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How To Use Chain Feeding System in Breeder Farm

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1 Principles and characteristics

The main configuration of the chain feeding system: material box, driving equipment, material trough, corner device, chain piece, grille, lifting frame, etc. Each chain piece is connected to form a chain, and the driving device is turned on to pull the chain to push the feed in the feed box into the feed trough.

It has the characteristics of fast and even feeding, stable operation, not easy to wear, simple operation, convenient maintenance, saving feed and reducing feed pollution. It can also ensure a reasonable feeding position, and the height can be adjusted at any time according to the age of the chickens, providing the chickens with Comfortable feeding environment.


2 Comparison with automatic pan feeding system

In addition to the above characteristics, the chain feeding system is faster than the pan feeding system and is more in line with the requirements for improving the uniformity of breeder chickens. It can also be manually replenished when there is a power outage or equipment is damaged, reducing stress and damage to the chickens. Effects on growth and development. 

In production practice, it has been proven that the pan feeding system has the following irreparable shortcomings: serious waste of feed, the cornerless system cannot turn, and feed remains in the feed tube easily leading to excessive mold; during the incubation period, when the amount of feed is small, the adjusted feed opening It is also small, and it is easy to block the feed pipe during the rainy season or when the feed viscosity is high, causing a shortage of material in some feed trays; when there is excess material, there are no chickens in some feed trays, causing overflow; sometimes the feed opening Feed leakage will occur when the combination with the feed pan is loose; since chickens do not have swallowing muscles, a lot of feed will be spilled outside during the feeding process. These are the main reasons for wasting feed in the tray feeding system. Therefore, chain feeding systems are now commonly used in breeder farms.

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3 Installation and debugging

First, when installing the trough, keep it straight. The interfaces between the troughs or between the trough and the material box, corner converter, and driving equipment should be tight, firm, and seamless. The rotating gear in the corner converter should be flexible and easy to use. Then connect the chain and put it into the trough to tighten it, and ensure that the front and back sides of the chain and the running direction are correct. The distance between the material box and the driving equipment should be reasonable. Remember that the transfer equipment is placed under the material box, which will cause the accumulation of material in the material box to cause the chain to break.

After installation, debugging should be carried out to observe the time it takes for the feed to fill the trough after the material is transported to ensure that the time for each bin to complete the delivery of feed is consistent with the time for the trough at the end of each feed line to have material. Otherwise, the size of the outlet should be adjusted. . It is recommended to open the feed line before turning on the lights to prevent chickens from grabbing feed and causing casualties, uneven distribution of chickens, and large differences in feed intake. After opening the feed line, you should carefully observe the distribution of the chickens and the operation of the feed line every day. Check at any time whether the joints of each equipment are tight and smooth, and whether there are any wear and tear in the feed trough. Maintain and repair damaged parts in a timely manner to ensure that during the feeding process operating normally.

4 Check the conveying speed

First, select the position of the trough in the discharging direction when the conveyor system is running, take away a small section of the rooster feeding restriction grille from the trough, tie a section of plastic belt to the chain in the trough, and tie a piece of plastic belt to the same position of the trough. The side of the trough is marked with an easy-to-discern marker. This is used to identify the starting position when checking the distance. Then manually start the feeding system, and at the same time start the timer or stopwatch for one minute. When the timer reaches one minute, turn off the feeding system, and use a pen to mark the side of the trough where the plastic belt stays. Finally, use a tape measure to measure the distance between the markings on the sides of the trough.

breeder equipment

The test results should be analyzed in time after the test. The correct feeding system speed is that the time for feed distribution to the entire trough should not exceed 3 minutes. This goal can be achieved if the feeding speed of the trough reaches 30 meters/minute. If the plastic is taken away 30 meters in 1 minute and the chain speed reaches 0.5 meters/second, there is no need to adjust the chain speed, but you must continue to check the material thickness in the trough. If the chain speed is correct but the amount of material in the entire trough is uneven, the adjusting plate of the material box should be adjusted.

If the plastic is carried away more than 30 meters in 1 minute, the chain speed also exceeds 0.5 meters/second. At this time, the feeding situation needs to be carefully observed. When feed accumulation and overflow occur in the trough, the chain speed must be reduced. . If the plastic is carried away less than 30 meters in 1 minute, that is, when the chain speed is less than 0.5 meters/second, the speed of the feeding system should be increased before feeding to ensure that the feed is correctly distributed throughout the trough. Rotating the feeding system or tightening the chain, replacing cog teeth and transmission system before turning on the lights will help increase the speed of the feeding system.

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