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how to keep chickens free range?

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Keeping chickens for eggs can be a fun and rewarding hobby.Not only do laying hens give you fresh eggs, but they provide endless entertainment.

In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about keeping chicken and what chickens need to stay happy and healthy. 

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 Do you have ample space and a safe environment?

You must be willing to provide a safe environment for your hens with space for them to roam around and partake in natural behaviors like scratching and dust bathing.You’ll also need funds for a coop, feed, and numerous other supplies.Finally, although keeping chickens is enjoyable most of the time, chickens do get sick and can pass away unexpectedly.

Make sure you have a veterinarian in your area who treats chickens, though keep in mind that such specialists aren’t always easy to find. It’s also vital that you have the right tools on hand to treat illnesses and injuries.


Starting out rearing chickens

If you’ve decided you want to keep chickens, you should have everything you need to raise chicks and hens before you acquire chicks or full-grown laying hens.

Don’t purchase chicks or laying hens before building or buying a coop and run that’s appropriately sized for the number of chickens in your flock.

Also, make sure chickens are permitted where you live. Certain residential areas have bans on backyard chickens or only allow you to keep hens, not roosters.

chicken farm equipment (8)The coop

Pre-made chicken coops — especially large ones — can be very pricey.however  you can visit the Phoenix website for good value breeding equipment.If you’re handy, consider turning an old shed into a coop. then easily create nesting boxes and a roost.


Your coop needs nesting boxes (which provide a quiet, private space for hens to lay eggs), a place for all of your hens to roost off the floor, adequate ventilation, and secure doors and windows to keep out predators.Most chicken experts recommend 1 nesting box for every 3 hens,


Plus, a droppings board under their roost keeps your coop much cleaner. 


Hens use their coop to sleep and lay eggs. They also need shelter for harsh weather and protection from predators.  a coop should provide around 4 square feet (0.4 square meters) of space per bird.


For example, if you have 10 chickens, plan on providing a coop that’s at least 4’×8’ (1.2×2.4 meters) in size. This is the general recommendation for chickens that have access to a larger run or are allowed to free range.


If you’re planning on having your chickens confined to a coop — which I don’t recommend — the coop should be much larger, providing at least 10 square feet (0.9 square meters) per bird.


chicken farm equipment (45)Necessities

In addition to a safe coop and space to roam, chickens need feed, water, and a source of calcium.

Chickens have different nutrient needs depending on their age, so make sure you purchase the appropriate feed. To keep the feed clean, you can purchase a poultry can visit the Phoenix website for good value poultry feeding equipment.


Chickens need consistent access to clean drinking water. We keep our poultry drinker in the run, which the hens can access at all times. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll need to invest in a heated poultry drinker to keep the water from freezing in the winter.


Laying hens also need access to a source of calcium to maintain healthy bones and lay eggs with strong shells. You should give your hens crushed oyster shells on a regular basis.


Furthermore, chickens confined to a coop or run need access to grit. As chickens can’t break down their food on their own, they rely on grit — or small pieces of rock and stone — to break down their food in their gizzard.

Our hens free range on a daily basis and find plenty of natural grit on our property. However, if your hens are confined to a run or coop, you must provide the grit. You can spread it throughout your run or put it in a feeder.


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