging port on the top of the material tower, and a rectangular discharge trough at the bottom of the Z. The feed in the tower is transported to the material box of the feeding machine in the house through the conveyor. In order to prevent the feed from arching overhead in the tower, a vibrator is generally installed at the bottom of the tower or an arch breaking device is installed at the cone. The vibrator is controlled by a pressure sensor. When the feed flows in the tower, the sensor is affected by the pressure of the feed so that the vibrator does not work, otherwise, the opposite is true. 

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According to the production materials, the material tower is divided into: galvanized material tower, carbon steel storage tower, glass steel storage tower, etc. In addition, the volume of the storage tower is also different, and the storage tower can be divided into many models according to the volume.


Features of galvanized tower


1. The wall of the galvanized sheet tower is made of steel with tension, and has been treated with electroplating coating, so it has a long service life.

2. The 40° roof of the silo provides greater strength and capacity for the silo, and can also prevent rainwater from entering the silo.

3. The shape of the funnel at the bottom of the material tower is designed to provide conditions for feed transportation.

4. Movable bin cover, which can open, close and lock the bin on the ground.

5. The side ladder of the material tower has an anti-skid design, which is not only safe and reliable, but also convenient for observation, installation and maintenance of the material tower.

Choosing the right feed tower can not only facilitate the storage of feed, but also save labor intensity and improve efficiency. It can also save worry when installing the feed line of the pig farm, making feed transmission fast and smooth.


The use of feed towers in farms has brought new changes to feeding, facilitated the feeding process, improved feeding efficiency, and had a great impact on improving production efficiency. How to prolong the service life of the material tower, the following points should be paid attention to daily.


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Tower storage area

 1. High temperature

In summer, the temperature is high, the internal sealing of the material tower is good, the air flow is slow, and the temperature inside the material tower can reach about 50°. When the storage temperature of the feed is lower than 10°, the growth rate of the mold is slow, and it will grow rapidly if it is higher than 30°, which will easily cause a serious decline in the quality of the feed. The feed is also prone to oxidation and deterioration when the temperature is high and the humidity is high. Summer is the time when the feed deteriorates.


2. Mold

It is impossible to clean the feeding tower in many pig farms. The waste and material surface stored in the feeding tower for a long time will easily breed a large amount of mold in a high temperature and high humidity environment, which will bring great harm to the production of pig farms.


3. Increase in powder

The feed is conveyed by the transport vehicle, and will be transported to the material tower by using the auger. This process is easy to increase the amount of powder, and it will cause mildew in the high temperature and high humidity environment.


What daily maintenance should be done in advance to deal with the above problems?


1. The feed in the feed tower should be cleaned after each use, especially the inner wall of the feed tower and the hopper at the bottom are easy to accumulate waste, which will lead to moldy feed being transported to the pig house after a long time, causing pig herd disease.

When the material line conveys feed, the feeding speed should be controlled. If the speed is too fast, the amount of feeding at the bottom will be large, which will easily cause the material line to be blocked and affect the operation of the material line, and the engine cannot run normally.



2. The installation of the feeding tower should not be less than 1 meter away from the pig house, which is convenient for installing the feeding line.


3. Check in advance whether the seal of the feed tower is intact, especially whether the cover of the feed tower is tight enough to reduce the probability of feed contamination.


4. The weighing device at the leg of the material tower should be calibrated frequently.

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